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The History of Missionary Activities and Widespread of Christianity – History Books Collection

Christianity was propounded by Lord Jesus Christ who called himself not God but the son of God. A Messiah, he appeared on the earth to take away the sins of all conditioned souls and preached the message of God. His purpose, teachings, disappearance, and resurrection are compiled in Christian books later written by Jesus Christ’s associates and followers. The Bible sets the foundation and serves as the basis of knowledge of Christianity for believers. It has two main Cantos: The Old Testament and The New Testament. A large population of Western countries took to the principles of Christianity and turned their faces towards building a loving relationship with God. It continues to change the atheistic purview of people with atheistic mindsets and transforms them into a servant of God.

Exotic India offers an extensive collection of history books on Christianity that explicitly throw light on the origin of Christianity, the propagation of Christ’s teachings, his followers and associates, major theological debates, the influence of Christianity on culture, art and literature, the endeavors of Christian missionaries to spread Christianity in many regions, and challenges faced by preachers in the modern era. Whether you are a Christian believer, a casual reader of history books, or inclined to inquire about Christianity, these books will fulfill your every purpose. Some books also describe the ethical and moral principles of Christianity taught by Lord Jesus while some books find an intersection between Christianity and other religions. These are not mere religious books but are a treasure of wisdom that brings the readers closer to God and strengthens their faith in the Christian way of life, the path of purity and truth. We invite you to explore the collection and find books that cater to your interests and preferences.

Q. What are some books on Christian missionaries in India?

Some of the books on Christian missionaries in India are: “History of Christian Missions: North India Perspective” by Raj Bahadur Sharma, “Unmasking The Syriacs: The Hidden Origin of Indian Christianity” by Jeevan Philip, “Rise of the Christian Power in India” by B D. Basu, “History of Christian Missionaries- A Study in Kurnool District in Andhra Pradesh” by M. Indira Santhi, and “ Christian Unity in Northeast India- Challenges and Prospects” by Bendangtemjem.

Q. Who can read Christian history books?

This collection of Christian history books is for people from any cultural or religious background. If you have an academic project to make on Christian philosophy or historical events or you are simply inquisitive to have a profound understanding of Christianity, these books would be perfect for you.

Q. Can Christianity history books help deepen one’s faith?

Yes, Christian history books help one establish firm faith in God as they provide valuable insights not only into historical events but also into the philosophy and hopeful words of Lord Jesus Christ and his associates. By reading these books, one is sure to elevate their consciousness and become fixed in their spiritual journey.