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The Inspired Veenadhari Mahadeva

The Inspired Veenadhari Mahadeva

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Lord Mahadeva, the great (‘maha’) deva, is the manifestation of the purusha, the consciousness substratum of all existence. According to sankyadarshana, when purusha overcome by the charms of prakrti comes near her and begins to reflect on her, it is the birth of all life. His wife, Devi Parvati, is the manifestation of prakrti, the material substratum without which purusha would have no manifestation.

This painting depicts the all-encompassing consciousness that is personified as the Shivaji Himself. The iconography is replete with traditional elements. Long dreadlocks, held in place by a skull and with a sliver of the moon wedged into it. A garland of skulls, a naga for a necklace, and a barely-there loincloth. Apart from the rudraksha on His torso and four arms, the solid gold kundalas on His ears are His only adornment. A pair of kharam grace His ascetic feet, set off by the super-toned musculature possible only for a yogi of the highest order.

While Lord Mahadeva is a favourite subject with devotee artisans in India, this oil stands apart from your run-of-the-mill Shiva compositions. Its most unique aspect is the veena the Lord holds in His anterior right arm, which reveals a side of the deva that is overshadowed by His destructive aspect. In truth, the annihilator is not distinct from the creator; and to the latter inspiration is crucial.

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Oil on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
36 inch x 48 inch
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