Books on Indian Culture

Culture of India Captured in Books

India has a rich history and was a pioneer of learning with many universities like Nalanda. These centres of learning have been the home to many great sages and knowledgeable people like Aryabhatta. All their knowledge has been captured in different books.

Exotic India has collected a wide range of these texts for your enjoyment and education. We have everything from the Vedas to Indian history books for sale. All of our editions are handpicked to bring you the greatest Indian book collection online today.

These books allow you to study and embrace the staggering breadth and depth of India’s intellectual achievements. We have editions of some of the oldest books ever written by humanity, while we also have books reaching up to the present day. It’s a selection that continues to expand as Indian writers and sages continue to ask the big questions about life and the universe.

These are works that you and your family will benefit from for years to come. And what’s even better? They are all available through Exotic India’s convenient online shopping experience. To appreciate all that we have to offer, let’s examine the major genres we have available. Whatever Indian books you are looking for, we have the selection for you.

Religious Books: The Vedas, Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and More

India is the heartland of so many world religions. There is no area with such a wealth of spiritual wisdom, and you can enjoy all of the knowledge these sages have discovered through our Indian philosophy books and spiritual works. These teach us about the meaning of life, the real nature of the universe, how we can connect to our ancestors, as well as impart valuable lessons that will put us on the right path.

Our Indian religious books include bhajan, devotional songs that express spiritual ideas and lessons. We also have classic works, like the incomparable Vedas. The four Vedas are the foundation of Hindu spirituality, and they are a must-read for the seeker looking to understand the world. We also have elegant editions of the Upanishads, which are philosophical texts, and the Bhagavad Gita, perhaps the most profound treatise on life and dharma.

If you are looking for Indian religious books for sale, our selection is the best you will find.

Mythological Books: The Mahabharata, the Ramayana, and More

The mythology of India covers a great many cultures that have left behind massive literature. Our mythological books impart stories that teach us about the nature of the gods themselves, but they also teach us about our own ways of being. And when we read mythology, we take in stories that have been passed down since time immemorial, bringing us close to people who lived in ancient times.

No book collection is complete without the epics of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. These are the basis of storytelling in India, and they have been enjoyed by people since the earliest days of writing. We also have books that tell regional folk tales. This includes stories from all the many cultures that make India what it is today. These stories teach us life lessons, and they also teach us about the people who created them.

Books on Science: Ayurveda, Astrology, Yoga, and More

Ancient India was one of the most scientifically advanced cultures of its time. That deep history of learning has continued to this present day, with ever more searching and ever more study developing these sciences into the forefront of human knowledge. Many of these schools bridge the gap between the material world and the spiritual world — some of the only sciences that do this in the entire world.

Our astrology books teach about the Indian school of astrology, which has influenced the world’s understanding of the stars and their impact on our lives. We also have works on Ayurveda, the study of how to bring balance to our body and soul to improve our wellbeing.

You can also find works on yoga, an artform that promises to bring us to enlightenment. These vital sciences are as relevant today as ever before. If we continue to learn what they have to teach us, we will be well suited to take on the challenges of the future.

Buddhist Books: The Dhammapada, Histories of Buddhism, and More

Exotic India has an amazing selection of Indian books on Buddhism. These impart the divine teachings of the Buddha, who laid out a pathway to escape suffering and the cycle of rebirth. Buddha’s words have taught people how to live for thousands of years, and they are still guiding people to the right path.

Our collection traces the tradition from the Buddha himself, all the way to present-day writings on living as a Buddhist in modern times. These include philosophical writings as well as histories. With these, you can learn about this powerful religion and begin or continue your own spiritual journey.

Cultural Books: Dance, Music, Architecture, Art, and More

Our Indian books on culture teach you about the legacy of the arts on the subcontinent, as well as all the amazing creations going on today. It’s the best education you can receive in Indian culture, all just a few clicks away. India’s culture has thrived for so long because it is home to so many different peoples.

Through cultural exchange, these groups have quickly developed a tremendous amount of art. That wealth of creation fascinates and entertains people around the world because it is able to express something universally human, yet passionately embraces the cultures from which it came.

Our cultural books cover India’s amazing diversity of artistic forms, like dance, music, visual arts, architecture, and many more.


Q1. What is the purpose of a religious book?


The very purpose of a religious book is to describe the relationship between a soul (Jivatma) and God (Paramatma), and how to establish that relationship. This spiritual knowledge helps one to transcend the three modes of material nature (Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas) and be freed from the pangs of threefold miseries (Adi-Daivik, Adi-Bhautik, and Adi-Adhyatmik Klesh).

It is believed that those who read and understand the subject matter of a religious book every day, remain in the light of knowledge and are not bewildered even by slight changes and difficulties in life.

Q2. What is called a religious book?


A religious book, as the name suggests, is any book that talks about religion (Dharma). Religion refers to the constitutional position or nature of the living entities. Thus, a religious book describes what is the identity of an individual, their relationship with God, and how to build it.

It may sometimes also mention God’s names, paraphernalia, pastimes, and characteristics. This knowledge is called the Absolute Truth because it describes the source of everything (God) from which everything is emanated.

Q3. What are the books of God called?

Books of God are called scriptures that talk about the science of God, and elaborately explain how to achieve the love of Godhead. The Scriptures deal with all aspects of knowledge, both material and spiritual. They may also mention the qualities of God, His names, paraphernalia, activities, and pastimes.

This knowledge sets one free from material perplexities and elevates his consciousness to a higher platform (spiritual platform) after which, he is not affected by the pangs of material existence.