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Shukadev Ji Narrating The Bhagavata Purana to King Parikshit
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Serenity on Canvas: Paintings of Saints and Gurus

India is known as “the land of austerity” and is renowned for its rich spiritual and cultural heritage. The people of this country have witnessed many great saints and sages who have performed rigid austerities and penances to realize the Supreme. The Vedic scriptures affirm that the ultimate goal of one who has got the human form of life is to inquire about the Absolute Truth, the source from which everything has emanated. True saints are the embodiment of devotion. They teach humanity how to live life keeping God in the center and being engaged in the prescribed duties, abiding by the religious principles according to the scriptures.

Exotic India takes pride in showcasing the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of India by featuring this great assortment of paintings portraying the majestic persona of some of the revered Indian saints. The revered enlightened saint Shukadev Goswami spoke the glorious Srimad Bhagavatam which elaborately describes the personality and pastimes of Lord Shri Krishna to Parikshit Maharaja. This seven-day conversation between them took place on the banks of the Ganges. There were many more saints present there who heard the narration of the Supreme Lord Krishna from the lips of Shukadev Goswami and became ecstatic. Whoever sees the transcendental painting portraying this painting feels to be transferred to the spiritual realm. Paintings of other celebrated gurus and saints are also available in our collection. Mughal art and Mughal paintings depict Sufi saints and emperors like Akbar who are known for their preaching of religious tolerance.

These sublime paintings have been made by skilled artists with utmost love and care to invoke divine feelings in the heart of the seer. The combination of perfect strokes of brushes and vivid colors makes these paintings an excellent choice for adorning the walls of your home or workspace. As you look at the paintings, you will be inspired to remember the instructions of the displayed saint and thus be reminded to live an easier, more meaningful, and blissful life.

Q. How do paintings of Indian saints and Gurus contribute to spiritual practice and devotion?

A Guru ignites the light of knowledge in the heart of the conditioned soul and dissipates the darkness of ignorance. Those who take shelter of such a Guru or saint are freed from the illusion of this material world and attain liberation. Putting up paintings of saints on the walls is a great way to get reminded of their divine words and practice our spiritual Sadhna with great determination and devotion.

Q. How can I ensure proper care and maintenance of Indian saint paintings to preserve their beauty?

Paintings of Indian saints in this collection are of different types such as oil paintings and watercolor paintings. These coloring techniques tend to fade the richness of the colors with time. It is advised to hang these paintings away from direct sunlight and humidity. Use a glass frame to protect the painting from getting damaged.  Clean the frame with a soft cloth to remove any dust accumulated on the surface.

Q. Are there any specific guidelines for placing Indian saint paintings at home?

Paintings portraying Indian saints are highly revered for they hold great spiritual significance. They can be hung in the living room or meditation room. However, it is advised not to display them closer to the bathroom or underneath the staircase to maintain their sanctity.