Different Forms of Buddha: Where to Place at Home

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Table of Content

  •  Why Do People Place Buddha at Home?

  • Where Should You Place a Buddha Statue at Home?

  • The Entrance, The Garden, Terrace

  • The Living Room, The Main Hall

  • Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, and Staircase

  • Conclusion

After attaining the knowledge that he was seeking, the truth of human existence, Buddha remained in meditation. The fruit of his austerities was so sweet that he had his apprehensions about sharing it with the rest of the world. Brahma, a godhead in Hindu and Buddhist traditions descended from heaven and urged Buddha to let the world have a taste of his great knowledge. What came out of Buddha’s first sermon at Sarnath formed the basic tenants of Buddhism, which is not just a religion, but a guide, a path to follow in order to make one’s life meaningful. Buddha’s teachings soon became popular owing to their simplistic and practical nature. They taught his followers how to achieve the highest of all goals- Nibbana (nirvana) while also putting emphasis on non-violence, love for all living beings, from the largest to the tiniest life forms as a way to Nibbana.

Why Do People Place Buddha at Home?

Every single teaching of the Enlightened One is equivalent to an ocean of knowledge and focusing one’s mind on it leads to harmony in our senses. Buddha statues are the simplest yet the most profound presence of Buddha in our home. Let us look at some Buddha statues for a home in this article, their placement, and the benefits one derives from the Buddha statue for home Vastu.

Where Should You Place a Buddha Statue at Home?

According to Feng-shui and other sciences dealing with home décor and placement of items in a space, Buddha statue for home Vaastu is a miracle object for you to have. Buddha’s representations in every material, posture, and form bring peace, tranquility, and calm vibrations with them. Adorned with his great Lakshanas, contemplative face, and refined semblance, Buddha statues add to the positivity of any space they are placed in. Thus, Vastu and Feng-shui, both hold Buddha’s presence within a house in high regard.

Vaastu shastra gives proper cognizance to the placement and direction of Buddha images. Directions have a vital role to play in the life of the individual. Depending upon our personal information, Feng-shui can help us know the direction which is most suitable for us. Similarly, when it comes to the Buddha statue for home, certain directions and placement strategies can help one gain positive results from the Buddha statue. The northeast, east, and west are considered the best directions for keeping a Buddha statue for Vastu. The statue should never be placed below your eye level. The space it is kept in should be uncluttered, devoid of any electrical devices, and cleaned regularly to make sure that Buddha’s energy field remains clear. Besides these general rules of placement, the Buddha statue for home gives different results based on which spot it has been placed in.

19'' Colorful Medicine Buddha Seated | Brass

The Entrance

The entrance is the area in your home from which all the negative and positive vibrations reach your abode. A seated Buddha statue where his hands are held in the Abhaya mudra (gesture of fearlessness) will ward off all the negative energies that attempt to enter your home. It will also give the visitor the message that your home is a peaceful and spiritual place.

The Living Room

For your living room, find a Buddha statue online in which he is reclining and place it on the right side of the room, facing the west direction. Make sure to keep the statue on a clean platform or table. The reclining Buddha depicts the revered one in his last stages, where he has risen above the cycle of life and death and is about to achieve Mahaparinirvana. In this condition, Buddha symbolizes an acceptance of death as only a step to achieve Nirvana and induces harmony in its surroundings.

The Main Hall

One of the most preferred Buddha forms, the laughing Buddha should be placed in the east direction to bring an overall harmony in the household. You can choose a Laughing Buddha or a blessing Buddha for placing in your main hall.

Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, and Staircase

Though you might feel inclined to buy an artistically refined Buddha statue for home and place it in your bedroom, you are not supposed to do this. Since the bedroom is a space for passion and relaxation which goes against the Buddhist principles of refraining from indulgence, one should never place a Buddha statue for home Vastu in this room. Similarly, one should refrain from keeping a Buddha statue for the home in the bathroom or kitchen since these spaces are not where Buddha can be fully revered or appreciated. The staircase is not a spot where you would want to place a Buddha statue for home Vastu because it is considered unfit for the placement of icons of divinities and respectable individuals. Due to its messy and dingy condition, the garage should also be avoided when choosing a spot for the Buddha statue for home.

45" Superfine Large Inlay Buddha On Lotus Seat - Tibetan Buddhist In Brass

The Garden

In contrast, open spaces and areas where flowers bloom are quite suitable for placing a Buddha statue for home décor. For those of us who find solace in the lap of nature, our gardens are no less than a sacred space. You can add to the spiritual and healing ambiance of your garden by placing a meditating Buddha midst of the lush greenery.


While getting a Buddha statue online for outdoor spaces like your balcony or terrace, it is advisable to add some flora to the decoration. You can experiment in this spot with the variety of Buddha statues online, such as the modern Buddha bust or the traditional meditating Buddha. Besides directions and placement, the type of Buddha statue also becomes important when it comes to assigning the Buddha statue a place in your space. for example, a meditating Buddha or praying Buddha signifies a contemplative Buddha and when placed in the pooja room or the meditation niche in your home, these statues are quite beneficial. If any part of the house has a Vastu-related defect, experts suggest placing the Blessing Buddha image in that part to remove such defects. A very reassuring image of Buddha is the Medicine Buddha, where he holds a pot of herbs in his left-hand highlighting Buddha’s healing abilities. Anyone looking for attaining good health and remove diseases should give this idol a special space in their home.

Finding a Buddha statue for home online, among these many options looks like a task next to impossible. However, by visiting Exotic India Art online you will find some of the finest Buddha statues in all of the above-mentioned forms. Our expert craftsmen create the image of the Enlightened One in every possible material, from metal to wood and in a variety of sizes. Following Buddha’s descriptions given in ancient Buddhist literature, we collect only those pieces which do justice to the personality of Tathagata. Our Buddha statues are an amalgamation of traditional beliefs and aesthetic innovation, a fusion that you should consider as an addition to your lovely home.

Key Takeaways

  • There are several forms of Buddha, each with their own unique characteristics and meanings, such as Amitabha, Medicine Buddha, and Laughing Buddha.

  • Placing a Buddha statue in the home can bring positive energy and serve as a reminder of one's spiritual path.

  • It is important to choose the appropriate form of Buddha based on one's personal beliefs and intentions.

  • The location and direction of the Buddha statue can also impact its effectiveness in bringing positive energy into the home.

  • Some recommended locations for Buddha statues in the home include the living room, meditation room, and entranceway.

  • It is important to show respect for the Buddha statue by keeping it clean and in good condition, and by avoiding placing it on the floor or in inappropriate locations such as bathrooms or bedrooms.

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