Radha-Krishna Within The Body Of a Fish

Radha-Krishna Within The Body Of a Fish

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The undying image of Radha-Krishna’s togetherness is a favourite with makers of devotional art. The painting you see on this page depicts the amorous couple within the body of a matsya (fish), queen of the waters. The tribhanga murari is, of course, playing on the flute, His body jutting laterally in three different places (shoulders, hips, and ankles). His beloved Radha is an integral aspect of His muralidhar iconography. She is situated right next to Him as She dances with abandon in His proximity, swayed by His divine music.

Madhubani paintings are the hallmark of the region’s (present-day Mithila) folk art. Developed by homebound women seeking to beautify their dwellings, it is usually done on an organic canvas with homemade vegetable-based dyes. Note the limited yet vibrant colour palette of this painting and the sheer proportion of detail despite the rudimentary techniques of traditional Madhubani painting.

The fish, within which lie the gorgeously dressed couple, is a richly adorned one. It is wrapped in delicate pink silks that float about it as it swims. Its scales and mouth are dyed with vermillion, indicative of its being a bridal fish. Hints of lace at the gills and the tail. Note the simplistic yet powerful brushstrokes that make up the lifelike waters of the surrounding.

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Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
Artist: Hira Devi
19.5 inches X 27 inches
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