Hayagreeva Avathaara and The History of Parakaala Mutt
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Hayagreeva Avathaara and The History of Parakaala Mutt

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Item Code: NAM914
Author: K. R. Krishnaswami
Publisher: A and K Prakashana
Language: English
Edition: 2007
Pages: 58
Cover: Paperback
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The Age – old association of Sri Hayagreeva with Parakala Mutt with the deity having had an illustrious Journey through many hands and places, and finally finding its destination at Mysore is an astounding saga in our religious history and is without a parallel to say the least! The fact that a goddess gifted the deity to Sri Ramanujar in this world in recognition f his intellectual attainments and scholarly writings, is its self one of the rarest happenings ? The Lord’s achievements in Hayagreeva avathaara are no less eventful : being the embodiment of Learning, He had had to answer Chathurmukha Bramha’s Prayer for retrieving Vedas from Pathaala and vanquish the asuras of the size of Madhu and Kaitaba, the moving mountains! As per shruthis an ‘ashwa’ represents the ‘life force’ – the vital and nervous energy.

The Book in hand attempts to trace, with salient details, the lord’s Hayagreeva avathaara ; It also covers the interesting Journey of the idol of Hayagreevar which was received by Sri Ramanujar from Saraswathi in recognition of his epoch- making bhashya on brahma Sootras, named by the same goddess as “Sri Bhasya”.

The Hayagreeva manthra’s enormous powers need to be fully understood. If one wants to gauge that through an example, he has only got to remember the multifaceted achievement of sri vedantha Desika!,

Parakala Mutt become the lucky recipient of this idol; no doubt whatever, that all its 36 Swamijis have been the embodiment of high learning and rare ‘anusthaana’. They have served the deity with extreme devotion (shraddhe) and demonsrated their extraordinary eligibility to do ‘Kanikaryam’ to Hayagreeva to Hayagreevar .

All the Achievements of the Parakaala Mutt Swamis in the field of Srivaishnava sampradhaya and Vishistadvaiha siddhanta have been rendered possible due to the active support and participation of the maharajas of mysore who became the Mutt’ s staunch ‘shishyas’ This aspect i.e., the close and between the parkaala mutt and mysore palace has received due coverage in this book. So also the chronicling of achievements of the Swamis with the help of Mysore rulers aimed at providing an insight and birds with the 14th century to present times is covered in fair detail.,




Chapter I Hayagreeva Avathaara
Chapter II Parakala Mutt :
Chapter III Period 1360-1860
Chapter IV Period 1860-1925
Chapter IV Srimadhabhinava Brahmatanthra Parakala Swami 1925-1966
Chapter VI Period 1967-to date


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