Gods and Goddesses of India: Saraswati

Gods and Goddesses of India: Saraswati

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Item Code: NAB083
Author: B.K.Chaturvedi
Publisher: Books for All
Language: English
Edition: 1996
ISBN: 8173861471
Pages: 95 (Col. illus.:1 & B&W. illus.: 1)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.1" x 4.8"
Goddess Saraswati the only Goddess of the Hindu Pantheon who is devoid of any negative attribute. She is like that mythical river of the same name, flowing calmly and unhurriedly and nourishing the devout with its sererity and profundity in a most peaceful way. She is the repository of wisdom and knowledge; she is the origin of all letters and the fount of all creativity.

This book encompasses all the attributes of this most noble Goddess in a lucid and engrossing style along with all the famous hymns composed in her honour with their translations in Hindi and English. This is for the first time probably that this tiny volume contains all the known and unknown myths and legends about the Goddess including the brief analysis about the source and the course of flow of it in the river form. Did it ever meet the confluence of the two famous rivers: the Ganga and the Jamuna at Sangam? Which sea it eventually merged itself with? Answer to all the questions with their cogent explanations make this book somewhat unique. A must for every seeker of truth; the food for thought for every awakened mind.

About the Author:

displaybooks.php3?searchval=B.K.+Chaturvedi&pagecount=1&searchmodifier=allwords&limitfields=all&subcatsearch=all&minprice=0&maxprice=1000000&archive=0" target="_blank" class="bodylink">Dr. B.K. Chaturvedi was born in a village, Holipura (Agra, U.P.) on 3rd August 1945 in a reputed family, he had his education in Allahabad (M.Sc.) and Bangalore. Having served for a couple of year in HMT, he is now a freelance author, journalist and poet in New Delhi for about two decades. He has many articles/ poems/books published in both Hindi and English to his credit. Prominent among them is mattered verse translation in English the famous epic of modern Hindi: Kamayani. He has also rendered ' Srimadbhagawat Gita' and ' Sriramcharitamanas' into English. A prolific writer, he often writes for TV and Radio.

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