Top 5 Women's Salwar Kameez that Must Be In their Wardrobe

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It's not a disputed fact that women have the luxury of lots of options to choose from when it comes to wearing an outfit. From our traditional sarees and Lehengas to suits, there is a wide range of female attire in India. There are many different kinds of clothing traditionally worn by Indian women, which are mostly associated with the local culture, religion, and climate which makes the list really vast!

Indian fashion is known for its unique and ethnic types of garb. The most common and most popular outfit that we have is undoubtedly the Salwar Kameez. Just like the famous saree, it is traditional attire that can go from simple and comfortable to intricate and decorative. Even among Salwar Kameez, you will have a wide variety to choose from, from Anarkali to Jacket style Salwar kameez. Confusing again, right?  So let's look at five Salwar Kameez that must definitely be in your wardrobe.



It is widely believed that the Anarkali suit has its origin in the Mughal era and is named after a famous courtesan of Emperor Akbar’s court. The Anarkali is a long flowing top with a churidar and a dupatta. Anarkali salwar suit comes from top-quality linen, pure georgette, velvet, brocade, chiffon, net, etc. They are also made from modest fabrics of cotton that are suitable for everyday use. The vibrant coloured Anarkali with beautiful and ornate patterns which include sequins, lace laden, and embellished pieces. are ideal for special occasions like weddings, religious events etc.


New Wheat and Red designer Anarkali Suit with floral embroidery and crystals

There are different kinds of Anarkali styles. These include:

The empire line yoke Anarkali salwar kameez has a yoke length just ending under the bust-line. From there the Kalis start getting flared as they go downwards till the hemline for the whole circumference hem. 

Mid waist yoke Anarkali which has yokes that length on the mid-waist and flare-up in Kalis from beneath the midwest section till the hemline.

Lower waistline Anarkali which has waistline yokes. It would be like corsets and flares from the waist. 

Sharara Set

A sharara suit is another fashionable attire with a pair of flowy, wide-leg pants, a blouse and a dupatta. The origin of Sharara is disputed with some dating it back to the Mughal era, while others considering it to have come in the 18th-19th century. It was very popular in North India. Nowadays, Shararas are mostly worn during pre-wedding ceremonies. The appealing thing about sharara is that it gives a lot of freedom to our style. It can be paired with small bikini type tops to long and swooping ones. They are also available in a variety of fabrics as well as styles. You can style your Sharara by mix-matching colours and trying out those with patterns.  They are timeless and playful and perfect for everyone from a bride to a film star.


Ribbon-Red Zari-Embroidered Sharara Pants and Kameez Embellished with Crystals and Peach Net Dupatta

Churidar Set

The word Churidar comes from the word ‘Churi’ which means bangles in Hindi. It is a tight-fitting pant with an excessive length that folds at the ankles like a bangle, hence Churidar. The origin of Churidar dates back to the 19th century.

The churidar can be worn with a Kurta or a tunic and a dupatta. The churidars are available in fabrics like cotton, silk, brocade silk, and georgette. It is one of the most common types of dress that is used for casual and formal wearing. Cotton churidars with simple but attractive prints are best as a summer outfit. You can also get churidars with embellishments that can be worn to parties and weddings. Depending on what you wear as a top. A tunic, shirt or kurta the churidar can be suited for different occasions, be it formal wear to the office or a kitty party.


Candied-Ginger Long Choodidaar Salwar Kameez Suit with Ari Embroidery and Embellished with Crystals

Patiala Set

Patiala set gets its name from the city where it originated- Patiala in Punjab. It was the royal outfit of the Kings of Punjab.

The Patiala is a wide loose-fitting salwar with a ballooning shape that narrows down at the bottom. It is highly comfortable for the wearers. Due to the growing popularity of the Patiala Salwar, the outfit has evolved to be designed with contemporary prints, motifs, embellishments and embroideries. Besides, the Patiala Salwar is also worn with long tops nowadays. The Patiala Salwar can thus be worn as casual attire, as party wear or as ceremonial attire as well.

Pink and Off-White Patiala Salwar Kameez Suit with Embroidery


The Angrakha is unique from all of the above mentioned. It is an ethnic top with an asymmetric opening that can be worn with a churidar, pyjama or salwar. It is a popular outfit of Rajasthan. There are basically two varieties of Angrakha, the longer knee-length one and the shorter one called ‘Kamari Angrakha’. It is gaining huge popularity these days with designers bringing in new innovations.


 White And Orange Angrakha Salwar Kameez In Khadi Batik

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