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Gems and Precious Stones (A Detailed and Comprehensive Book for Anyone Interested in the Study of Gemstones)

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Author: Neela R. Gopal
Publisher: Manoj Publications, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788131012291
Pages: 244 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Gemstones have attracted humankind since ancient times, and have long been used for jewellery and Astrology. The prime requisite for a gem is that it must be beautiful. The beauty may lie in colour or lack of colour, it must be beautiful. The beauty may lie in colour or lack of colour, in the latter case, extreme limpidity and ‘fire’ may provide the attraction. A gem must also be durable to withstand the wear and tear of constant handling.

Diamonds have traditionally been the most highly prized Precious stones, varying in colour from yellow to bluish white and sometimes reaching enormous size. Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires are other precious used for jewellery.

Amber, Pearls and Corals though are Organic stones but usually considered as gemstones.

In recent times various kinds of synthetic gems, including rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, have been produced. Two method of fabrication are currently employed, one involving crystal growth from solution and the other growth from melts.

Gems were regarded by many civilizations as miraculous and endowed with mysterious powers. Different stones were endowed with different and sometimes overlapping attributes.


The Analysis of an astrological chart often merely limits itself to study of planetry significations and their outcome. The important subject of concern is whether the planetary significations in a horoscope can be modified or changed. The debate is regarding the role of Fate versus Freewill.

Ashwameva bhoktabyang kartumkritang shubhashubham

Atyuikataanang papaanaang, ihoieva phalam ashtutey

The above shloka implies that the future gets transformed into karma yet inevitable future cannot transform at all. Destiny is of two types : fixed and fluctuating. The fixed destiny covers important matters in life viz. Birth, death, Marriage, Children and finance. We cannot matters remedial measures may be able to make some difference in case of planetary afflictions. If all remedial measures were to work at all times and to the fullest extent, there would be no miseries and suffering on this earth. Ultimately, these miseries and suffering on this earth. Ultimately, these miseries and sorrows which affect human beings are as a direct result of the individual karma of the human being in past lives. We should act and behave in our present life so that our deeds are righteous or else they will pave way for a bleak future.

There are different means employed for remedies such as mantras, worship of deities, rituals, yantras, use of colours, gems, herbs etc. The study undertaken by the author here is regarding the use of gemstones as a remedy and is inclusive of detailed description of their properties.

From the most ancient times, human beings have been using gems for decorative as well as healing purposes. These gems are associated with different planets. They are unlimited store of cosmic rays of certain colour, through which the vibrations of the planet associated with it can be obtained and hence the traits of that planet can be further strengthened. It is important to ascertain the benefic and malefic planets for a particular ascendant wearing a gemstone. The wrong choice of gems can be harmful and cause adverse results. Maharshi Charak said in Charak Samhita that the divine therapy of curing body ailments consist of such practices as reciting and having trust in mantras, wearing medicinal talisman, wearing gems, doing welfare jobs, offering oblations to fire, fasting etc. If medicines do not work then gem therapy should be used to appease the concerned planets.

What needs to be noted is the fact that the use of gemstones is not the only remedial measure but there are other measures like use of herbs, yantra, chanting of mantras etc. In the recent past Dowsing, Tele Therapy, Hypnotism, Kirlian Photography etc have also been added in the range of remedial measures. This book attempts to provide information regarding various gems in a simple and lucid manner hoping to satisfy the queries of inquisitive readers. The publisher of this book deserves praise for bringing out this book.


A fabric of subjective and objective properties, fact and fantasy, sensations, fashions, superstition, and reality; celebrated by poetic and studied by scientific, depicted by artists and worn by the fair sex, symbol of power and wealth, produc of the miner’s toil and the craftsman’s skill – a previous stone is all this – sometimes which has defied the passage of time and will surely continue to fascinate future generations: a thing of beauty… A precious stone is a rare, hard stone. The four characteristic – rarity, hardness, natural origin, and beauty- together with chemical resistance, all constitute an acceptable definition of a precious stone.

Curzio Capriani and Alessandro Borelli

Brihut Samhita of Varah Mihira was a precursor in the study of Gems in ancient India. In ancient India gems were used in the form of Bhasmas and Pishties for the treatment of various diseases and to maintain sound health. Gemstones are found universally in variety of colours. They are rare natural minerals with high density and resistance. The Gemstones include some animal and vegetable products with precious characteristics, such as amber, pearls, and coral. A gemstone has unique and beautiful appearance as described,

Iridescence, opalescence, asterism (the exhibition of a star- shapedfigure in reflected light), chatoyance (the exhibition of a changeable luster and a narrow, undulating band of white light), pattern, and lustre are other features that may make a gemstone beautiful.

Possession of gems has always been considered as a sign of wealth and prosperity since time immemorial.

Countless magical and medicinal properties have been assigned to precious stones since the ancient times like:


  • Diamond gave against drunkenness

  • Amethyst stopped nosebleed and conferred invisibility

  • Sapphire enabled the wearer to escape from prison. Thus Gemstones have been considered useful for the following:

  • Increasingly wealth, power and popularity

  • Preventing diseases, evils and disasters

    The discovery of gems dates back to pre-historic period and there are references in Indian Puranas and mythology about various precious gems those were being amassed and formed part of the treasury of the Emperors. The award for any exemplary achievement either in warfare or in fine arts were rewarded by gifts of precious stones. However it was not until the development of the modern science and chemistry the chemical properties of these natural stones were made known to the society and scientific testing of the stones originated. Further it also came to light that the gems are store houses of abundant energy. The colour and the energy vibrations of different frequencies contained in these stones act as substitutes of human body elements the imbalance of which causes diseases both physiological and psychological. Though the identification and the grading of the gems was once through the most crude and conventional way of close examination and observation by the human eyes, today there are scientific gem testing labs throughout the world where the grade and genuineness of the gems are scientifically tested.

    The effects of the various organic gemstones in the human body were experimented by the late astrologers and native medicos and stunning results were observed. The effect of gems is basically throughout the energy vibrations it creates when worn in the body and also through its colour. It may not be irrelevant here to mention the system of colour therapy to cure disease and also the applications of colour concept in various other psychic healing techniques. The various frequencies of energy vibrations emitted by the organic Gemstones have been scientifically proved and documented They vary from gem and compare well with the energy vibrations needed to offset the imbalance produced in the human body by the deficiency or otherwise of the vial elements. The deficiency of the ‘Panchabootha’ of the basic five elements viz. Earth of Doshas fire, Water and Ether results in the three types of Doshas (Classification of human body chemistry in Ayurveda) viz Vaata, Pitta, and Kapha.


    Forword 5
    Introduction 7
    Garnet Group , Chemical Composition , Crystal , Optical Characteristics , Optic Character , Refractive Index ,Birefringence , Dispersion , Fluorescence , Phosphore scence, Clarity , Specific Gravity , Cleavage and Fracture , Hardness Durability , Magnetism and Electricity , Thermal Conductivity, Luminescence , Luster , Refraction , Dispersion , Pleochroism, Fashioning a Gemstone , Brilliant-Cuts , Step--Cuts , Mixed- Cuts , Fancy-Cuts , Polishing , Properties of Gemstones  
    References From The West 31
    Mythical Powers of Various Gemstones  
    References Of The Vedic Period 39
    Gems of Swarga Loka , Gems of Patala Loka , Gems of Mrityu Loka , Nav Ratnas , Maha Ratnas  
    Ruby 50
    Pearl 60
    Natural Oyster Pearl (Chandra Mani) , Snake Head Pearl (Nag o Mani) , Boar Head Pearl (Varaha Mani) , Elephant Head Pearl (Gaja Mani) , Ancient Fish Head Pearl (Matsya Mani) , Bamboo Stem Pearl (Venu Mani) , Tree Trunk Pearl (Vriksha Mani) Cloud Pearl (Megha Mani) , Conch Shell Mani) Pearl (Shankha  
    Emerald 70
    Sapphire , Yellow Saphire  
    Diamond 87
    Zircon 92
    Cat's Eye 95
    Rudraksha 98
    The Rudraksha Fruits , Varieties Of Rudraksha  
    Semi Precious Stones 108
    Amber , Beryls , AIexandrite , Moonstone , Spinel , Jade and Nephrite , Quartz , Rose Quartz , Smoky Quartz , Tiger's Eye, Rock Crystal , Chalcedonies , Lapis Lazuli , Agate , Onyx, Bloodstone , Jasper , Amethyst , Aquamarine , Topaz, Tourmaline , Turquoise , Garnet , Pyrope Garnet , Opals Fire Opal , Peridot , Citrine  
    Zodiac Signs Planets And Gems 158
    Gems at Glance , Sun , Moon , Mars , Mercury , Jupiter Venus , Saturn , Ruby , Pearl , Red Coral , Emerald , Yellow Sapphire , Diamond , Blue Sapphire , Sapta Ratna or Seven Jewels Nav Ratnas , Basis of Selection of Gems , Vedic Sun Sign Date of Birth , Weekday of Birth , Ascendant , Planetary Periods  
    Gems For Health 212
    A yurvedic Birthstone Charts , Coloured Deseases , Curative Gems for Diseases  
    Gemstones : Rituals And Recommendations 232
    Rituals for Wearing Ruby , Rituals for Wearing Pearl , Rituals for Wearing Red Coral , Rituals for Wearing Emerald , Rituals for Wearing Yellow Sapphire , Rituals for Wearing Diamonds Rituals for Wearing Blue Sapphire , Rituals for Wearing Gamet Rituals for Wearing Car's Eye Rituals for Wearing Navratna Ring  

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