Exotic India offers a unique selection of products that reflect the cultural traditions and lifestyle of India. We bring the best of India to enhance your living, touching every space and corner of your life. Our range of handpicked products are created and acquired, adhering strictly to our policy of Fair Trade, and celebrate India's famed arts, crafts, and spiritual depth with the aim to make India's culture and art accessible to all. As we curate products from artisans, designers, and artists who use traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes, we give back by offering profits to support our culture that inspires us, while preserving its traditions in the process.

Sharing India with you

One of the most vibrant cultures in the world, India is the perfect place to find inspiration. It is home to exquisite architecture, strong dance, music and theatrical traditions, as well as colorful styles of dress, handcrafted decor and more. The land is also blessed with amazing scenic beauty and several historical monuments, while diverse cultures make up the land from north to south. It is this combination of diversity and cultures that make India one of a kind.

Over the years, Exotic India has been bringing a piece of India to homes worldwide, satisfying friends who marvel in wonder at the beauty of this country. With our unique product range hand-picked by our team of experienced editors, we bring a selection of sculptures, jewelry, beauty products, paintings and more. We are proud to have built not only one of the greatest library of Indian books and CDs, but also the finest of Indian textiles sourced from all over the country. It is a pleasure to share India with our patrons and to satisfy everyone's appetite for this unique culture.

Sharing with the people of India

Since we started operations over two decades ago, we have built a special relationship with India and its people. India inspires our colors, our products, and our desire to spread spiritual depth. With India as our inspiration, we aim to give back to the country and its people. To solidify this commitment, we donate profits to various organizations across India and support our people by collaborating with the numerous and highly skilled artists scattered across the country. Moreover, we promise that all Indian artisans, designers, and artists that we collaborate with are paid upfront, with remuneration far above the market rates.

As we continue to grow, our commitment to the country, its culture, and to its people will remain the same, as we aim to share with all the beauty of India, to inspire a life well-lived, and a sense of appreciation for her traditions.

Our Story

Launched in 1998, Exotic India was founded by a team with a passion for Indian culture, and a goal to bring together people who love India.

Our passion comes from a desire to share with the world the beauty of India and its unique offerings from all over the country. As lovers of Indian culture ourselves, we recognize the importance of offering a selection that properly represents the diverse regions of India.

And so, we created Exotic India to celebrate India and endeavor to bring all that we love about the country to customers around the globe. We strive to offer products that come from original Indian designs, knowledge, care and skill, with a commitment to sourcing top quality products, unique designs and craftsmanship available.

Today, Exotic India is a dedicated team of 90 people, led by MBAs and Engineers from top Indian Schools. To date, we have shipped to 161 of the 195 countries across the world including far and close places like Belize, Bermuda, and more.

Whether you're just discovering the wonders of India or if you have been a longtime fan of her culture and traditions, at Exotic India we are proud to offer a place for all to discover the true joys and values of India. Welcome!

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Fair Trade: We faithfully adhere to the principles of Fair Trade. All artisans, designers, and artists are paid upfront, with remuneration far above the market rates. We are against the practice of Child Labor, and certify that none of our merchandise involves children at any point of the manufacturing process.

Our Mission: To make India's famed arts, crafts, and spiritual depth accessible to all. To bring together people who love India.

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You may also reach us is on our email info@exoticindia.com.