Bhakti Yoga

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Author: Swami Rajarshi Muni
Publisher: Life Mission Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788188243693
Pages: 128
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About the Book

This book is the third in the trilogy of definitive books on Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga as experienced by a realized Yogi through over 40 years of intense sadhana and authenticated by the ancient Scriptures of India. In his two prior books, Swami Rajarshi Muni has shown that only by attaining the fruits of Karma Yoga, does one become qualified for entry into Gyan Yoga, and only by attaining the fruits of Gyan Yoga does one become qualified for entry into Prem Bhakti, the highest form of Bhakti Yoga. Notwithstanding this strong interconnection, in this book on Bhakti Yoga the author emphasizes the paramount importance the Scriptures have assigned to Bhakti Yoga. For not only is it impossible to attain union with God without the Sadhana of Bhakti Yoga, but it is also impossible to attain the desired results of either Karma Yoga or Gyan Yoga without at least some level of Bhakti being present, and so Bhakti is both a cause and an effect. The author details how one can gain entry into Bhakti Yoga, the obstacles one typically encounters in its practice, and the ways and means of overcoming these obstacles.

About the Author

SWAMI RAJARSHI MUNI was born in 1931. He has devoted himself to the serious study and practice of yoga since his early youth. He renounced the world and received sannyas in 1971. He devoted himself almost exclusively to secluded yoga sadhana thereafter, his daily practice spanning at least ten hours. In response to a spiritual calling, he temporarily emerged from seclusion in 1993 to undertake certain works for the public good and further the mission of the spiritual lineage of Lord Lakulish, twenty-eighth incarnation of Lord Shiva, of which he is the fourth and present head. He has since reverted to secluded sadhana in 2007 to complete his yoga. He is an advanced yogi, a realized Master in the classic mould of Indian adepts, knower of the kundalini and master of the khechari mudra. He is presently engaged in converting the body into the exquisite Divine Body, a subject he has extensively researched and one about which he has written from a position of eminent qualification. He has authored many definitive texts on yoga, including the inimitable Yoga the Ultimate Spiritual Path and Classical Hatha Yoga.


Jagat (phenomenal world) is Vyashti (a portion) and Ishvar (God) is Samashti (whole). Vyashti also suggests an individual being, and Samashti suggest the Universal Being, or God. Attachments and desires are acceptable in love directed towards Vyashti (an individual), but, nevertheless, it must be borne in mind that is an impure form of love. On the other hand, the love towards Samashti (God) by which Jeev (Soul) is attracted towards Supremely Beautiful God, is most pure. Paramatma is beauty itself and, knowingly or unknowingly, Jeevs (Souls) are ever attracted and propelled towards Him. Paramatma is like a large magnet and all Atmas or Jeevs (Souls) can be said to be minute particles of iron. Just as iron particles are attracted towards a magnet, so, too, are Jeevs or the Souls naturally pulled towards Paramatma. Those Jeevs who are attracted towards Samashti (God), instead of being pulled towards Vyashti (phenomenal world or individuals), certainly reach Him one day through Bhakti Yoga or the pull of pure love. As iron particles attach themselves to a magnet, so too, such Jeevs are attracted towards Param Purush Bhagvan, the root cause of all attraction, and, drenched in His pure love, eventually merge in Him.

Bhakti Y6ga is the discipline facilitating the unfoldment of love. Being outstanding and pure in nature, the love of Bhakti Y6ga has no place in it for low desires. Bhakti Y6ga recommends such outstanding and pure love as the means for attaining jeevanmukti. There is the element of desire in conjugal love between human beings but, in the relationship between Bhakta and Bhagvan, there is only pure love for God. Service to God is the only feeling in the Bhakta's heart. In the Bhakta's mind, God is his lover and all objects of the world belong to Him. He is ever devoted to fulfilling all wishes of his beloved God and humbly prays, "Lord! May all come to pass in accordance with Thy wishes; let Thy will be done". The fruit of such deep, complete, and all-embracing love is the joy of being included in the Lord's divine amorous sport. The path of Bhakti being such as to naturally touch the human heart, the followers of this path are found in very large numbers in the world. Indian Scriptures are also seen to contain extensive discussion concerning Bhakti. In the Scriptures, ancient India's Rishis and Munis have described in minute detail the methods for attaining and preserving Bhakti. It is not the purpose of this book to suggest anything other than that. All that is attempted here is to explain in a simple style the ancient means of the path of Bhakti. I hope it will prove useful to travellers of the Bhakti path. Jai Bhagwan.


  Foreword ii
Chapter 1 BhaktT - A General Introduction 1
Chapter 2 Who Can Practice Bhaktl? 7
Chapter 3 Different Classes of Devotees & Their Condition 27
Chapter 4 Different Types of BhaktT 39
Chapter 5 Niyam or Sadhan BhaktT - First Stage of BhaktT 49
Chapter 6 Bhav BhaktT and Sneh BhaktT 65
Chapter 7 Prem BhaktT: «entssekti and Atmanivedan 77
Chapter 8 Tanm~y-asakti or Ananya Prem BhaktT 85
Chapter 9 Upasana: Nirquti or Sequti? 95
Glossary   105

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