Basavarajiyam (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)

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Publisher: Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
Author: Prof. S.Suresh Babu
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Transaltion
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788121803571
Pages: 368
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

A seires of books on different facets of Ayurveda were written by the Eminent vaidyas based on their experimentations and observations, duly following the basic principles and tenets of Samhita kala Ayurveda, these works nourished and enriched the ancient medicine to evolve, expand and enlarge further.

'Sri Basava Rajiyam' is one such contribution from Andhra Pradesh, it was written is Sanskrit and partly in telugu language roughly around, 1764-1797 AD but published first time in, 1913- 1919 in Madras. Author of this treatise is 'vaidya jana bhushana'. Sri Nilakanta kottur basava Raju was an eminent practioner of Ayurveda. He belonged to 'sidda-rudra sampradaya' -Shaiva- especially 'veera shaiva' - Lingayat sect.

Sri Basava Rajiyam, covers areas like roga nidana; chikitsa with pathya and apathy; effective formulations diseare-wise; method of preparation (medicines) (Bhaisajya kalpana), rasa-shastra, shodhana of minerals, yantra vijnana etc. However it's main stress in on therapeutics. It's original contributory formulations which are so effective and so popular include- svachhanda bhai-ravai, jvarankushrasa, shitamshurasa, malini vasanta rasa, jvara murari, vaishnavi rasa, bhedi jvarankush rasa, an and a bhairavi, chintamani rasa, jayamangala rasa, mrtyunjaya rasa, tarunakra rasa, Ardha-nariswara rasa, Agni kumara rasa, sutika bharana rasa, Lokanatha rasa, Badavagni rasa, sudhanidhi rasa, paityantaka rasa Ardha khandavalehya, vasanta kusumakara, Ramabana rasa Chandra kala rasa, Lilavilasa rasa, Bilvadi Lehyam, Trivikram Rasa etc. Hundreds of formulations still rule the Ayurveda therapy.

Apart from this, Basava Rajiyam exclusively specialised Nadi pariksha, karma vipaka and daivavya prashya chikitsa.

Dealing with nadi pariksha he says "A physician who does not know the nadi vijnana fails in chikitsa like a blind person, who trys to climb the high mountain".

The important points observed by the Basava Raju are "As- ta-sthana of nadi", which are the centres of 'prana vayu'.

This indicates the oxygenated blood flowing in the arteries, which is the prime factor for survival. He recommends that by sparsa, pidana and mardana, the physician should stimulate the 'prana vayu' located inside nadi (arteries) before examining the pulse.

Further, Basava rajiyam described the nature of the pulse doshic-wise. Vata bahulya nadi has been compared with 'sarpa' - snake movement type curves, in still excessive vata predominence, the pulse resembles to that of 'stabdha tantri' - the stiff thread.

Pitta bahulya nadi is like kakavath (crow) which is chancha- la (unstable). Kapha nadi represents the gait of frog. Many such comparisions are drawn in the context of nadi pariksha.

Inview of this, an humble attempt has been made to trans- late it in to English language so that it can reach the wider section of Ayurveda students, scholars, teachers and practioners. While translating, original Sanskrit / telugu edition of 'basava-Rajiyam' and other editions are studies carefully. As a beginning, first eight chapters are presented in this first volume, with an explanatory note, wherever necessary.




Prathama Prakaranam (First Chapter) 1-116
Mangalacarana (Prayer) 1
Self-Introduction of Author 1
About the treatise Basava Rajiyarn 1
Aims of Ayurveda 3
Content of book (Basava rajiyam) 3
Jvara: Genesis, Samprapti 4
Line of Treatment 5
Nadi: Astadhatu sthana (Locations) 6
Nadi pariksha, Methods 7
Characteristics of Vata, Pitta and Kapha Nadi 9
Sannipata Nadi, Asadya Nadi, Mrtyu Nadi, Trikala Nadi etc 11
Nadi pariksha : Restrictions 13
Importance of Nadi pariksha 14
Sparsa lakshana, Nadi sabda etc 14
Jvara: Features 15
Jvara in different animals 16
Ahika jvara features 17
Shita jvara features 18
Pashu patastra rasa for shlta jvara 18
Maha Pashu patastra rasa for shita jvara 19
Dyahika jvara features, Triratra jvara 19
Pratapa Martanda Rasa, Jvarankusa 20
Triratra jvara chikitsa 23
Chaturtika jvara, Features and treatment 23
Masurika Jvara 25
Sphotaka Jvara - Treatment 26
Krimi roga, Treatment 27
Jantu jvara and it's treatment 29
Jvaratisara, Treatment of R. Atisara 30
Jvaramukta Lakshana, Reasons for relapse of Fever, Jvara mantra, Jvara Samprapti 31
Purva rupa of Jvara 33
Vata jvara features 34
Pitta jvara - features, Sleshma jvara 36
Vata-pitta jvara, Sleshma-vata jvara 38
Sannipata jvara features 39
Daha jvara, Ajirna jvara, Bhuta jvara features 40-41
Vishama jvara, Causes, features, Types 41-42
Satata, Santata jvara krama 43
Sukra-gata jvara features - treatment 45
Ama jvara features 46
Nirama jvara features, Tvak gatadi jvara 47
Rakta, mamsa, astigata, kala, jvara 48-49
Agantuja jvara, Abhinyasa jvara 51
Kama jvara, Asadya jvara features 51-52
Visucika jvara, Features, Treatment 54
Kamala jvara features, Jirna jvara 55-56
Taruna, Madhyama and Purana jvara - definition 56
Balaspota jvara, features and treatment 56
Sutika jvara features 57
Svedagamana - stages, Sveda shaman yoga 57-58
Fatal signs in Jvara (Ten stages) 58
Sadya - asadyata (Prognostic - Index) 59
Jvara duration and Jvara paka 60
Imp. of pathya in Jvara 61
Purana jvara treatment 63
Different yoga (Formulations) indicated in different types of jvaras (also see special appendix) 63-115
Dvitiya Prakaranam (Second Chapter) 116
Sannipata utpatti karana, Causes, Features 116
Prognostic Index of Sannipata jvara 120
Features of different Sannipata jvara 121-139
Seven Types' of complications 140
Sannipata Jvara - yoga 151
Tritiya Prakaranam (Third Chapter) 169
Mana-kaya-dosha attributes 169
Locations of dosha 169
Vikara of vata, pitta and kapha 171
3 types of Examination two types of Medicine, Season-wise dosha condition 172
Dvividha upakrama 173
Mutra pariksha method 174
Urine characteristics (disease-wise) 176
Caturtha Prakaranam (Fourth Chapter) 179
Kshaya roga Nidana 179
Clinical features of kshaya 181
Chaturvidha kshaya features 184
Ekadasha rupa 185
Kshaya upadrava 186
Svara bheda roga 187
Kshaya roga Aushadhi (See special-drugs list) 188
Pancam Prakaranam (Fifth Chapter) 200
Pandu roga Nidana, Purva rupa etc 200
Pandu roga features 201
Line of treatment 204
Halimaka - features, treatment 211
Pathya and Apathya in Pandu 217
Shotha: Nidan, features etc 218
Shotha - complications 222
Shotha-hara yoga (Formulations) 222
Kamala: Nidana, features etc 225
Kamala hara yoga (drugs) 226
Sastha Prakaranam (Sixth Chapter) 229
Ashiti vata roga (80 types of vataroga) 229
Vataroga: Nidana and chikitsa 231
Saptam Prakaranam (Seventh Chapter) 297
24 types of Pitta roga, features and treatment 297
Rakta-pitta, features 318
Treatment 321
Amla pitta: features 326
Chikitsa 328
Chardi: Nidan, features etc 334
Treatment 336
Murccha: Nidana etc 342
Difference between Murccha, bhrama, tandra and nidra 345
Tandra: Features 345
Treatment 347

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