Man Eating Animals

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The horrendous act of consuming uncooked and raw animals is perfectly captured by Kailash Raj who brushes over the canvas in an amazing style. He encapsulates an old sand and sable complexioned man with a wrinkled countenance which is decorated by a bony aquiline nose and round droopy eyes that are complimented by a thin strand of black high arch eyebrows, contrasting his bygone mien. A long Garibaldi beard hangs down his neck as his downturned lips part to exhibit his diastemic teeth.

His protruding ears escape the cage of his shining white pleated Saurashtra turban that is interrupted by a thin dusty beige wooden stick which pops out of his head along with a snake like steel-grey rope that sways from his splendid pagri. He is appareled in a loose fitting crème white jama that hangs over his paunchy belly which is tightened by a thin waistband which captures a falcon designed and a white and steel blue hued sheath that guards the sharp dagger as a vintage styled cannibalistic pendant with iron jaws drapes down his neck.

His dark right hand takes hold of the expired head of the mountain ibex which is portrayed with grey curled horns and lifeless eyes with his mouth that drops with the old shivering palms, while his other hand grasps the comparatively larger and upturned horns of a dead maya blue buffalo head accompanied by a dusty golden camel's skull, both of which are drenched in a white tray that is constantly oozing scarlet red blood. The copper brown background is ornamented with a sleek burgundy shaded khussa that is imprinted with breath taking floral designs, coupled with a white marble wine glass and a snow white pyxis. A privilege green shaded capacious water vessel and a remarkable teapot shaped milk holder enhance the ghastly backdrop.

This painting is a deep reminder of the terrible culture of eating and skinning live animals, turning out to be a perfect choice and a plus point for those who love ancient history and amazing art.

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Item Code: ME15
Artist: Kailash Raj
Miniature Painting On PaperArtist Kailash Raj
Dimensions 8.5 inches x 11 inches
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