Gandhi in Cartoons

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Item Code: IDE243
Publisher: Navjivan Publishing House
Language: English
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 817229235X
Pages: 238 (117 B & W Cartoons)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 7.5" X 9.0"
Weight 560 gm
Fully insured
Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
From the Jacket:

Hundreds of cartoons on Gandhi appeared in this lifetime all over the world. Those included are neither exhaustive nor conclusive in representing the way Gandhi was portrayed. Hardly ny country's Press failed to notice him.

Gandhi was often the butt of cartoonists who looked at the world from the angle of the white man's mission of "civilizing" the non-whites. As often, those who came to scoff remained to pray.

Perhaps this book provides an easy and every effective medium for understanding the evolution of Gandhi as a politician - saint and the impact he made on the history of India and of the human race.

This compilation of 112 cartoons drawn by famous cartoonists, foreign and Indian, should help to make future generations believe that such a one did walk upon this earth. Indeed, his flesh and his figure seemed ideally suited for their brush and imagination.


Publishers Note5
Passive resistance in the Transvaal (Sunday Times)16-17
The Finger-Prit Question18-19
The Transvaal and the Tiger20-21
Hawking without Permits22-23
Power of Deportation24-25
Removing the Heads (Sunday Times)26-27
Gandhi in 190728-29
The Passive Resistor (Rand Daily Mail)30-31
Playing with Fire32-33
The Babe of Peace and the Tail and the Tiger (Punch)34-35
Tug-of-war in the Transvaal 36-37
Exampli Gratia 38-39
We Hear they Want More 40-41
The Birth of Swadeshi 42-43
Indian Cup Final (Evening Standard)44-45
Gandhis Ten Commandments 46-47
Alley-Oop! 48-49
Gandhi in the Lions Den (Simplicissiums) 50-51
America Sees Passive Resistance 52-53
A Clash of Two Forces54-55
Gandhi & Co., Salt56-57
Gandhi (Kaldderadatsch) 58-59
Gandhi Goes to 'War' (Prague Press)60-61
Move Over62-63
Exchange of Condiments on Dandi Seashore64-65
Midnight Arrest68-69
The British Lion Shows His Claws70-71
Hitting England on the Fatal Spot (Simplicissimus) and Gandhi's Little Game (Guerin Meschina)72-73
The Ghost Walks in India (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) 74-75
Baiting the Lion76-77
Indian Conference (Evening Standard)78-79
The Three Monkeys80-81
The Russian Propagandhi (Daily Express)82-83
Salting the Tail
The Unwilling Policeman (Evening Standard)
The Peacemaker90-91
Passing Shadows (Evening Standard)92-93
Mr. Gandhi and Goats94-95
Goosy, Goosy, Gandhi, Where Do You Wander? (Evening Standard)96-97
Spinning a Web98-99
Nothing to Declare (Life)100-101
Change of Garb102-103
To the Conference (Evening Standard)104-105
Boating on the Thames (Evening Standard)106-107
A Sketch of Gandhi, London108-109
Seats on the Mighty (Morning Post)110-111
See Britain First (Evening Standard)112-113
Experiment with Mahatma Gandhi114-115
Meet the King116-117
The Fruits of Victory118-119
Merrie Christmas120-121
A Ghost Goes Home (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)122-123
The Shirted and shirtless (Auckland Star)124-125
Burden of the Great Soul (Free Press Journal)126-127
Mahatma Gandhi (Free Press Journal) 128-129
Willingdon Fasts (Evening Standard)130-131
Lord Willingdon's Dilemma (Hindustan Times)132-133
Popularity Parade (Review of Reviews)134-135
Room for All (Hindustan Times)136-137
Behind Prison Bars (Evening Standard) 138-139
One Way of Settling140-141
If One Can Change, Why Not the Other? (Poineer)142-143
Modest Request (Poineer)144-145
Kindly Thought (Poineer)146-147
Mahatma's Piece Mission (Poineer)148-149
The Intruder (Hindustan Times)150-151
Micky Mouse (Civil and Military Gazette)152-153
A Tandem Offer (Hindustan Times)154-155
One to Many? (Hindustan Times)156-157
Ready with the Answer (Hindustan Times)158-159
The Elephant Never Forgets160-161
Round and Round (Hindustan Times)162-163
Chain Talking? (Hindustan Times)164-165
Beat it if you can166-167
Freedom of Speech (Hindustan Times)168-169
In Situ (Hindustan Times)170-171
Cyclone at Wardha (Janmabhoomi)172-173
India - A Chessboard (Janmabhoomi)174-175
God is my Saviour (Janmabhoomi)176-177
Read the Signs (Janmabhoomi)178-179
The Break-up (Hindustan Times)180-181
Indian Rope Trick 182-183
Just out of Reach (Hindustan Times)184-185
Waiting for the Rope Trick (Hindustan Times)186-187
Join Up 188-189
With Mask of (Hindustan Times)190-191
Is It Me? (Hindustan Times)192-193
The Accusing Robbers (Janmabhoomi)194-195
War of Nerves (Dawn)196-197
The Reluctant Dragon (Dawn)198-199
Your Shout, Partner (Dawn)200-201
Love's Labour Lost (Dawn)202-203
The Outer Voice (Dawn)204-205
Non-violence Our Street Anchor (Hindustan Times)206-207
Simla, not Mt. Everest (Hindustan Times)208-209
Waiting for News (Janmabhoomi)210-211
The Deserter (Janmabhoomi)212-213
A Volcano at Simla (Janmabhoomi)214-215
Nuts to Crack216-217
Holding Up the Train (Hindustan Times)218-219
Advice to The Chiefs (Janmabhoomi)220-221
Danger Signal (Hindustan Times)222-223
Can We Help? (Hindustan Times)224-225
Have Your Got It? (Hindustan Times)226-227
Who Wants Pakistan (Hindustan Times)228-229
Do Not Forget to Fly (National Herald)230-231
Pilgrim of Eternity (National Herald)232-233
Our Heritage (National Herald)234-235
The Martyr (Pioneer)236-237
All This in His Name! (Desh)238-239

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