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A Complete Book of Singing Bowls (Himalyan Sound Revelation)

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Item Code: NAN231
Author: Frank Perry
Publisher: Adarsh Books
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788183631204
Pages: 492 (18 Color & 57 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
Back of the Book

This is simply the widest study of the sacred instruments of the Tibetan region ever, covering singing bowls, dribu (the Tibetan hand bell) and ting-sha (small paired cymbals). Its author is uniquely qualified, having begun his lifelong association with the bowls back in 1971, when they first started to appear in the west. He has also made no less than 105 recordings, most of them featuring bowls. Frank thus offers forty year of closeness to singing bowls and their sounds in a form that will appeal to everyone their sound touches - whether those people approach them from a musical perspective, as sacred sound, or as instruments in sound healing. Those people approach them from a musical perspective, as sacred sound, or as instruments in sound healing.

Covered in this book are no less than 250 different styles of bowl and the techniques that can be employed in drawing musical and consciousness - raising sound from them. Frank discusses basic information about how to choose the right bowl, the wands and mallets to use for each type, and continues into the yoga of sound (nada), mantra, and also the relation of different bowls to the zodiac, the planets and the chakras. He separates these from concert instruments by a detailed analysis of all their fundamentals and partials and illustrates these with the cymatic photography of john Stuart Reid, never before applied to bowl sounds. He has many personal stories to tell.

Frank writes eloquently of the awareness and integrity required of the bowl user, his relation to the ancient Bonpo priests, to Tibetan Buddhism and Vedic wisdom. He also writes as a percussionist of note and as a student of esoteric wisdom, as at home with the writings of Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey as with Nicholas Roerich, Mikhail Aivanhov and white eagle. Above all his own meditation practice, and his aural super sensitivity, give the reader the richest encounter they likely to get with the most iconic statement of the individual consciousness - the sound of the bowl.

This may be the only book you need on the subject.

About the Author

Frank Perry was a jazz percussionist in some legendary bands of the 1960s - including black cat bones - before he encountered the instrument that was going to give him lasting fascination, the 'bronze' bowl. He has performed in spiritual and other spaces with them, recorded with them, and are a renowned sound healer. His best known recordings include 'deep place' and new Atlantis'.

As john Stuart Reid has written, 'Frank Perry is one of those rare people who are totally committed to a subject and pursue it with such great passion that it inspires others'. He has influenced such musicians as Keith Tippet, Alex cline and Tim Wheater and is a master of improvisation.

About the Book

THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SINGING BOWLS - Himalayan Sound Revelations

'Frank Perry's THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SINGING BOWLS is a masterpiece of writing about the nature and power of pure sound as encoded into the consciously constructed instruments of the East. No other book in the field of working with sound for healing and spiritual development is as knowledgable, penetrating and comprehensive as this great tome. Contained within these pages is far, far more than an exploration of every aspect of singing bowls, instruments that Perry literally knows inside out through his enormous collection and varied use over many years of practice. Each chapter is an in-depth study of what the bowls have to offer in relation to ancient symbolism, yin/yang shapes, astrology, chakras, mantra, nada yoga, overtones. cymatics (wave fields), planets and musical temperament.

Along the way we are given much knowledge of these topics in and of themselves - for example, the use of the voice. The book balances perfectly the historical, theoretical, spiritual and practical sides of these profound instruments and their metals. Very helpful in absorbing Perry's wisdom are the many illustrations, photographs, tables and diagrams. What especially sets it apart is how Perry places them into a spiritual, historical context such as no other text has done and thus makes the bowls (and bells) living, breathing entities.

The tome is scholarly but not in an academic sense. It is simply thorough and the writing is clear, direct and substantial without unnecessary digressions. Thus HIMALAYAN SOUND REVELATIONS will appeal both to those who wish to make practical use of singing bowls (choosing them, playing them properly and even caring for them) and those who would like to understand the historical context of the bowls and their role in healing and spirituality. HIMALAYAN SOUND REVELATIONS is truly a universal work of a music master. It is bound to become a classic and belongs on the shelf of every serious student of Eastern music, meditation and spirituality.


  Acknowledgments, Credits and Metric Conversions viii
1 Himalayan Singing Bowls: their History and Traditions 11
  My Own Connections with Singing Bowls 15
  Uniqueness 18
  Subtle Awareness 22
  Bowls in their Own Context 28
  Teachers beyond Ourselves 34
2 The Development of Bells in Ancient China 38
  Cast in Bronze 43
  Buddhism in China 50
3 Tibet 54
  The Problem of Authentic Records 62
  Tibetan Musical Culture 63
  Tibetan Ritual Music 67
  A Firsthand Account 71
  More Testimonies about the Bowls in Tibet 76
4 Ting-sha 87
5 Drilbu 96
6 The World of Singing Bowls 103
  Resonance and Entrainment 105
  Choosing Bowls 111
  Old or New Bowls 118
  Listening 119
7 Yin- Yang 125
8 Mallets and Wands 133
  Striking the Bowl 133
  Stroking the Bowl 137
  Grip and Pressure 142
  Wand Diameter 147
9 The Metal of the Bowls 149
  Cleaning Bowls 156
10 Techniques: How to Use some More Exotic Bowls 160
  Ululation 162
  Water Bowls 164
  Jumping Bowls 165
  Flying Bowls 166
  Yoga Bowls 168
  Harmonizing Bowls 170
  Bowls with Unusual Forms 170
  Other Techniques, for Non-Musical Settings 178
  Advanced Techniques in a Musical Context 181
11 Subtleties of Struck and Stroked Bowls 195
  Symbolism of the Struck Bowl 200
  Symbolism of the Stroked Bowl 208
  Bowls that Sound Best either Struck or Stroked only 218
12 Bowl Stories and Subtle Dimensions 221
  Chakras, Deity and Master Bowls 222
  Some Examples of Singing Bowl Encounters 237
  Shy Bowls 242
  Wisdom from my Guides 243
  Unexpected Verification 244
  ‘Voice of the Great Master' Bowl 245
  'Silver Flame' Bowl 247
  'Silver Ray of the Great Master' 248
  Crystal Tuning Bowl 250
  Correct Uses of Spiritual Bowls 251
13 Teachings from the Bowls 252
  The Shape of the Bowl 258
  Aum, and the Trinity of Love- Wisdom-Power 267
  Some More Trinities of Awareness 276
14 Elemental Bowls 281
  Water and Air Spirit Bowls 287
  Earth, Fire and Space Element Bowls 292
15 Sound Made Visible 295
  Fundamentals and Partials 311
16 Partial Exercises 317
  Exercises using the Fundamental of the Bowl 317
  Bowl Exercises 323
  Exercises using the Second Partial of the Bowl 337
  Exercises using the Third Partial of the Bowl 344
  Exercises using the Fourth Partial of the Bowl 347
  Exercises using the Fifth Partial of the Bowl 355
  Beyond the Fifth Partial 362
17 Nada Yoga 370
  Music of the Spheres 375
  Personal Experiences with Sound 389
  The Fourfold Process of Sound 391
18 Mantra 402
  Mantras and the Three Gunas 413
19 Planet Bowls 417
  'Golden Voice of the Sun' Bowl 421
  Planets and Elements 422
  Sound Magic, Old and New 424
  Planets 429
20 More on the Chakras 440
  Practical Recognition of Chakra Links 449
21 Conclusion 455
  Appendix A: Metal Analysis 455
  Appendix B: Categories of Singing Bowls 456
  Appendix C: Dhyani Buddhas 464
  Notes 465
  Glossary 471
  Recommended Reading 479
  Index and List of Exercises 485


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