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14" Ashta-bhuja-dhari Simha-Vahini Durga Statue in Brass

Embrace the fierce form of the divine mother with this Brass Ashta-bhuja-dhari Simha-Vahini Durga. This intricately Handmade idol pays homage to Goddess Durga in her eight-armed and lion-riding form. Goddess Durga symbolizes the protective and nurturing aspect of Shakti. Riding a lion, she embodies fearlessness and courage. Her eight arms represent her ability to protect her devotees from all directions, reinforcing the concept of divine omnipotence. This brass idol serves as a constant reminder of the interconnectedness of strength and fearlessness. Having Ashta-bhuja-dhari Simha-Vahini Durga in your sacred space invokes the energy of protection and empowerment, reminding you of the unyielding power of the divine mother.

Goddess Durga Tanjore Painting | With Frame

The Goddess Durga Tanjore painting is a magnificent portrayal of Mahadevi, the divine counterpart of Mahadeva Shiva, in her formidable Ashtabhuja or eight-armed form. She is the epitome of strength, Durgati-nashini- the vanquisher of evil and negative forces, the most auspicious and mightiest protectress. Seated regally upon her Simha, a lion who has triumphantly devoured the demon Mahishasura, the raised tail of the Simha forms a celestial aura around his divine rider.


Durga mirrors the aura of Shiva with her tripunda – the sacred trident, and the third eye on her forehead, radiating celestial grace. Draped in a soft pink saree, she is adorned like a queen of the divine realms. The arched shrine that houses the goddess is splendidly adorned with 24-karat gold, with intricate lotus motifs lining the roof, and attendants offering their services to the Adishakti.

Navaratna OM Pendant
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Sterling Silver Om Pendant with Blue Inlay

Discover serenity with this sterling silver Om pendant featuring a tranquil blue inlay. The sacred Om symbol is intricately crafted, while the soothing blue adds a touch of calmness and spirituality. This pendant is a harmonious blend of meaningful symbolism and elegant design, making it a versatile accessory for both casual wear and more contemplative moments. The sterling silver frame enhances the pendant's refined aesthetic, creating a piece that resonates with style and tranquility. Whether worn as a daily reminder of balance or as a thoughtful gift, this Om pendant with a blue inlay is a timeless expression of both inner peace and fashion-forward sensibility.