9.5 inch X 13.0 inch
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14.0 inches X 11.0 inches
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9.5 inch X 15.5 inch
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Suryavanshi Bhagawan Ram (With His Durbar): Superfine Painting
13.50 inch Height X 10.50 inch Width
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Religion and the visual arts are intimately related. While neither of the two have had the privilege of a definition that does not succumb to the ravages of history, there are a number of eerie similarities between them. Both religion and painting are thoroughly annealed into the human psyche. Within a particular culture, the distinctions that set them apart are indecipherable. Their culturally embedded survival in the secular and rational societies of today is as much of an enigma. History suggests that every religion has made somewhat of a choice between the written word and the painted image. It is theological and legalistic vs the intuitive and the spiritual; like Calvinism as opposed to Eastern Christianity. The Hindu dharma has been a distinguished example of the latter, what with painting offering the dharmic texts more than mere illustration. Painting - an element of the 'sundaram' of the tripartite description of Hinduism as satyam-shivam-sundaram, which means aesthetics - lends the Hindu religion with much-needed insight and expression.

In this section, you will find exquisite illustrations of religious texts such as the epics and the Puranas, to peerless expressions of personal devotion on the part of the artist. From visual folklore captured in masterful brushstrokes to abstract portrayals of deities, the collection is one-of-a-kind. Watercolours and oils of a wide range of sizes to suit your space fill the collection. Vivid depictions of the Indian landscape - undulating hills, luscious tropical skies, verdure - would add to your space a sense of calm and fulfilment that the religions of the intuitive-spiritual kind strive to propagate. Depending on the subject in question, the colours employed set off the mood to perfection - soothing pastels for paintings that tell a story, vibrant hues for the wrathful deities. Superlative workmanship characterises them all.