Ear: The Switchboard of Your Body

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Author: Dr. Rama Venkataraman
Publisher: Srikunj Sadbhavana Manch
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788182650213
Pages: 119 (49 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

Among the many reflexology parts a human body has, ear is most unique and significant.

Ear is rich in nerve endings and placed at outer rim of the skull, vibrating with energy. In the ear body’s representation corresponds to a child in mother’s womb, curled in an upside down manner. Because of this the ear cure mechanism is also effective in curing problems originated in the womb.

Ear acts like the body’s radar reflecting its working precisely. When these reflex points are activated the sensitive ear nerves carry the return cure reflexes as electromagnetic waves to the organs and body parts, the body responds quickly and diseases are cured.

This is a wonderful effective nature cure through its remote control operation.

This book will serve as a guide to variety of readers especially those interested in traditional medicine and healing systems.

From the Author

Dr. (Mrs) Rama Venkataraman, an M.D. in acupuncture, has been serving in the field of alternative medicines for over three decades and has brought relief to large number of patients. She also has to her credit several easy-to understand books in the sphere of energy dynamics.

She is also a doctorate in Environmental Sociology. The other publications to her credit are Dramatic Version of the Seven Major Upanisads; Ladakh —A Himalayan Treasure, a socio-cultural book dealing with tourism aspects.

Auriculotherapy wherein the whole body is treated in a single appendage — the Ear — had fascinated me from the time I was introduced to it some years back. Further visible clear proof of it came when I used it on the patients and started getting instant results.

My experience has been compounded with other professionals in the field like Prof. Dr P.B. Lohiya and Prof. Dr Anton Jayasuriya and other colleagues of mine who had been reporting excellent therapeutic results by stimulating ear points either by needle or by other ingenious methods like applying seeds, electronic point finder and stimulator machines or simple massage.

This is a most simplistic, effective, natural mode of treatment and is within the reach of every human being. I felt if this system be popularised and modalities of treatment understood clearly, it can be of immense benefit and an answer for the multitude of suffering humanity.

This in fact was an ancient system of cure used in the Eastern countries like China, Japan, Korea and to some extent in India too many centuries ago. Here we are only reviving the old knowledge.

This book is a humble endeavour to present the information with clarity and with a number of easy-to-understand diagrams.

Accepting the information with open mind will without fail augur results. I always tell my students if human mind can invent a remote to work the T.V., is it not possible for the Almighty to give us a remote in the Ear to operate the body.

I was assisted in my work by Mr Malik in computer graphics and in drawings by artist Mr S.D. Shellar and Mr Chandrashekhar Patil. The proofreading work was assisted by Mrs Radha Bhat. The cover design was assisted by Mr Niraj Chaturvedi.

In this endeavour of mine I got my inspiration from my students who showed keen interest in knowing the Ear therapeutics. I dedicate this to my students and patients who have been my constant source of inspiration in understanding this subtle science — a God-given gift for the welfare of humanity.


Our body is replete with wonders. The intricate working of the body mechanism is not easy to grapple and understand for laymen and scientists alike. If all the riddles of the body can be understood by dissection, analysis, and logic alone then all the health problems of the body would have been long before solved and our cities won’t be crammed with so many medicos, hospitals, and scientists with their health potions eternally trying to find answers to our health problems. However, if we turn our antenna slightly and take a note of our body’s own mechanism of healing itself, we would be lot more benefited.

Have you ever wondered when you press your palm, finger as well as the body surface, there are certain parts which are more tender and painful in comparison to others. These are the response points in our body. They are the body’s unique signal mechanism giving us the message, that a corresponding part inside the body is not in working order. If we only take the cue and understand the body language we will have diagnosis and the cure within our reach, a mechanism of cure much ampler and easy to use than applying human logic to every problem and solve it by pills and vials. Further these points act n a fine-tuning control mechanism gearing the body to ideal health as it starts slipping, akin to a stitch in time saving nine. Thus these tender signalling points act as a preventive control saving the body from slipping to any severe lapse in its upkeep.

It would be wonderful if people get a working knowledge of the sensitive points designed by nature and understand their relations to the vital organs of our body to keep themselves in perpetual good health.

Among the signal points in the body ear has a unique place. Ear with its numerous nerve endings is a very sensitive part of the anatomy. In the ear, body is represented in an upside down position like the child in the womb. Ear being a small area it is easily accessible and well responds to treatment. Many countries around the globe are getting wise to this mode of healing the body, that is, stimulating the corresponding ear points for improving the body’s working. Here is the opportunity for us to learn and understand as to how ear acts as the switchboard of the body.


1.Ear the Reflector of Your Body1
Important Nerve and Blood Supply to Ear1
Important Reflex Points of the Ear3
Representation of the Body in the Ear5
Structure of the Ear7
2.Representation of Body Parts9
Anti-Helix and Anti-tragus12
The Triangular Deltoid Fossa22
Cavum Conchae (Supra-tragic Notch, Inter-tragic Notch)27
Mouth, Oesophagus, Cardiac Orifice and Part of Stomach28
Cymba Conchae32
The Back of the Ear38
3.Important Therapeutic Points41
The Primary Master Points41
Secondary Master Points43
Endocrine Glands46
4.The Chinese Functional Meridian Points51
Small Intestine55
Large Intestine56
Gall Bladder56
Urinary Bladder57
5.Five-Element Concept59
Five Elements59
Creative Cycle62
Controlling Cycle63
Anti-Creative Cycle64
Anti-Controlling Cycle65
Examination of the Ear67
Use of Different Probes69
Modalities of Treatment70
Evaluating the Treatment Points74
Physiognomy of the Ear77
7. Treaments79
Treatment for Disorders79
Kidney and Urinary86
Back Pain and Arthritis88
Neurological Pain89
Glandular and Sexual92
Skin and Allergies94
Migraine and Headache94
8.Case Histories99
9.Organ Map in The Ear107
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