Devi Poornima With The Golden Brow

Devi Poornima With The Golden Brow

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To the Hindoo mind, there is harmony and meaning in everyday phenomena. Such a kind of beauty tends to manifest in the deviroopa, to which the full moon is no exception. She waxes and waxes again, over the course of dark successive nights. She emerges as the incomparably beautiful and benevolent poornima (‘poorna’ is Sanskrt for full; ‘ma’, for the maternal), the Indian word for the full moon.

Understandably Poornima Devi is a mature woman. She bears the grace and stateliness of age before beauty. Like a superior matriarch, She looks on Her devotees below with compassion and the attitude of nurturing. Indeed, She nurtures us with a flood of light in the dark of the dusk and resolves the tides of oceans often in our favour. In a golden saree She floats amidst pristine clouds, almost washing out from sight because of how fair She is.

The Devi Poornima is the very picture of asceticism. In Her hands She holds a rotund kamandalu, which glows with the same mist as the rest of Her person. A bunch of dark-coloured rudraksha is to be found on Her neck and wrists. Zoom in on that graciously lined, white-haired face - note the maternal benevolence in Her eyes and the golden light pouring forth from Her brow.

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Item Code: HO68
Water Color Painting on Paper
Artist:Kailash Raj
8.5 inch x 11.5 inch
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