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अन्वीक्षानयतत्त्वबोधः Anviksanaya Tattva Bodha - A Commentary by Shri Vardhamanopadhyaya on The 5th Chapter of The Nyayasutras of Gautama (An Old Book)

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Author: Shri K.Raghunathan
Publisher: Ganganath Jha Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Allahabad
Language: Sanskrit Only
Edition: 1979
Pages: 143
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We are happy to present to the world of Sanskritists Anvik sanayatattvabodha, a scholarly treatise by Vardhamana Upadhyaya, ably edited by Shri K. Raghunathan, Research Assistant in this Vidapeetha. The Anviksanayatattvabodha is an extensive Commentary on the fifth Adhyaya of the Nyayasutras which treats mainly the topics Jati and Nigrahasthana and it goes deep into details. Vardhamana Upadhyaya belonged to Mithila and is said to be the son of the famous logician Gangesa Upadhyaya who flourished in the 13th c. A. D.

Only two manuscripts of the above work are known to exist; one in the Manuscripts Library of the G.N. Jha Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha and the other in the Saraswati Bhavan Library of Varanasi. Shri Raghunathan has made use of both for preparing this edition.

Whether the author picked up only the fifth Adhyaya of the Nyayasutras for commenting due to its special importance or he commented upon the whole text, is difficult to determine at present. It may, however, be brought to the notice of the scholars that this Vidyapeetha possesses a manuscript of the commentary of Vardhamana on the first three sutras of the Nyayasutras too which is referred to in the colophone as Trisutrivrtti. There seems to be a close resemblance between the Anviksanayatattvabodha and the Trisutrivrtti in terms of language and style which would mean that Vardhamana wrote a full commentary on the Nyayasutras of which only two fragments, namely the first three sutras and the fifth chapter are available; the rest is yet to be traced.

Shri Raghunathan proposes to take up the task of editing the Trisutrivrtti next which will shed some more light on the nature of this Commentary as well as on its author. The editor has studied Navyanyaya in Varanasi at the feet of such illustrious an authority on Nyaya as Pt. Badarinatha Shukla, at present Vice Chancellor of the Sanskrit University, Varanasi and has carried out the task of editing the text in a commendable manner. The annotations provided by him in the footnotes (printed in white) help the reader in understanding less clear portions of the text.

The text as well as the introduction part of the work has been thoroughly revised by Dr. Kishora Nath Jha, Lecturer in Nyaya at this Vidyapeetha, who deserves my thanks.

I am sure that the present work which is being brought to light for the first time by this Vidyapeetha shall be received well by the scholars.

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