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The Radiant Ganesha

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The Radiant Ganesha

The Radiant Ganesha

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The radiant and peaceful divine rays formed in the background is a representation of Lord Ganesha’s cosmic persona, which the painter has creatively stroked in alternate shades of green and highlighted tinges in yellow that arouse from the sun-halo formed behind this crowned head. This oil painting is a perfect representation of Ganesha’s charm as he stands as the protagonist in the centre on a half visible designer pedestal. The deep skin tone of Ganesha’s body gives an intense expression of his divinity, similar to that of the cosmic sun rays that lead to a new beginning and a positive start.

Notice the beautiful interplay of yellow and gold colours as the painter goes on to express his aspects of luxury and spirituality in a single creation. The deep yellow silken dhoti and the contrasting royal red kamarband form a beautified aspect of Ganesha’s persona. Anup Gomay is famous for his artistic skills of focusing towards the details while portraying beauty and expressions. As you zoom in to the elephant head, you will be fascinated by the honey-brown eyes full of love for mankind and the aim to demolish the evils. The trunk coils a laddoo in it, and is decorated with a row of red leaves that extend till the forehead to form a trident mark, as a symbol of Shaivite tilak. The two serpents ornamented around his portly belly are a sign of him being Lord Shiva’s son. The startling gold jewels and the rich kingly crown are embellished with remarkable rubies and emeralds that complement his wondrous personality.

As per the Hindu iconography, Ganesha figures with two hands is a taboo, therefore he is depicted popularly in four hands or more, as also shown here and each hand has its significant action of divinity. As in this Ganesha oil painting, rear hands hold an axe and a noose respectively; frontal left hand carries his favourite laddoo and the right blesses devotees of being fearless. The yellow rays that fall on his sacred vehicle mooshakraj are a sign of it also being enlightened by the divineness of its Lord.


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Item Code: OU27
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
24 inch X 36 inch
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