The Conquest of The East - Royal Crown Returns

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Author: R. Durgadoss
Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789353332600
Pages: 254
Cover: Paperback
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The numerous attempts made by the cholas to capture the prestigious royal crown; the mythical aaram (necklace) and the precious garland of pearls from the Pandyas have Failed. Emperor Raja Raja Chola’s grandfather even defeated the Pandyas, but their king managed to escape with the royal jewels and kept these in safe custody with a Lankan King.

Years later, even after Raja Raja Chola’s victory against the Lankan King, the jewels eluded the Cholas as the Lankan King too field with the jewels. Emperor Rajendra Chola takes it upon himself to finish his dynasty’s incomplete agenda. The jewel train extends well beyond the shores of Bharat, right up to the kingdom of Srivijaya (modern-day Indonesia). Rajendra Chola’s naval commander Surya emerges as the greatest support to his king. Will Surya be able to restore the Chola pride?

Even with his unbreakable spirit, courage and special powers, Surya must be careful as the enemies may have lost wars but they are hitting back through proxy wars launched by hired mercenaries. He must use every trick in the book to unmask the Chola kingdom from plunging into a civil war.

About the Author

Dr R. Durgadoss (his associates call him Dr DD) is an entrepreneur, an inspirational speaker, a writer and a life coach. He holds a PhD in corporate finance and has had a career spanning more than three decades with leading multinational institutions. R. Durgadoss has a deep-rooted passion for Indian mythology, history and philosophy. Since his childhood, he could attract a number of followers with his mesmerizing storytelling capabilities.

Having held audiences spellbound with his powerful storytelling style during his lectures in various international forums, R. Durgadoss thought it was time for him to focus on a series in the historical/mythological fiction genre. The Conquest of the East is the third book of the series. R. Durgadoss has styled himself as a motivator for Generation Next. He is keen on bringing out the unbreakable spirit of those who brave severe circumstances and dream big to display commendable courage. He currently lives with his family in Dubai.



Track Travelled So Far ... Ianam One: The Shackles of the Warrior 2008 A terrorist group attacks the world by planting viruses into global computer systems through a satellite orbiting the earth. This act of cyberterrorism disrupts air traffic systems, interferes with the control systems for water and electricity, blocks commercial communications, crashes various network systems, gains access to secret military information and defaces websites. In light of this cyber attack, the world is facing a chaotic situation.

Shiv, a young, celebrated NASA scientist, destroys the group's moves and saves the earth from cyberattacks. To honour Shiv's extraordinary performance, a felicitation function is held at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai, on the fateful day of 26 November 2008. Shiv, the cyberwarrior, becomes a victim of the terrorist attack at the Taj Mahal. His mind flashes with several images while he lies in a coma in the leU of a leading hospital in Mumbai. The images of war, weapons and weeping widows swamp his mind. Are these flashes from his previous births?

3000 BC The hero who saved the planet from cyber terrorists could not avoid succumbing to this physical terrorism. Shiv's unconscious mind questioned: Why? The memories from his time in a coma were inexplicable. They were like a patchwork quilt, with no apparent sequence nor temporal relationship with one another. The purest and the most extraordinary part of his journey had commenced deep in his state of coma. In the midst of his coma, his cerebrum unleashed a quest to unravel his past. Then, all of a sudden, everything opened up. His mind entered a valley, so beautiful that he could see with clarity.

He could see waterfalls, pools of water, and indescribable colours with arcs of silver and gold light, and beautiful hymns emanating from them. Boom! Suddenly, the serene image shifted into images of war, weapons and weeping widows. He saw himself on the mast of a tall ship, he saw himself in a missile silo, and he saw himself on the watchtower of a mammoth fort, and then guiding the cannons of a great warship. And then he saw images of himself move out of the earth and the universe. He had lost awareness of his own body during his coma. In the process of this search, his mind realized many of his previous states, breaking the shackles of all his earlier births.

His mind was filled with the chorus of a great army crying out the name, 'Sagar, Sagar, Sagar. . .' He was lying on a battlefield, a wounded soldier covered with deep cuts. It was a bloodbath all around. He was holding back his last breath, waiting for his beloved wife and newborn son. It was the battle between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, in the land situated between the two rivers, the Saraswati and Drishadvati, the land where Manu wrote his Manusmriti, and the land where the Rig and Sarna Vedas were compiled.

His calm mind resisted the image. 'This battleground is not the land of my birth or my beloved kingdom. This is not the place where I spent my joyful childhood. This is not the beautiful place where I come from. I need to find the place of my birth: His comatose mind continued to wander further into the past. It now flashed images of the spectacular city of his birth. The golden fort of this city threw its glitter on the surrounding waters, making it look like as though flames were rising from the riverbed. There was a township with six sectors along the banks of the river. It was connected to the mainland via floating bridges, which could be withdrawn whenever there was an attack. The floating bridges and the design of the city were marvellous.

Having identified the city of his birth, he stumbled onto his colourful life as Sagar, the great warrior of the kingdom of Krishna in 3083 Be.

Sagar, in his first karmic avatar, was given the Shudra Varna tag but was patronized by a Brahmin guru. He was given the status of a Shudra by society, but the status of a strategic warrior by his leader, Abhimanyu.

Sagar grew up with three Brahmin friends (the sons of his guruji), the Kshatriya leader Abhimanyu and another friend who was a Vaishya. A close bond developed among all of them at the gurukul. The three sons of his guruji were also blessed with mystic powers. All the pancha bhootas-earth, water, sky, air and fire-danced to the tunes of the three boys who were born as triplets. All of them were more or less the same age as sagar.


Kaliyuga 4100 (AD 1000) The domination of the Cholas started with the efforts of Emperor Raja Raja Chola, who established his kingdom and military from his capital city of Thanjavur (anglicized as Tanjore) in modern-day Tamil Nadu. The enemies could not bear his onslaught, yet he could not complete one agenda, which forever eluded his success. His grandfather had won the war against the Pandyas but could not declare it as a triumph, really. The Pandya king fled with the coveted royal crown, the mythical aaram and a precious garland of pearls, leaving everything in the custody of the Lankan king.

Raja Raja Chola tried to restore their pride by capturing these regal jewels from the Lankans. Yet again, he could win the war but could not finish it as an emphatic victory. This time, it was the Lankan king who managed to flee with the Pandya regal jewels. Ultimately, Raja Raja Chola had to leave this task for his son Rajendra Chola. Surya in his third avatar during the challenging time of Raja Raja Chola and Rajendra Chola shows the unbreakable spirit of taking this massive task on himself. He braved severe circumstances and at the same time dared to dream big. Will he succeed ?


  Introduction: Janam Three ix
  Prologue xxi
Part - 1 The Birth in a Sacred Bath 1
Part - 2 The Adoption of the Orphan Surya 15
Part - 3 The Beginning of Suryas Royal Connection 23
Part - 4 Surya: The Royal Navy Commander 41
Part - 5 The Lanka Expedition 81
Part - 6 The Ganga Expedition 101
Part - 7 The Love That Blossomed 153
Part - 8 The Srivijaya Expedition 181
Part - 9 Return to the Capital 193
  Epilogue 226
  Acknowledgements 227
  Glossary 229


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