Large Panchamukhi Ganesha Against a Dense Background of Vines and Birds

Large Panchamukhi Ganesha Against a Dense Background of Vines and Birds

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This all-inclusive form of Lord Ganesha, depicted with five faces, as the name says ‘Panchmukhi’, is a representation of the five layers of atman or the Pancha koshas namely, Annamaya (physical body), Pranamaya (life force), Manomaya (consciousness), Vijnanamaya (a link between conscious, individual and universal mind) and Anandamaya (cosmic bliss) which the sculptor has beautifully carved in this wooden Panchamukhi Ganesha sculpture. The deity seems to be overwhelmed with the complex yet the rich pattern of vines occupying the entire surface area of his royal throne with birds chirping around on them. The multi-layered lotus pedestal on which Lord Ganesha sits is settled upon a stylized floral carved base.

All the five faces of the Panchamukhi Ganesha idol are carved in different directions with each of the angles amazingly justifying the glossy color blend of light and dark brown wooden shades. Having his fingers bent in an elegant posture, all the eight posterior hands carry his iconic implements of protection and destruction while the left anterior hand holds the favorite laddoo indicative of his love for sweets and the right one carries a broken tusk symbolic of his promise and dedication to complete the verse Mahabharata. Panchamukhi Vinayaka is popularly worshipped in Southern parts of India as he helps in the spiritual attainment of the Anandamaya kosha.

This Ganesha wooden sculpture is seated in the usual lalitasana, adorned in a designer striped dhoti and nature-inspired floral carved jewels. Trunks are poised in sharp coils at the end with a deep decoration of striations and the eyes chiseled in decency and dedication. As you hover the mouse on their heads, you will be flawed by the detailed and superfine carves of the long and curved designer crowns.

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40.00 inch Length X 15.00 inch Width X 87.50 inch Height
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