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Large Ganesha Seated on Throne Tanjore Painting | Traditional Colors With 24K Gold

Large Ganesha Seated on Throne Tanjore Painting | Traditional Colors With 24K Gold | Teakwood Frame | Gold & Wood

A delicately embellished Ganesha Tanjore painting. Housed within a temple of ruby-studded gold, the Lord is seated against a pale crimson background. From the pleats of His amber-coloured dhoti to the crown on His head and the adornment on the rest of His form, these details have been executed in gold-layered gessowork.

Solid gold embellishment defines the archway above the seated figure, the templetop, and the pillars on either side. From the throne of the Lord to the necklace around His vahana’s neck and the platters of fruit and sweetmeats in the foreground, the artisan’s handiwork is truly admirable in its precision.

A series of lotuses barely about to bloom graces the archway. The colour is decidedly pale, like the complexion of Ganesha’s body and the nightskies in the background. This is characteristic of the art of Thanjavur because the idea is to gather focus on the pure gold sections. The same have been studded with red and green stones that emulate the glamour of rubies and emeralds.

23" Apsara Statue with Peacock Applying Vermillion In Brass | Handmade | Made In India
  • Antique Red And Gold
  • Green And Gold
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23" Apsara Statue with Peacock Applying Vermillion In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

Vermillion is a symbol of love, power, protection and longevity; applied by all married women in their maang revealing their highest kind of beauty and virtue, for well being and prosperity of their husbands. This statue is a brilliant brass transform of one of the best sculptures from Khajuraho, sculpted at parshvanath temple, famous for its intrinsic artistry.

35" Large Lord Ganesha, Maa Lakshmi and Devi Saraswati (Set of 3 Bronze Statues)

Ganesha - 35 inch Height X 23.5 inch Width X 21 inch Depth

Lakshmi - 33 inch Height X 20 inch Width X 19.5 inch Depth

Saraswati - 32 inch Height X 21.5 inch Width X 20 inch Depth

A set of Ganesha-Lakshmi-Saraswati murtis to grace the space of the finest devotee. These are sculpted from pure bronze, which explains the deep blue overtones. Substantial in size and carved in great detail, this set of three bronze sculptures would be a great addition to the traditional yet tasteful home.

Each of the deities is seated on a lotus-shaped throne. The tips of the engraved petals curl realistically outwards. Minimalistically engraved plinth beneath the same, featuring a hollowed out pattern. Ganesha, Lakshmi, va Saraswati are possessed of four arms and are seated in the traditional stance of lalitasana.

Sumptuous adornment notwithstanding - it is a feature of traditional bronze iconography - the most striking aspect of these murtis is lifelike composure of each face. Interestingly, Lord Ganesha is the only one accompanied by His vahana, the mouse, in this three-figure ensemble.

12" Devi Lakshmi Marble Statue Seated on Lotus

In traditional Lakshmi iconography, the lotus is of special significance. The lotus is a symbol of transcendence and compassion in Hindu and Buddhist cultures, while Devi Lakshmi is Hinduism’s presiding deity over resources ie wealth. The image of the padmasana (lotus-enthroned) Lakshmi is a reminder that wealth is a means to transcend desire and extend compassion.

The marble Lakshmi murti that you see on this page would be a tasteful addition to the traditional Indian home. Besides complementing Her pristine beauty, soft colours such as peach and green and gold are expressive of the Devi’s gentleness.

Lotus petals flattened out on the surface of the plinth. A miniature elephant bowing at Her fair feet, raising to Her its tiny trunk. Shiny metallic bits studded across the murti, akin to jewels.

62" Simhavahini Durga, Atop Her Leonine Vahan On A Mountaintop In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

Goddess Durga in the Hindu religion is the epitome of divine sovereignty. Emerging from the Teja (aura) of all gods, she is the manifestation of the blazing fire of wisdom- “Chidagni” and Shakti (active, feminine energy). Eternally victorious on uncountable battlefields and the cause of all action, Devi Durga is “Nikhil Swamini”- the supreme queen mother (“Nikhil”-all). Roofed by the Chattra (umbrella), a royal insignia in Hindu tradition, this lustrous brass goddess Durga statue is devoted to Devi’s aspect as the primordial ruler of the universe.

23" Eighteen Armed Bronze Goddess Durga Statue Standing on Bull with Lion

The mahisha in Mahishasura lies vanquished and lifeless beneath the feet of Durga. The tall, incomparably powerful ashtadashabhujadharini gazes straight ahead, triumph and equanimity pouring forth from Her beauteous brow.

The Durga murti that you see on this page is a rare bronze iconography of the Devi. She occupies a minimal yet definitive place across visualisation traditions in the subcontinent. Radiant with the natural metallic sheen of pure, superior-quality bronze, this murti is destined for the finest modern-day temple for public or private worship.

There is a striking resemblance between the simhavahana’s mukhamandala and the Kirtimukham on the archway. From the plinth to the pillars and archway, every aspect of this work betrays distinctiev Hoysala influences.

Eight-Armed Lord Vishnu Statue with Chakra at Back
  • Antique Cocoa
  • Black And Natural Brass
  • Natural Brass
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Eight-Armed Lord Vishnu Statue with Chakra at Back

The leading deity of the efficacious Sudarshana Homa, Lord Sudarshana, is one of the manifestations of Lord Vishnu who can be seen holding Sudarshan chakra, the omnipotent weapon in one hand, while Sankha, Dhanus, Gada, and a Shield in other hands. Lord Sudarshana employs his mighty weapon ‘Chakra’ to generate paramount ease from sufferings to his believers. Sudarshan Chakra is the ultimate weapon that defeats the enemy symbolizing the end of all distresses. 

60'' Superfine Large Radha Krishna | Madhuchista Vidhana (Lost-Wax) | Panchaloha Bronze from Swamimalai (Shipped by Sea)

A perfect representation of two bodies one soul! Radha and Krishna are ever celebrated for their divine union, often their names chanted around another’s. Here Shri Krishna and Radha Rani are both seen in Tribhangi postures, while Krishna makes his flute sing the melodies, we see Radha half twirled, moving in joy. A celebration of Raasa, experience the Leela yourself!

68'' Large Fluting Krishna | Madhuchista Vidhana (Lost-Wax) | Panchaloha Bronze from Swamimalai (Shipped by Sea)

Known for his notorious nature and mischiefs, Krishna is a beloved in every Indian household. He invokes a sense of joy, playfulness and love in our minds and hearts! Here is this stunning idol of our beloved Krishna. Playing the Murali wrapped between his fingers, a Vaishnav Tilak decorates his forehead as he presents a gentle smile. A garland around the neck and intricate jewellery covering his toned frame, Venugopal’s Mahat Padam (Lotus feet) represent the material existence as it occurs! Invite this beautiful avatar to your abodes today.

Goddess Lakshmi Watercolor Painting with Wealth Pot and Owl

The divine Goddess Lakshmi is a Sanskrit etymology of the word ‘Lakshya’, which means goal. In Hinduism, she is revered as the one who leads to one’s goals, both material and spiritual. This watercolor painting depicts her as being seated on a blooming double lotus pedestal in a soothing spring season, when everything seems to be happy and joyous. She is an embodiment of beauty as can be seen from her plumage that glows like the rising sun and that elegant expression on her face.

As her nature of being the bestower of wealth, love and prosperity, she holds a long towering pot of wealth, decorated with stylized patterns and red and green studded stones in left hand and right is postured in a blessing mudra. Garbed here in an elegant pleated narangi saree with the golden zaried border and small golden flower motifs, along with an ethnic kamarband that completes her entire look. Seated beside, is her sacred vahana owl, painted in a white hue of purity.

The painter has beautifully used his creativity in ornamenting the goddess with lustrous and royal gold jewels formed in unique designs and red and green stone work. Not only this, the aureoled gold crown placed on her long and dense hair reflects her persona of divinity. The precision of style, formation and color blend in this painting reflects the artist’s superfine skills and hard work.