How to Position Ganesha Idols According to Vastu Principles?

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                                                                                                       वक्रतुंड महाकाय सूर्यकोटि समप्रभ। निर्विघ्नं कुरुमे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा।।

What is that one thing that every home decor enthusiast and Vastu expert agrees upon while planning the layout of interior decoration? The ancient and modern wisdom of Vastu and decor converge on the addition of an exquisite Ganesha statue in the layout of any space. Carrying the forces of the entire cosmos in his dotting belly, his eyes brimming with the light of the Sun and the Moon and his hand held in the gesture of Abhaya (fearlessness), a statue of Lord Ganesha in your home is a divine source of auspiciousness and success. Whether you are a student looking for academic success, a businessman trying to enhance your financial status, or a devotee of the elephant-headed Lord, choosing the right Ganesha idol for home as per Vastu might just be what you need right now.

In this blog, we bring to you a comprehensive guide to selecting the right statue from the unending selections of Ganesha statues online. Here, we will answer your questions related to- 

  1. The Right Idol of Ganapati according to Vastu
  1. Where to place a Ganesha idol as per Vastu?
  1. Are there any areas we should avoid while placing a Ganesha idol or image? 

                           14" Lord Ganesha Playing Sitar | Original Bronze Sculpture

The Right Idol of Ganapati according to Vastu

According to Hindu tradition, any idol of Sri Ganesha made with the right material and endowed with all the attributes of the Lord is a fortunate thing to have in your house. What we mean by this is that all the statues of Sri Ganesha which fulfill the criteria of material and iconography are auspicious and fit to be placed in your Puja ghar or home. Let us take a look at these benchmarks that will help you pick the perfect Ganesha idol for home decoration. 

Attributes of Ganesha

1. Ganesha’s Physique

Sri Ganesha in his most popularly revered form is Chaturbhuja (four-armed), in which he carries a Paasha (noose), Ankusha (goad), Modaka (sweet), and Abhaya mudra (gesture of fearlessness). A statue of Ganesha that has all these Lakshana (attributes) and is adorned with ornaments is considered to be an ideal murti. Similarly, while representing other aspects of Ganesha in which he has six, eight, ten, sixteen, and more arms and more than one head, a statue must present these characteristics while adhering to the traditional iconography of a particular form.

2. Ganesha’s Mounts

Mushaka or rat, the Vahana of Sri Ganesha has become a secondary deity among the followers of Sri Ganesha. An idol of Ganesha is considered “complete” when it is accompanied by Mushaka Raja (king). When the Mushaka is absent, Ganesha should either be placed on a throne or on the animal mount which is related to his form, e.g. Mayureshwara is shown with a Mayura (peacock) and Herambha Ganesha rides a lion.

                                        5" Small Lord Ganesha Carved in Jade Gemstone

The Right Size of Ganesha Idol for Home

1. For Puja Ghar

A small idol of Ganesha is preferred and prescribed if you are looking to place Him in your Puja ghar. With a small-sized Ganesha murti, presenting his daily ablutions and other ritual offerings becomes easier. Too large idols of Ganesha should be avoided for a home Puja ghar. 

2. For Home Décor

If you want to illuminate your home with the presence of a Ganesha statue, the sky is the limit for you. Choose a Ganesha idol that goes with your interior, and experiment with size, color, and material. Keep in mind the quality of material used in making the Ganesha statue, i.e. always buy idols made from pure brass, bronze, wood, copper, and stone since these materials according to ancient Hindu texts are fit for sacred icons.

                             28" Twelve Armed Lord Vira Ganesha Copper Statue

Material Used in the Idol

As mentioned above, while choosing a Lord Ganesha idol for home, one has to keep an eye on the kind and quality of the material used by the maker. Texts on iconography and the art of making sculptures emphasize picking pristine metal, wood, and stone in which the heavenly powers of the god can reside. Vastu and Hindu experts recommend brass, bronze (Panchaloha), wood, copper, and stone statues and you should also prefer these materials when you browse for your Ganesha idol.

                                     21" Chaturbhuja Blessing Ganapati In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

Color of the Ganesha Idol

Colors play a vital role in Hindu philosophy and practice. Each color represents a certain quality and Ganesha idols in various colors can be used as Yantras to channel desired benefits into your life. A white color Ganesha statue for home attracts prosperity and good luck in the lives of the family members. A black Ganesha is a potent manifestation of the god’s powers and can be used to enhance strength and confidence with Ganesha’s grace. Ganesha with a vermillion-hued form brings growth and fortune, yellow Ganesha inspires peace and purity within, green-colored Sri Ganesha bestows luxuries, and a pink Ganesha icon is considered wish-fulfilling for the devotee. 

Where to place a Ganesha idol as per Vastu?

Congratulations! You have the perfect Ganesha idol for your home. Now comes the question of placing Ganapati in your abode. We are here to help with- 

1. Best Direction for a Ganesha Idol

According to Vastu, a Ganesha idol should be placed in the north, east, or west direction of your house. The northeast corner of Ishan Kona in your space is considered the perfect corner to put a Ganesha statue. This junction of north and east according to Hindu Vastushastra is the dwelling place of all the deities, making it an impeccable location for the Prathama-Pujya (first worshipped) Ganesha.

                                                         45" Superlarge Wooden Lord Ganesha Mask Wall Hanging

2. Ganesha Idol for Home Entrance

The dwara or entry gate of your home is the primary element of the house and a potentially powerful one at that. According to Hindu Vastushastra, a doorway protects the interiors from the negative energies present in the environment which is why it should be protected by guardian deities. And who could be more powerful than Sri Ganesha to protect you from all evils? A Ganesha statue or a Ganesha wall hanging for your entrance can do wonders for the balance of energies in your ambiance. You can pick any Ganesha idol for this purpose- you can choose a modern Ganesha home décor piece or you can go with the traditional Lalitasana (seating posture) Ganesha murti, in which the Lord radiates royalty and luxuriousness. Just make sure that the reverse of the Ganesha image does not face the insides of the house and that your space is under the gaze of the Lord of Fortune.

3. Ganesha Idol for Puja Ghar

Worshipping Sri Ganesha daily according to Hindu religious traditions is the way to attain material and spiritual benefits for life. Choose a Ganesha statue with its trunk curving to the left, because in this form Ganesha is easily pleased and bestows great boons. Ganesha sitting in the posture of royal ease or Lalitasana is considered a favorable form of Ganesha for the Puja room since in this state He represents richness, ease, and calmness.

                                       Lalitasana Ganesha

Are there any areas we should avoid while placing a Ganesha idol or image?

Though a Ganesha idol is a supremely auspicious murti for home Vastu, there are certain areas of your house where Sri Ganesha must not be placed. These places are-

  1. Bedroom
  2. Bathroom or Near a Bathroom
  3. Storeroom
  4. Garage
  5. Untidy or Dark Corners
  6. Facing South

1. A bedroom in your home is a place of leisure and relaxation, and one might feel like Ganesha’s presence here would bring good vibrations. However, Vastu suggests that the bedroom should be avoided while placing a Ganesha statue in your home.

2. The bathroom, much like your bedroom is a personal space, which many people decorate these days according to their taste. Do not pick a Ganesha idol or even a Ganesha painting while selecting the décor items for your bathroom. Vastu experts are also against keeping the idol of Ganesha anywhere near a bathroom because the area is closely linked with impurity and uncleanliness.

3. The storeroom of a house is usually stuffed with miscellaneous and out-of-use articles, and placing a Ganesha idol here would be quite disrespectful to the divinity of Ganesha. Hence, never put a Ganesha statue in your storage area.

4. The garage is quite similar to your storeroom and is thus a place unfit for the placement of a Ganesha statue in your home.

5. Spaces in your house that do not receive enough light or are not regularly cleaned should not be used to keep the statue of Ganesha. For enhancing the positive effect of a Ganesha statue in your home, regularly clean the area in which the murti is placed and make sure the spot is well-lit.

6. South or Dakshina disha in Hindu culture is considered the direction of Yama (god of Death). This is the primary reason why Vastu prescribes against facing any idol, including Ganesha’s murti toward the South. To attract a positive aura in your space with a Ganesha statue, ensure that it does not face the Southern direction.

Bringing a Ganesha statue into your residence is like welcoming all the auspiciousness and success of the world into your life. The cherry on this cake is suitable knowledge of Vastu for home décor, which allows you to pick the best spots in your space for Ganesha. Enlivened by the powers of pure material, iconography and Vastu, a Ganesha idol is the most powerful thing you can have in your home. Excited about getting the best Ganesha idol for your home? Visit Exotic India Art’s meticulously curated online collection of exquisite Ganesha icons, each one of which is made to bring auspiciousness to your home.

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