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Laila Persuading Majnun
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Embark On A Mystical Journey - Fantasy Mughal Paintings On Display

Exotic India Art brings you a mesmerizing collection of fantasy Mughal paintings which are the epitome of artistic beauty. Mughal art is known for its display of a rich color palette, complex compositions, and fascinating figures. Fantasy Mughal art and painting is a more attractive form of art which features mystical elements based on the artist’s innovative imagination. The paintings are incorporated with ethereal landscapes, beautiful forests, flowers, and a fascinating sky. Some supernatural human and animal figures are also often seen in this artistic style.

The Mughal empires ruled over the Indian subcontinent for over two centuries and as such, Mughal era painting finds its creative touch in Persian and Indian traditional art forms. This blend of two iconic artistic aesthetics makes it distinct and appreciative. Scenes from the majestic court of the Mughal emperor are also depicted in some paintings. Other artworks display the royalties sitting in a gesture of love, the backdrop showcasing the magnificent interior of the palace.

Each Mugha era painting in this collection has been designed by artists who are highly skilled and renowned for their mastery. Consider them not just pieces of art, but the emblem of creativity and regal elegance. The use of vivid colors, detailed compositions, and perfect brush strokes give life to every feature of these paintings making them an excellent choice for adorning the walls of your home or workspace. These are pictures of regal grace, bringing an element of royalty to the entire space. Find your favorite painting, add it to your home decor, and create an aspect of enchantment for your visitors.

Q. What is unique in the artistic style of fantasy Mughal paintings?

Mughal era paintings are renowned for the incorporation of mysterious or imaginative characters, fanatical artistical elements, the use of vivid colors, and a blend of ancient Indian and Persian artistic styles. All these elements reflect the rich culture of the Mughal court or era but in a more creative manner which is attractive to the eyes.

Q. Where can I display Mughal paintings in my home?

Mughal paintings can be displayed on any wall of your home which is the focal point of the room and draws the attention of the visitors. You can put them in your bedroom, living room, or hallway to add a touch of aesthetics and cultural elegance to the space.

Q. Can I mix and match fantasy Mughal paintings with other types of artwork?

Paintings depicting the culture and tradition of the Mughal era in a surreal motive are full of traditional elements created using vibrant colors and mystical compositions. Thus mixing traditional artworks with modern paintings is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of the space, creating a feast for everyone’s eyes.