Divine Experiences(Sri Krishna The Lord of Guruvayur)

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Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan
Author: K.R. Vaidyanathan
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 8172762839
Pages: 300 (17 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Author

Shri K.R. Vaidanathan, a retired senior commercial officer Central Railway is well known to readers through his earlier works – Sri Krishna, the Lord of Guruvayur, Pilgrimage to Sobari and Temples and Legends of Kerala, published by the Bhavan.

For the past two decades, Sri Guruvayurappan Sankeerthana Trust, Guruvayur has been publishing in its mostly, real experiences of devotees in Malayalam. These make inspiring reading but catered only to Malayalam Knowing devotees.

In the present work, Shri Vaidyanathan has attempted to render over hundred stories in English to cater to a wide public.



The glory of the Lord of Guruvayur or Guruvayurappan, as the deity is popularly known, has spread far and wide as the God who answers the prayers of his devotees.

The Lord said to Arjuna in the Gita: "I am responsible for the welfare of those who remain devoted to me all the time". Thus it is that Guruvayurappan comes to the rescue of his devotees in distress and manifests his grace in infinite and inscrutable ways.

Those who have been blessed by the Lord range from saints and savants like Meppathur Narayana Bhattatiri, the author of the famous "Narayaneeyam" and Poontanam Nambudiri of Jnanappana (Song of wisdom) fame to ordinary mortals who not only find an answer to the problems of day to day life but also develop devotional love for the Lord.

Guruvayur has also produced several preachers of divine glory, verily transporting the listeners to a blissful firmament of devotion where one forgets the cares and sorrows of the everyday world and is attuned to the Lotus feet of the Lord. Among the names of such scholar devotees who lighted the lamp of devotion in many a home was Shri Anjam Madhavan Nambudiri (1918 - 1988). He held vast audience spellbound by his inimitable discourses on Bhagavata and the glory of Namasankirtan.

Author of several books and editor of "Sri Guruvayurappan" Malayalam monthly magazine till his death, and founder of Sri Guruvayurappan Sankeerthana Trust, bhakti was the breath of his life and burden of all his discourses and writings. His seven-day Bhagavata discourse was a veritable treat to listeners.

For the past two decades, "Sri Guruvayurappan" magazine has been publishing almost every month real experiences of Bhagavan's grace narrated by readers. These make inspiring reading and have helped in shaping the faith of the devotees in the lord.

Over a hundred of these stories were brought out in a book form by Shri Anjam himself in 1984. However, these, and other miracle stories published subsequently catered only to Malayalam knowing devotees. Shri Anjam himself felt when he was alive that an English translation of these stories would cater to a wide public. Hence this attempt to bring out a select number of stories in English.

The translator is grateful to author of all the stories Published in this volume, and to Sree Guruvayurappan Sankeerthana Trust, Guruvayur for permission to bring out this volume and to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan for Publishing it.




1 Saved from extreme danger 1
2 Amputation averted 2
3 The Lord Heard my prayers 4
4 Cured the incurable 6
5 No one to look up to except the Lord 8
6 When cinema was mistaken for krishnanattam 11
7 The Lord is witness to every event 13
8 The glory of God's name 15
9 Narayaneeyam saved my child 17
10 Involved in serious accident yet no injury 18
11 Sickly child turns into successful mean 20
12 Injustice in promotion averted 22
13 Extreme kindness of God 25
14 Lost found and delivered by tender hands 29
15 Lost and found 31
16 Saved from the jaws of death 33
17 That lingering taste of prasadam meal 34
18 Varahamurti saved us 36
19 Lord's Names – A divine medicine 38
20 A long wait for darshan 40
21 The Thulabharam test 41
22 It was all Lord's kindness towards his devotees 43
23 Unforgettable miracle of the Lord 46
24 Efficacy of namajapa 47
25 The Lord's grace in mid-sea 49
26 Started walking miraculously 51
27 Unni Krishna, their constant companion 53
28 Relief from incurable headache 57
29 Infinite grace of God 58
30 Extreme kindness of the Lord 61
31 Unknown escort 62
32 Resort to namajapa in crisis 65
33 Rickshaw knocked her down yet safe 67
34 An unforgettable incident 68
35 Miraculous escape from death 71
36 The grace of God Then, today and always 73
37 Immense grace of Guruvayurappan 77
38 Lost and found all the articles 80
39 Saved from cancer T.B 82
40 Let my tongue go on chanting Lord's names 84
41 Cured only by Guruvayurappan's grace 87
42 Remembering Hari saves from all dangers 90
43 House burgled but nothing lost 91
44 Namajapa cured the Child 94
45 Speech defect rectified by namajapa 96
46 Amputation averted 98
47 The incident I can't forget 100
48 Relieved of acute toothache 102
49 The Lord is with us at every step 104
50 The lord saved us when the car crashed 106
51 Namasankirtan divine medicine 108
52 Narayaneeyam to our rescue 110
53 Prasadam aplenty 112
54 When medicines and mantras fail 114
55 Miraculous escape from bus accident 118
56 Namajapa became a habit with me 121
57 Our prayers were answered 124
58 Bent head straightened 127
59 Miraculous escape from death 128
60 The Lord will not abandon you 132
61 Guruvayurappan is not just an idol 134
62 The mysterious appam prasadam 137
63 Lost eye sight restored 140
64 Relieved of asthma problem 142
65 Experiencing God's grace 144
66 Reinforcing fait in God 147
67 Sheer grace of god 149
68 The glory of Lord's Prasad 151
69 Leelas of Guruvayurappan 152
70 A blessing in disguise 156
71 Respite from extreme illness 159
72 A memorable night 163
73 The lord saved us from bomb attack 165
74 Namajapa exorcized evil spirits 167
75 The lord cured it without surgery 168
76 A miraculous cure 171
77 Tumour which was not tumour 174
78 The lord always gives you a helping hand 177
79 The lord fulfils trip to Triprayar 180
80 It was not cancer 182
81 The unknown rescuer 185
82 Attained the lord's feet after writing this piece 187
83 When life is in danger 189
84 Sanctified oil cures rheumatism 190
85 When the Lord appeared in the form of serpent 192
86 Guruvayurappan's children 195
87 The incident I cannot forget 197
88 The infinite mercy of the Lord 199
89 How incurable disease disappeared 201
90 Lord's representative attends wedding 202
91 Astrology could not seal her fate 204
92 Saved us from a precipitous situation 205
93 Trauma in train journey 207
94 Buying Bagavatam from Bhagavan 209
95 My sole refuge is Bhagavan 211
96 Saved from instant death 213
97 Cured the incurable 215
98 Resort to him for solace 217
99 God saved us in the nick of time 219
100 Lord is their refuge 221
101 The Lord's mercy at every step 223
102 Major operation averted 224
103 The devotee is never forsaken 227
104 Lord's special blessing 228
105 Unbearable pain cured 230
106 A towel in the stomach 232
107 God will never forsake his devotee 233
108 Wall collapsed, but we were safe 236
109 When stranded in unknown isolated place 238
110 Sree Guruvayurpuresa saranam 240
111 Remembrance of things past 242
112 Prayer is more powerful than medicine 246
113 One Who saves us from danger 248
114 Medicine and prayers cured me 250
115 Lost and found 252
116 The lord was my sole refuge 253
117 Impossible made possible 256
118 The Lord's Prasad 258
119 The lump that disappeared 260
120 Indescribable glory of the lord 264
121 The hands that pulled us from death 267
122 God's grace 269
123 The lord's extreme kindness 271
124 How I realised the Glory of the Lord 273
125 Extreme mercy of the Lord 274
126 Guruvayurappan's blessing 278
127 The invincible hands that pulled me from danger 280
128 Experiencing God 282
129 Lord's devotee is never destroyed 284

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