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The Divine Bliss

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Author: S. A. Maa Krishna and Sri Bikram Prem Swarup
Publisher: Sri Matriniketan Ashram Sri Aurobindo Centre
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9780992322601
Pages: 211
Cover: Paperback
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The leader of the men who has not realised and seen ‘the One and Eternal’ all things, may be eminent in a larger and lesser circle and feels himself full of power, extraordinary increase of mentality and vitality which drives his thought and action and builds his life as a phenomenon of creative genius. He can act as a scourge, bringer of light, healer, a creator of beauty or the messenger of the knowledge, a profile writer, a sever of humanity and the comic force which seeks to move him, seem often to surpass the measures of human relativity when he speaks of God, he erects an image of Him which is a huge shadow of his nature, will thought, quality and force. He serves the Master as his glorified ego and in Spiritual life this leadership turns towards ambition, pride, desire of greatness and a magnified individual personality. Although he has a lager sight than ordinary men and advances a step beyond the limited physical and vital intelligence, a divided individualized life and force prevents him from really becoming master of the world. A light of superior consciousness acts within his power narrow mental limits, but his being is not opened towards the plenary Light, Vision and Power and direct Divine realization and neither ‘comes face to face with the Master’ and the Lord, or capable of vast and multitudinous field of mystic and Spiritual experience, of the original luminosity of overhead Consciousness, or aware of a sea like downpour of masses of spontaneous Knowledge. The Divine force acts in his imperfect nature more intensely than in others with flashes of inspiration and revelation and still an exalted ego stands between him and the Integral Truth.

The true leader of men radiate the double perfection of (1) union with the Supreme and (2) its universalised individualised that must radiate from him Oneness with the Universe and its Beings. He well lead the human race foreword spiritually through his Influence and large world action. He becomes a light and power of the Truth to which he has climbed and a means of others’ ascension. The path finder or path-leader is one who has realised the Truth and is able to communicate the light and the experience. He is a strong guide and instructor who takes by the hand and carries to rule and lead all those who are behind him in Consciousness and subordinate himself to all those who are ahead of him in cognition.

About the Book

The true Call upon us is the call of the Soul, Jivatma to unite with the Divine, Paramatma; this often comes to an individual when his Soul is prepared for a Divine Life. His oneness with the Divine must be extended to the oneness with the others which is a fundamental oneness in Soul and Spirit and not an oneness with their mind, life body and ego, because the latter oneness of Nature can be arrived at a matured stage of sadhana in the universalised Consciousness in which he is unified more and more with other minds, other lives, other bodies than the organism we call ourselves, producing effects not only on own moral and mental being and on the subjective being of others, and even on the physical world and its events by means nearer of the Divine contact that those possible to our egoistic capacity. That is the reason why a preliminary Spiritual Call of realising Soul Oneness must be recognised and accepted as imperative and must take precedence over all other claims and demands of the world in the form of call of the call Nation, Society, religious activities, profession and family obligation, that belong to the domain of ignorance. Nothing can substitute for the Spiritual Call or to rise out of world to transcendence that can realise the true and integral good and arrive at the essence of existence.


Sri Aurobindo was able of accommodate His (and also The Mother’s) comprehensive Spiritual vision and experiences in symbolic characters of incarnations, emanations and instruments, depicted from the legendry epic Mahabharata where Savitri, the descending Godhead, Avatara, the all Mother, knew both her Self and her Being’s aim of all life and she keeps her will alive to drive human Souls and fill in their brute elements, the hope to Divinise clay and confronts Death and Fate in them with the sheer power of her Soul force manifested as Divine Love. She has chosen the Souls who have suffered on earth, for the field of her sacrifice and action and she is even ready to waster all infinity with them to accomplish her seemingly impossible task.

Satyavan, a mere woodsman raised his consciousness to the status of the ascending integral Godhead, Avatara, by the Power of consecration and loss of ago and was destined to fulfill Savitri’s mighty Mission of bridging the gulf between Heaven, Earth and Hell. He was also the Eternal Consciousness, who suffered in human from representing the Soul earth. While tracing the path of immortality he signed salvation’s testament with his blood in the dangerous and dark Inconscient plane and if he were to meet death to balance the dark account of mortal Ignorance then this would be a great loss for humanity.

They were related with each other through a subtle link of union through many successive births and bodies of unbeginning past and felt the cell of Spirit’s unending future; even they knew themselves older than the birth of time. A vast intention of love’s unseen presence has drawn these dual incarnating Powers closer in this life. Together they have disdained from the God’s everlasting Night of Inconscient world and turned away from His everlasting Day of Sachchidananda plane and returned to bringing down God to earth and men.

King Aswapati, the son of God, Vibhuti, represents the hard Tapasya, askesis, and concentrated endeavour to explore the planes of Consciousness and he was able to call down the Divine Mother in the form of his daughter, Savitri. As Spiritual Teacher, the Guru; firstly, he made her aware that her world Mission of hewing the path of immortality will be accomplished not by her own effort alone but by venturing to find her future Lord, unknown Lover and personal Godhead of the race in distant lands, who alone can match the measure of her waiting Soul and can stand up as her equal and peer; secondly, 'must fire always test' the greatness of her Soul, who must meet on her way supernatural darkness and must leave behind Death's night to raise the fallen world. None can possess the kingdom of heaven that has not passed through the tragic stage of giant sons of Darkness.

Narad, the heavenly sage, the God, who was aware of the source and mystery of human fate and was having the power to foresee the future of man and knowledge of truth behind this creation, came down to earth to make Savitri aware that Soul's greatness is measured through the capacity to bear pains of hell and she must cross on the stones of supreme universal suffering to arrive at her high mission, though he was having no power at his disposal to change her destiny and hence incapable of changing human destiny. Savitri's Psychic being or the Divine stationed in the heart centre is projected as greater than the God and the Guru and personal Godhead, and to cancel her body's destiny or destiny of the race, her Soul entered world adventure to become one with Divine Will and unfolded her multiple Selves.

The Queen, the wise mother of Savitri, human instrument of Ignorance, Yantra, 'represents mankind preoccupied with earthly life with having partial Divine realization and in her understanding of the mystery of creation and the Creator, the truth was distorted. She was unaware of the secret of abundant Divine’s Grace and Bliss that hunt behind all effort to accept danger and pain to resolve the fundamental problem of existence and hence to decline all greater adventure by rejecting the doomed Satyavan was identified by her as the best solution. She was also not aware that all unforeseen events are part of God’s secret plan and that He can overrule the Iron Law of Nature by conscious human effort and dynamisation of His Super nature. So Narad asks the Queen not to interfere in matters that are beyond her understanding and power and stand back from the stupendous scene of her daughter's heaven-sent task.

Death, the godhead of the Inconscient world, Yama, who as the intolerant dark instrument of the Divine, Yantra, guards the Divine's fixed law of Nature which is a part and derivation of His dynamic Super nature and devours in his world spreading death-net-trap, all those who are unable to open towards the Spirit's changeable Supernature and endless truth. He was not aware of the Divine's comprehensive plan and vision for His existence and was aware only of the limited task given to him during the passage of man's evolution in Ignorance. He, like cosmic Gods, has the limited power of offering boons to the mortals and in his understanding of existence, the Soul saving truth is thoroughly distorted and his Soul slaying words have denied contact with the Spirit and Divine. The future vision of Savitri promises that when she will enter Spiritual experience of everlasting Day, this formidable shape of Death and Night will be transformed into beauty of suns and a sum of all sweetness will gather into his limbs. His darkness and sad destroying might will be abolished for ever, his vague infinity will be slain and he will emerge as wonderful God.

The above characters along with many more of higher and lower planes are living conscious Forces in both subtle and human bodies, who help and hinder man in finding his way from mortal state to infinite Consciousness and immortal Divine life.


1 Introduction 1
2 Objective 4
3 The Divine Mother's Call 9
4 The Gita's Yoga of Self-Perfection 11
5 The Main Frame of Integral Yoga 15
6 The Leader of Man 25
7 King Aswapati's Yoga 30
8 Satyavan's Yoga 53
9 Savitri's Yoga 73
10 Integral Transformation 110
11 The Mighty Mother's Playmate 121
12 Central Truth of The Synthesis of Yoga or Book of Consecration 127
13 The Central Truth of The Life Divine or The Book of Consciousness 130
14 The Central Truth of The Mother or the Book of Faith 137
15 The Center Truth of Savitri or The Mother or The Book of Love 142
16 The Book of Bliss 179
17 The Post Thesis 200

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