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God Universe and Man (The Holy Quran and The Hereafter)

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Author: Fateh Ullah Khan
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Language: English
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 8171512666
Pages: 384
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About the Book


This book is the result of through contemplation of the author, Engr, Fateh Ullah Khan a Civil Engineer from Aligarh Muslim University. He discovered that the allegorical sense and substance of the relevant Qur’anic revelations correspond to many of the latest scientific discoveries made by the 20th Century man.


He discovered a great similarity of all knowledge of all natural sciences, describing the physical universe and man with the Qur’anic verse revealed 400 years ago when there was absolutely no knowledge of natural sciences and the people were ignorant. According to him these facts directly lead man to the logical conclusions that the Holy Quar’an is Word of Allah, beyond doubt and that the creation of the physical universe and all its objects along with man himself are His portents and tokens, so that, by his knowledge, meditation and faith, man could derive wisdom from the marvels of the creation of Allah. The author says that the Holy Qur’an to his message to all mankind for guidance and to informa and of the reality of the ‘hereafter’ i.e eternity of life after death. The book is an understanding challenges indeed, to the inquiry mind. The reader will certainly be intrigued by it. It consist of pages 384, 17 Chapters followed by the Essence of Conclusion, Biography and Index.


About the Author


The author was born on August 28, 1925 at Kulachi, District Dera Ismail Khan (N. W.F.P.) and is the son of Doctor Abdullah Khan. He has studied up to B.A. (Physics, Mathematics) at Islamia College Peshawar and has graduated with distinction in Civil Engineering from Muslim Univesity, Aligarh in 1947. The Author is M.ASCE (USA) and FIE Pakistan.




This book is addressed to the entire mankind, specially to the Scientists and Thinkers, the Religious Heads and the Heads of all Nations of the World who are cordially invited to read it with open mind and ponder over the absolute Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge, Informations and Guidance of the Glorious Quran, the divine Message of God from beyond the seven heavens, revealed on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the mercy and guidance of mankind 1400 years ago. The Holy Quran reveals miracles of physical truths and scientific facts recently uncovered about the physical universe and man and reveals wonders of the Hereafter’ or the Metaphysical truths beyond the comprehension and understanding of man. It is found that all established laws of science are in complete similarity with the Holy Quran describing the universe and man. The heavenly Quran gives its proof that it is not man-made and that it cannot be man-made. The Holy Quran reveals that there is the Creator Who is Allah, the One God and Lord of the Worlds and of mankind:


This presentation attempts to explain and analyse along scientific lines, the tremendous sense and wisdom contained in allegory in the verses of the Holy Quran in the context of modern knowledge of science at the level of Black holes, particle physics, singularity arid zero volume. Molecular and Cell Biology, RNA DNA. Chromosomes, Genetics, Exo-biology and Eschatology. It is surprising to find miraculous similarity and congruity of science in all its disciplines and branches with the Holy Quran in respect of the creation, evolution and the ‘Doomsday’ of the universe or the Catastrophic Collapse of universe and on the origin of life and the first creation of man (Adam) in Paradise beyond the earth and then the divine broadcast of Adam and his race to earth where they are (sown) seeded on earth to grow as a growth from the earth by the process of reproduction and to undergo development through the process of the normal universal physical laws and the multiplication of Adam’s race on earth which is fixed as the abode of man till an appointed period of the ‘Doomsday’ or the gravitational collapse of the universe to nothing.


In this book, the author (who is a Civil Engineer by profession) has analysed just a few Holy verses in the context of science as it is a colossal task for various teams of scientists and experts to work over long periods for the study and analysis of all such verses of the Holy Quran which specifically reveal the science of-creation of universe and man either in allegory or in direct form and the purpose of the creation of man and the universe and reveal about the reality of life after death i.e. the Hereafter.


The book further explains the similarity of the science of Exobiology and the reality of the existence of extra-terrestrial life in the boundless and inviolable universe as is revealed in the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran reveals the existence of life in an absolutely different form and different environment created out of different substances. It reveals the reality of the existence of invisible creature, the jinn, an intelligent living creation parallel to man, but in absolutely different shape and life supporting zone. This is besides the existence of invisible Angels having two wings or dimensions or power, to multi-dimensional angels which freely move and cross the barriers of the physical and metaphysical universe by the Command of God. In addition to the above, the Quran reveals that there is extra-terrestrial life in the universe where different languages are spoken. However man is preferred above many of those whom God created with a marked preferment. God created man and perfected him with a soul and gave him the ability of thinking and intelligence and inspired him with conscience to choose the path of his conduct and to distinguish between the right and the wrong.


The book explains to the reader to know the Creator of the heavens and the earth (Allah) from His infinite attributes and from His. Infinite Creative and Obliterative Powers through sound knowledge of physical matter and other sciences and faith and through the study of the physical universe and its visible and invisible objects and of man himself, in the light of the revelations of the Holy Quran. The created objects and the creatures serve as the portents and marvels of the Creator. Allah, The Holy Quran is full of wisdom. Knowledge, information and guidance and is a document full of miraculous revelations revealing the ultimate reality of the existence of Allah as the ‘Creator of all creations. Allah is the Omnipresent, the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Omnificent, the Omnific, the Living, the Eternal, the One and the Doer of what He will.


The complete similarity of science in all its branches with the Holy Quran revealed 1400 years ago conspicuously and vividly indicates beyond all doubts that the Holy Quran is a divine message, the word of God for man and is not man-made and cannot be man- made. Science has hardly a beginning of less than 500 years and modern science less than one hundred years but miraculously all modern discoveries and inventions are already present in the Holy Quran either in allegory or in direct form.


The truthful Quran the Message of God, further reveals and teaches man to have faith in the unseen and in the invisible which lie beyond the understanding capability of man - as man’s knowledge is limited and he is created so and is a creature on earth where he is subjected to unlimited physical limitations and barriers in the inviolable universe. Man cannot encompass realities beyond his limited capacity and limited power of understanding and knowledge. The Creator has therefore revealed the Holy Quran for the knowledge, information and guidance of man to know his Creator and to know the physical universe and man and to know the metaphysical world of the ‘Hereafter’ and to know the purpose of man’s creation on earth for an appointed period. Thus, absolute faith and belief in the revelation of the Holy Quran, which is the Word of God and the belief in the unseen and in the invisible of the Holy Quran are among the fundamental doctrines of Islam and are the teachings of the Holy Quran, which lead man to know Allah and to know His message and His Messenger and to know the purpose of man’s creation and to know the doctrines of Eschatology. Man must have unflinching faith in these fundamental doctrines as revealed in the divine message. Man’s knowledge of physical sciences with his inspired conscience and faith all together are in consonance with the truth described by the Quran in respect of the mysterious physical universe and man and its mysterious objects like black holes’ and ‘DNA’ etc. This clearly indicates and leads to the belief that the Quran is obviously a divine message from God to man for his guidance. The Quran guides and teaches about the nature of the physical universe and man and about life and death and about life after death’. The Quran spans the two worlds in knowledge and informs man about his Creator and the purpose of man’s creation.


Similarly and also by inferences, the doctrines of Eschatology of the Quran i.e. (death, resurrection, accountability, judgement and immortality in the Hereafter) are true and are necessary for requital to complete the mission for the creation of man. Man’s knowledge of sciences, his common sense and his inspired conscience in the light of the Quran develops his faith and lead man to believe in the reality of the doctrines of Eschatology. Life after death starts on the resurrection of man in the Hereafter. His accountability and trial as a requital for his deeds, shall take place and a judgement announced accordingly. Man shall become immortal’ in the Hereafter and shall stay there eternally.


The Hereafter is a wonderful world, very pleasing and a world of unimaginable happy state. The Holy Quran gives the concept, the certainty and the reality of life after death’, i.e. of the Hereafter, an immortal world and a world of Eternity, happiness and a place of abundance where man will get all that for which his soul desires. The universe and man as such, are not created in play by the Creator.

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