Prayer shawls – important garments of ethnic Indian fashion and culture

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Indian fashion is known as one of the most unique and interesting ones, that stands out from the rest. And it has a lot to do with its culture too. As one of the oldest cultures in the world, that has later shown to be a base to world fashion, Indian fashion has developed and changed according to the needs of the time. However, certain garments have remained unchanged today and they truly depict Indian fashion and culture.

One such garment that has stood the test of time, and is now more popular than ever is the prayer shawl. First used and worn by men, the prayer shawl today is an important fashion garment and part of the women's Indian ethnic fashion. Not only does it carry a special cultural value it has been an inspiration to modern fashion trends.

Lot of Five Prayer Shawls

As the name explains itself, the prayer shawl was first used as a garment that would cover the top part of the body, especially during prayer time. However, as religion and fashion changed and evolved in a certain manner and over time, the prayer shawl somehow became an upgraded version of the throws and wrap-around accessories that were worn to keep the body warm. Today, the prayer shawl can be found in many different colors, prints, and patterns, but the ethnic Indian prayer shawls have kept their originality and uniqueness. Made out of the finest silk, with impeccable craftsmanship and nod to details, the prayer shawl today is more a fashion garment than it is a traditional and necessary detail.

To cater to all those Indian women who are following the fashion but still like to keep the heritage and the tradition close to their outfits, Exotic India has quite a wide and interesting prayer shawl's palette that can satisfy different tastes and styles too.

Om Gayatri Mantra Prayer Shawl

The prayer shawl can today easily become a part of the regular modern still ethnic Indian fashion outfit. As mentioned above, the prayer shawl can be considered as an accessory to regular fashion outfits, and its style and design are very easy to incorporate into different fashion directions. However, the best and the truest looks come from picking prayer shawls with traditional motifs and colors.

At Exotic India, you will find a lot of different prayer shawls, and each of them can easily be styled into many different looks. Here are some suggestions which ones to choose according to the occasion, style and flaunt the best look.

For a dose of stylishness 

The right prayer shawl today can easily serve as a wonderful fashion accessory if you know how to style it and wear it properly. Modern Indian women, who would like to keep this traditional garment as part of their outfits can easily choose the Brocaded Lord Ganesha Prayer Shawl as their stylish accessory. From a first look, this shawl captivates with the modern and trendy color combination. The deep lilac with the rusty gold is a combination that is hard to beat. The luxurious yet subtle shiny finish gives the shawl a wonderful appearance. As for the traditional moment, the brocaded prints and patterns speak for themselves. This shawl can simply be worn over jeans and a long-sleeved blouse and deliver a fabulous ook.

Passion-Flower Brocaded Lord Kartikeya Prayer Shawl from Tamil Nadu   

A pop of color

Ethnic Indian fashion is known for the abundance of colors and prints it uses in traditional fashion garments. The prayer shawls are not an exception either. However, with a dose of modernity and trendiness, the prayer shawls today look more like fashion scarves. One such shawl that is full of color and interesting details is the Radhe Prayer Shawl with Embroidered peacock Feather. The shawls come in even 5 different bold and vibrant colors that will make the outfit stand out and deliver the necessary pop of color to your look. The cut and the design of the shawl are simpler, however, the embroidered peacock feather detail makes up. Pretty wide and big, this shawl will cover you comfortably.

Hare Ram Hare Krishna Pure Cotton Prayer Shawl with Cow Printed on Boarder

Short and traditional

Shorter prayer shawls were not very popular in the female fashion, since they were closer to the men’s Indian ethnic fashion. However, today, they are as popular as the other prayer shawls. Such scarf is the Radhey Prayer Shawl with Printed Radhey Krishna from Banaras. On a first look, this prayer shawl captivates the similarities it has with the modern Pashmina scarf. It has tassels at the end, making it stylish and fashionable. Made out of a light and comfortable fabric, this is a great accessory to add to your outfit. The print is ethnic and eye-catching, and the saffron color is great for all those who are looking for something extraordinary.

Hare Ram Hare Krishna Cotton Prayer Shawl from Iskon Vrindavan by BLISS

Colorful options

If the prayer shawl is part of your daily outfits, and you want it always with you then it is more than expected that you would want it in many different colors that will suit the change of outfits. To achieve that in the best possible and the most stylish way, a great choice is the Lot of ten prayer shawls. Easy to style and wear, each of the shawls is colorful and unique in its look and design. Specially designed to layer over the top part of the body and the outfit, it will add a wonderful dose of fashionability.

Lot of Ten Prayer Shawls

The prayer shawl today is much more than a traditional ethnic Indian fashion garment. It has become a fashionable accessory that combines the modern with the traditional, allowing all those willing to keep up to their belief and tradition, enjoy a modern and unique way of flaunting them. Be sure to explore all the different prayer shawls at Exotic India and upgrade your modern or traditional Indian fashion look and outfit. 

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