A Guide to Nizamu-d Din

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Author: Maulvi Zafar Husan
Publisher: Archaeological Survey of India
Language: English
Edition: 1998
Pages: 78, (21 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
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This monograph is an attempt to give a descriptive and historical account of the chief monuments in the group of buildings found within the enclosure of the village of Nizamu-d Din, as well as brief biographical notices of the saint and other important personages who lie buried there, and whose tombs have noticed. It is difficult to relate the history of a saint without legends, and here been noticed. It is difficult to relate the history of a saint without legends, and here also a few of the legendary accounts, which testify to the miraculous powers of the saint, have been narrated, but they have been confined to only those which are of a historical nature and, in most cases, have been referred to in authentic historical records. Some of the authorities quoted here are quite rare, not noticed before in any of the publications dealing with the shrine of Shaikh Nizamu-d Din, and they throw additional light on its history.

My best thanks are due to Mr. J.A. Page, A.R.I.B.A., Superintendent, Muhammadan and British Monuments, Northern Circle, who kindly arranged to supply me with the plan and photographs. I should also acknowledge with thanks the valuable assistance of Maulvi Ashfaq Ali in collecting material for this monograph.




Biography of Shaikh Nizamu-D Din 1
His ancestors, 1 ; his birth,  
1 ; his departure to Dehli,  
2 ; bocomes disciple of Shaikh Faridu-d Din Shakar Ganj,  
2 ; his return to Dehli and residence at Ghiyathpur,  
2 ; his relation with the emperors of Dehli,  
3 ; his death, 6 ; general remarks, 6.  
The village of Nizamu-D Din 7
Baoli of Nizamu-D Din 7
Chini Ka Burj 7
Tomb of Bai Kokaldi 7
Inscription on a marble tablet set into the floor,  
8 ; Inscription on the grave of Bai Kokaldi, 8.  
Lal Chaubara 9
Arcaded Passage on the East and South Walls of the Baoli 9
Inscription on the southern arch of the entrance to the south of the baoli, 9.  
Enclosure containing the Tomb of Nizamu-D Din 10
Tomb of Nizamu-D Din 10
Jama ' at Khana 14
Majlis Khana 16
Tomb of Jahanara 16
Tomb of Muhammad Shah 18
Tomb of Mirza Jahangir 18
Grave of Mirza Babar, 19.  
House of Mirza Jahangir 19
Grave of Mirza Babar's wife,  
19 ; grave of Khuaja 'Abdu-r Rahman, 20.  
An Open court to the East of the Enclosure of Nizamu-D Din 20
Inscriptions on the southern doorway of the court,  
20 ; grave of Mirza Muqim,  
20 ; grave of Abul Fazail, 20.  
Enclosure of Amir Khusrau 21
Northern doorway,  
21 ; eastern gateway, 21.  
Tomb of Amir Khusrau 22
Short biography of Amir Khusrau, 27.  
Dalan of Mirdha Ikram 29
Grave of Ziyau-D Din Barni 30
Khan-I Daupan Khan's Mosque 30
Langar Khana 30
Tomb of Atgbh Khan 31
Short biographical account of Atgah Khan, 31.  
Khanqah of Bahram Shah 32
Grave of Bahram Shah,  
32 ; grave of the wife of Bahram Shah,  
32 ; grave of Khu-  
Chaunsah Khambah 34
Short biographical account of Mirza ' Aziz Kokaltash, 34.  
Lal Mahall 35
Inscribed Mosque of Khan-I Jahan 35
Short biographical account of Khan-i Jahan Maqbul and Khan-i Jahan bin Khan-i Jahan Junan Shah, 36.  
Tomb of Khan-I Jahan Tilangani 37


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