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0.7" Pendant Height0.4" Tops Height12 mm Ring Height
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0.8" Pendant Height0.4" Tops Height10.5 mm Ring Height
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Gemstone Studded Gold Jewelry Sets – Adorn Yourself With Celestial Spark

If you are looking for jewelry sets which are beyond compare and exhibit unique designs and craftsmanship, this collection is for you. You will get pure and authentic gold jewelry studded with enchanting gemstones such as Tourmaline, Ruby, Amethyst, Citrine, Diamond, and Emerald. When it comes to donning accessories on special occasions such as weddings and festivals to look elegant and opulent, stone-studded ornaments can never go off. The soothing sparkling gemstone surrounded by the lustrous gold metal appears no less than a dreamscape.

Exotic India offers you the finest pendant set of gold jewelry for women that can accentuate your personality and make you stand out. The set includes a beautiful gold necklace and gold earrings embellished with mesmerizing gemstones. Some sets also include a complementing studded gold ring to give you a glamorous look altogether. You may also find special traditional work or embellishments such as Meenakari in some of the jewelry pieces. The stunning intricate designs on long gold necklaces and earrings showcase the grandeur and exquisite craftsmanship of the artisans. The combination of this timeless art and the sophisticated beauty of the studded gemstone seems like a joyful feast for the eyes.

Every woman has her own preference and taste when buying luxurious jewelry sets. This collection at Exotic India ensures that there is something for every woman to choose from to get that charming and lovely look that she always dreams of. Pick your favorite set to shine bright and leave a trail of awe.

Q. What is the average lifespan of these jewelry sets?

Although gemstone studded gold jewelry sets are highly durable, their lifespan depends upon their handling, care, and maintenance. Mishandling them will take away their natural beautiful appearance and make them prone to get scratches. However, at Exotic India, we assure you of high-quality gold jewelry sets that can be worn for many decades and passed down as heirlooms.

Q. What occasions are these jewelry sets suitable for?

Gold and gemstones are versatile and can be worn with every type of traditional outfit on various occasions such as weddings, festivals, and other social gatherings. You can match the color of the gemstone to complement your outfit.

Q. How do I care for gemstone studded gold jewelry?

Caring for gemstone studded gold jewelry sets is essential to maintain their lustre and beauty for years. It is advised that when not in use, store the jewelry in a soft cloth pouch or a separate jewelry box to prevent any scratching. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and harsh chemicals such as perfumes and body lotions as they can take away its natural shine.