Beyond Psychology

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Author: Osho Rajneesh
Publisher: Tao Publishing Pvt. Ltd
Edition: 1986
ISBN: 8172611951
Pages: 581
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.7" X 7.0"
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

Until the strings are ready to play
To become some new tune, some new rhythm,
One may pluck those strings ten thousand times
But there will be no resonance.

An enlightened mystic is one whose strings have been awakened by the divine. An enlightened consciousness is one whose veena is no longer lying idle; the hand of the divine has touched it. To be a enlightened mystic means that the song this person was born to sing has burst forth, the fragrance that was hidden in the this flowers has been released to the winds. An enlightened consciousness means that you have become that which you were destined to be. And naturally, in the fulfillment of this destiny, there is supreme bliss.

A seed is unhappy and in anguish as long as it is a seed. The anguish lies in the very fact of being a seed. To be seed means you are meant to become something which you have not yet become. To be a seed means you are meant to blossom but you have not yet blossomed. A seed is meant to grow but it has not yet done so, it has not yet fulfilled its potential. To be a seed means the waiting continues…the path is long, and you have not yet arrived at your destination.

The enlightened mystic is a human being who has become what he was destined to become. He is no longer a seed, now he is a flower: a lotus with its thousand petals blossoming, blissful like a flower. What is the bliss of a flower? Now there is nothing left to become, there is no place left to go. The journey is over, the full stop has come. Now there is the possibility of being at peace – because when there is somewhere to go you are always restless, when there is something to be done, you must plan. As long as you have to become something, success and failure will be following you. Who knows whether you will succeed or not? Doubt and misapprehensions will surround you…a thousand things. The mind will remain wavering, the mind will not be stable. "Which path should I choose? How to avoid a mistake? The path I choose may turn not to be a path at all. Will the path I am choosing be in harmony with my ultimate destiny or not?" So doubt lives and burns inside us, filling us with despair.

And naturally there are the pains of the journey, the obstacles on the path. The biggest obstacle will be that the seed is not confident that it can become a flower. How can it be? It has never been a flower before. How can one have trust in what one has never been? "Other seeds have become flowers, but this does not prove that I will also become one. The other seed were other; they may have been different. This seed that I am be just a pebble, it may just a pebble, it may not have anything inside it."

There is no way a seed can be confident about its future. Confidence comes only from experience. So a thousand doubts ad misapprehension surround it: Do I have a future? Does the direction in which I am heading exist? Is the idea of what I want to be simply a trick of my mind? Am I just dreaming? Am I creating some new kind of deception, some new illusion? All these things cause pain; they pick us like thorns.

The bliss of the flower is that it doesn't have to go anywhere; the future has ended for it. And when the future ends, the connection with the past also breaks. When nothing more has to happen, who needs to remember the past? We remember the past because something is about to happen, because our past experience might be useful. We gather from or past experiences for the journey ahead: they might be useful. When there is nowhere to go, when there is nothing left to become, when the future has come to an end, in that same moment we are free from the past. Now there is no need to carry the burden of memory. The test is over. Now there are no more trials.

So there is nothing to remember and no web of imagination to weave. The energy that was scattered into the past and the future is now concentrated into the tiny moment of the present. There is supreme bliss in this intensity and a sharp focus. It is in such a moment that a moment that sat-chit-anand- truth, consciousness and bliss – or what the devotees call love and the wise call truth of liberation, happens.

An enlightened consciousness means the flower of a person's life has blossomed.

From the Jacket

"Just live the moment with intensity and totality. Live ti with as much joy as possible, with as much love as possible, with no fear, no guilt. This existence is your and this moment is a gift – don't let it go to waste. And don't be worried about enlightenment, the moon. This moment, living totally is enlightenment."

"Such trust in existence, such unwavering trust, comes when you start taking responsibilities. As you feel more responsible towards small things around you, existence goes on responding in a thousand-fold way. You are not a loser."

Back of the Book

This people who will go beyond mind will create the new man, the new mind. And the most special thing to be remembered about the new mind is that is will never become a tradition, that it will be constantly renewed. If it becomes a tradition it will be again the same thing. The new mind has to become continuously new, every day new, ready to accept any unexpected experience, any unexpected truth…just available vulnerable. It will be tremendous excitement, a great ecstasy, a great challenge."

1.Truth is the Greatest offender 1
2.Your Mind is the Judas 13
3.Just Counting Other People's Cows 27
4.Dancingly, Disappear 38
5.You Have to Go Nowhere 51
6.A Lot – and Nothing 61
7.Empty from Birth to Death 76
8.The Head is Compulsory, but Not the Cap 89
9.I Want to Provoke Your Jealousy 102
10.The Ostrich Argument 114
11.It is Pure Light… Pure Delight 127
12.Obedience Needs No Art 137
13.Christianity is an Empty Box 150
14.Let is Sink Within Your Heart 164
15.I Have Kept my Wondering Eyes Alive 175
16.Emptiness Has its own fullness 189
17.The World is Where the work is 201
18.Terrorism is in Your Unconsciousness 212
19.Step Aside, Let the Mind Pass 224
20.It is all Happening Silently 235
21.The Most Blissful Moment – When You cannot Find Yourself 246
22.Freedom Doesn't Choose, it Discovers 256
23.Trees Grow Without Being taught 270
24.Whenever the Ego Gains, You are the loser 283
25.We cannot be otherwise 295
26.The Circle can be broken 307
27.So which way are you Moving 320
28.Going just with His flute and a Bottle of Wine 335
29.Come a little closer 346
30.New Battles for the Old wine 358
31.The Courage to be Ignorant 369
32.Life Consists of Small Things 380
33.Prayer – Your Psychological Armor 391
34.Rocks, the Earth…They are all alive 406
35.Falling Above the mind 419
36.Wake Up and You are it 431
37.Each Moment is Insecure 446
38.A World Beyond Time 462
39.Your mind is not yours 475
40.The body does not have beliefs 491
41.Times of Crisis are just Golden 505
42.Everybody is Enough 520
43.Logic Should Serve Love 533
44.Watchfulness is the Greatest Magic 547
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