Ashram Seva

Ashram Seva

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Publisher: Anandashram Kerala
Edition: 2008
Pages: 36
Cover: Paperback
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When a seeker undertakes to do Seva in an institution like an Ashram, he has to be on constant vigil over what he thinks, says and does. Chances of slipping down according to the dictates of the ego are more because of age-old Vasanas.

It is therefore imperative that those who involve themselves in Seva activities in such institutions in particular and others in general should hammer on their brain some do’s and dint’s. With this point in view, this small booklet containing the teachings of our revered tasters is brought out for daily reading and to get oneself fixed in the real purpose for which such Seva is undertaken. A firm spiritual footing is the theme highlighted in all these teachings. Each and every word or action from those running such institutions should bear the stamp of their spiritual kinship with everybody.

May this book serve all to develop the right attitude while engaged in Ashram service and help them on their onward march to the Ultimate.


Preface 3
The Ideal of an Ashram – Swami Ramdas 5
Ashram – A Refuge to all 7
Need for Selfless Service – Swami Ramdas 8
Institution – A Bondage – Swami Ramdas 11
Sadhana in Ashram Life – Mother Krishnabai 13
Ashram Life – A Path to Inner Transformation – Mother Krishnabai 16
Right Attitude – Swami Satchidananda 18
Spiritual Barometer – Swami Satchidananda 24
Ashram – A Sacred Place to Love and Serve – Swami Satchidananda 26
Spiritual India – May it Ever Remain United – Swami Satchidananda 29
Spiritual Institutions – Swami Rama Tirtha 32
Cornerstones of an Organisation – Swami Sivananda, Ramakrishna Mutth 34
Think and Talk of God – Swami Sivananda, DLS 36
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