Count What You Eat: A Recipe Book

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Item Code: NAK460
Author: Swaran Pasricha
Publisher: National Institute of Nutrition
Language: English
Edition: 2015
Pages: 87
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.5 inch X 7.0 inch
Weight 200 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description

Cooking and menu planning are a blend of science and art. While the science of nutrition embodied in diet planning and cooking methodology, if properly understood, makes food a source of positive health, it is an art to see that the dishes are attractive, palatable, affordable and yet nutritious.

The book "Count What You Eat" differs from the usual recipe books in that it provides only a wide range of recipes suitable for a variety of tastes and incomes, but also the calorie, protein, carbohydrate, fat and mineral contents per serving. Vitamins have been left out, because of the variable extent of cooking losses that occur. However, since the table of nutritive value of foods provided, includes vitamin contents of raw foods, it can be referred to for deriving the vitamin contents of the uncooked ingredients in a given recipe. A discussion on the different methods of cooking, with relevant "Dos and Don'ts" follows the introductory remarks regarding the scope of the book.

Inclusion of recipes for ready to eat condiments and some chutneys provides additional flavour and value to the publication.

The book, we hope, will be of use not only to dietitians working in institutions or hospitals, but also to housewives and others who wish to count the calories and nutrients derived through their diet.



Traditionally, many methods of cooking are in vogue. These methods differ from region to region and from household to household. Similarly, the same dish may be prepared using alternative recipes with different ingredients. Cooking of food has advantages as well as some disadvantages. One of the important effects of cooking is on the nutritive value of the preparation. It is therefore essential that the housewife is conversant with various methods of cooking and their effect on nutritional qualities of foods. She should also be aware of the method suited for any particular preparation not only from the palatability point of view but also with respect to wholesomeness and nutritional value.

This publication provides basic information on different methods of cooking which housewives may find useful. A glossary of terms commonly used in food preparations is also given for reference.

Apart from the above, the book contains several recipes which can be used in health and disease. These recipes are classified based on the main ingredients as cereal, pulse, animal flesh or eggs. Some sweet dishes, puddings and desserts are also included. The ingredients for each recipe are listed in terms of quantity (weight in grams, as well as in measures and/or number) used. The total weight of the cooked food and the amount per serving (weight and measure) are indicated in the Table at the end of each chapter. The measures used in the recipes are teaspoon, tablespoon and bowl (150 ml).

Unless otherwise mentioned, any fat can be used for cooking of these recipes. Quantities of chillies and other spices can be altered according to taste. Amount of oil used in the seasoning, specially of pulses, can be reduced, if so desired. In the case of deep fried food preparations, only the quantity of absorbed oil or fat is indicated in the list of ingredients and the nutritive value is calculated on this basis. However, the actual amount of the oil required for frying will be more, depending on the size and depth of the vessel used for frying, as also the quantity or number of items to be fried.

All the preparations included here were actually cooked and tasted by those hailing from different parts of the country. The nutritive value of each preparation (per serving) is calculated using the information on dietary nutrients given in the publication 'Nutritive Value of Indian Foods' (1982). The vitamin profiles of the preparations are not given because, without actual analysis, it is not possible to assess their vitamin content on the basis of raw foods since some of it may be lost during cooking/processing. These values given in the table can be used provided the suggested amounts of ingredients are used and serving is of the same size.

Apart from the housewives and lay persons, the book can be used by physicians for recommending therapeutic diets or any other specified diets, and by dietitians and research workers as a ready reckoner for calculating nutrient content of diets of different population groups during diet surveys etc.

With the increasing awareness of the benefits of good nutrition, there is need for providing such information on many more recipes in common use in different segments of our population.

I am extremely grateful to the former Director, NIN, Dr. B. S. Narasinga Rao, for sparing his valuable time and giving his constructive suggestions. I also would like to place on record the contribution of Mr. V. Ramadas Murthy, Research Officer, who has taken enormous interest in editing and finalising the format of this book.




  Introduction 1
  Methods of Cooking 3
1 Cereal Preparations 7
1.1 Rice Preparations  
1.1.1 Plain cooked rice 7
1.1.2 Khicheri 7
1.1.3 Pulao 7
1.2 Wheat Preparations  
1.2.1 Paratha 8
1.2.2 Phulka 8
1.2.3 Puri 8
1.2.4 Pathura 9
1.2.5 Potato Paratha 9
  Nutritive Value (Per Serving) of Cereal Preparations 10
2 Dal Preparations 11
2.1 Cooked Dais  
2.1.1 Bengal gram dal 11
2.1.2 Black gram dal 11
2.1.3 Green gram dal 11
2.1.4 Lentil dal 12
2.1.5 Lentil dal (Bengali) 12
2.1.6 Red gram dal 12
2.2 Cuddy 13
2.3 Kootu 13
2.4 Spinach-with-dal 14
2.5 Sam bar 14
  Nutritive Value (Per Saving) or Dal Preparations 15
3 Preparations Based on Whole Gram 16
3.1 Chole 16
3.2 Green gram whole 16
3.3 Lentil whole 17
3.4 Rajmah or Rawan 17
  Nutritive Value (Per Serving) of Preparations 19
  Based on Whole Grams  
4 Vegetable Preparations 20
4.1 Preparations with Gravy  
4.1.1 Avial 20
4.1.2 Bagara Baigan 20
4.1.3 Char-Chari 21
4.1.4 Mirchi-ka-Salan 21
4.1.5 Peas and Panir 22
4.1.6 Peas and Potato Curry 22
4.1.7 Potato Curry 23
4.1.8 Potato Stew 23
4.1.9 Soup 24
4.1.10 Vegetable Kofta Curry 24
4.1.11 Vegetable Khorma 25
4.2 Dry Preparations  
4.2.1 Beans and Potato 26
4.2.2 Brinjal and Potato 26
4.2.3 Capsicum and Potato 26
4.2.4 Cauliflower and Carrot 26
4.2.5 Dondakaya 27
4.2.6 Ladies finger 27
4.2.7 Pumpkin curry 27
4.2.8 Ridge gourd 27
4.2.9 Bhurtha 28
4.2.10 Cabbage 28
4.2.11 Stuffed tomatoes 29
4.2.12 Vegetable cutlet 29
4.2.13 Yam and Fenugreek leaves 30
  Nutritive Value (Per Serving) of Vegetable Preparations 31
5 Savoury Snacks 33
5.1 Awal 33
5.2 Bajji (Pakora) 33
5.3 Basen-ka-pura 34
5.4 Cashewnut cutlets 34
5.5 Chat 34
5.6 Cheese balls 35
5.7 Dahi vada 35
5.7a Vada 36
5.8 Masala vada 36
5.9 Dalia (salted) 36
5.10 Dosa 37
5.10a Masala Dosa 37
5.11 Onion dosa 38
5.12 Idli 38
5.13 Kodai shooter kachori 38
5.14 Onion pakori 39
5.15 Potato bonda 39
5.16 Sago vada 40
5.17 Samosa 40
5.18 Sandwiches 41
5.19 Savian upma 41
5.20 Upma 42
5.21 Vegetable puffs 43
  Nutritive Value (Per Serving) of Savoury Snacks 44
6 Sweet Snacks 45
6.1 Basen-kee-barfi 45
6.2 Chikki 45
6.3 Dalia (Sweet) 45
6.4 Fruit cake 46
6.5 Jam tart 46
6.6 Lemon Tart 46
6.7 Nut biscuits 47
6.8 Rice puttu 47
6.9 Sandesh 48
6.10 Queen cakes 48
  Nutritive Value (Per Serving) of Sweet Snacks 49
7 Puddings And Desserts 50
7.1 Blanch Mange 50
7.2 Bread pudding 50
7.3 Caramelised custard 51
7.4 Double-kaa-meetha 51
7.5 Floating island 51
7.6 Halwa (Kesari) 52
7.7 Jelly with custard 52
7.8 Payasam (kheer) 53
7.9 Pooran poli 53
7.10 Savian 54
7.11 Steam cake 54
7.12 Suji payasam 55
7.13 Srikhand 55
7.14 Walnut pudding 56
  Nutritive Value (Per Serving) of Sweet Snacks 57
8 Non-Vegetarian Preparations 58
8.1 Dam-kaa-chicken 58
8.2 Fillet of fish 58
8.3 Fish cutlets 59
8.4 Fried fish 59
8.5 Fish jhol 60
8.6 Irish stew 60
8.7 Liver do piazza 60
8.8 Mutton ball curry 61
8.9 Prawn do piazza 62
8.10 Prawn curry 62
  Nutritive Value (Per Servinq) of Non-Vegetarian Preparations 64
9 Chutneys 65
9.1 Coconut chutney 65
9.2 Coriander chutney 65
9.3 Groundnut chutney 65
9.4 Mint chutney 66
9.5 Instant chutney 66
9.6 Tamarind chutney 66
9.7 Tomato chutney 67
  Nutritive Value (Per Serving) of Chutneys 68
10 Ready To Use Condiments 69
10.1 Panch foran 69
10.2 Garam masala 69
10.3 Sambar masala 69
  Nutritive Value of 100 g condiments 69
  Approximate weights (in g.) and their equivalent measures/no. of foodstuffs 70
  List of foodstuffs (raw) included to work out the averages 73
  Average nutritive value of foodstuffs (raw) per 100 g 75
  Glossary of terms used in food preparations 77

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