The Healing Power of Attunement Therapy: Stories and Practice

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Edition: 1998
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By Michael J. Moore, DC
I believe that each person holds within themselves a great potential and power to heal themselves and offer healing to others. This healing power is the life force which pulses through our bodies, assists us in our creative efforts, regenerates us, and can restore us when we are receptive to its inherent purpose. It is this life force that animates all living forms. Part of my job as a chiropractor is to assist others to take deliberate action for their own healing process, bringing themselves more fully into alignment with this inner healing power.

This book by laclyn Stein Henderson on the healing power of Attunement Therapy represents a significant step that attunement is now taking to influence and educate people about their own inner healing potential. Attunement Therapy is valuable work, and facilitates the path of awakening our own consciousness in powerful and creative ways.

When viewed with a larger perspective, attunement is not just a healing art offered by a chosen few but encompasses many natural healing tendencies which we express on a daily basis. Picture a mother holding the hand of a small child who has just fallen, or the hug of one person given to another to console or comfort, or a father giving his son a 'high-five' after a tough game on the soccer field. We all know that the same healing essence pictured above in each of those situations carries with it creative intentions which far surpass their routine nature. When these essences and their creative qualities are expressed in alignment with the life force that animates our universe, we greatly enhance the flow of healing energy that moves through our lives. This creative movement of life may be brought to focus through those who utilize attunement energy in their living.

I was first introduced to attunement shortly after I began my chiropractic training at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, lowa. During that time I attended several 'Art of Living Workshops' on the East Coast, facilitated by Dr Bill Bahan, a pioneer in the attunement field, who was also a Palmer graduate chiropractor. Dr Bahan's contagious radiant personality brought focus and clarity of purpose to my study of the healing process. I recall one of my early attunement experiences. I was sharing one of my first attunements with an attunement practitioner. As the session began, I remember closing my eyes with quite, peaceful feeling that came over me. Mid-way through the attunement, I opened my eyes quickly because I realized I could no longer feel my body touching the table. I wondered, was I levitating? What was happening? I opened my eyes to realize I was lying in the same position, and had not moved. There was an incredible feeling of warmth and relaxation within my mind any body – a feeling which I had never experienced before. This feeling became more familiar to me as I continued to learn more about the attunement technique in the years that followed.

Since the initiation of my private practice in Redding, California, 15 years ago, attunement, used in its various forms, has been an integral part of my service. Through my experience I have come to recognize the importance of the feeling of energy that continues to move through my hands. This awareness takes the work I do beyond the physical level to a place where my perceptions are enhanced and the flow of innate energy between myself and my patient is increased. Whether you choose to call this a vibrant bed-side manner, an atmosphere of healing, or simply an innate connection, this interaction is a vital ingredient to the healing process shared between people.

Over the last 10 year, besides providing Chiropractic care, I've also facilitated outdoor experiential healing workshops with my wife, Donna. Many of these workshops have utilized different forms of attunement technique. These techniques have proven to be subtle yet powerful ways to quiet the mind and emotions, thus allowing a clearer awareness of one's own divine identity to emerge while in the outdoors.

There have been many experiences that have provided amazing demonstrations of the power of attunement, including the finding that the movement of the attunement current does not require close proximity. Here is one story which portrays the healing power of love known and shared through close, personal friendship:

One day, a close friend of ours called and said that her son had been riding his bicycle and had just been hit by a car traveling 60 miles per our hour. The ambulance was there getting ready to take him to the hospital and she needed someone to go with her. Donna arrived at the scene a few minutes later. As she ran past one of the Emergency Medical Technicians she knew, she asked how the boy was. The EMT replied, "It doesn't look good". He had a broken leg, massive facial injuries, and possible head and abdominal injuries. As Donna and her friend followed the ambulance to the hospital, not many words were spoken. They just held hands and prayed. When they arrived at the hospital, they were escorted to the Chaplain's private office where they were joined by the sisters of Mercy support staff. At that point Donna called me at work to let me know what was happening. I immediately began sending attunement energy to the scene and joined them in person soon after. Donna also phoned a friend and spiritual teacher who lived in Oregon, and he began sharing in the attunement pattern with us. We also connected by phone with another attunement teacher who lived in Colorado. This attunement teacher was quite sensitive to long distance energy healing and after a few quite moments working with the energy of the boy assured us by exclaiming. "Ryan is a strong boy. All will be well". Easy for him to say! He couldn't hear Ryan's screams coming from the emergency room down the hall!

As they waited, Donna shared an attunement with her friend, reflecting on the attunement teacher's words, "All will be well". After the attunement, Donna's friend remarked that her experience during this attunement was one of going fro a state of shock to comings fully present in the moment. She said it was like being on a train that was switching tracks. One by one, her heart, feelings, and body clicked into a new track that brought clarity I her awareness of what was going on and what needed to happen.

Through this triangle of friends, there was a loving enfoldment that was undeniable and brought peace of mind and strength to this highly tense situation. The emergency technicians finally confirmed that Ryan had a compound fracture of his leg, but there was no serious internal or brain damage. He remained in the hospital for a few weeks while they attended his leg and multiple skin wounds. We continued with daily attunement work during his hospital stay and subsequent recovery. The doctors were amazed at the speed and extent to which he healed.

Another story comes to mind and pertains to how attunement and chiropractic technique work well together to assist in the healing process. One Sunday I received a phone call from one of my patients whose wife had delivered a baby at the hospital two days earlier. He asked "Michael, can you come? The baby is in intensive care and they are not sure she is going to make it." I arrived at the hospital a short time later and saw this tiny, premature baby in an incubator, attached to monitors and tubes. A mistake had been made and she was delivered via C-section one month earl. She was 5 pounds 15 ounces at birth on the previous Friday, and by Sunday her weight ha decreased to 4 pounds 10 ounces. This weight loss had the doctors concerned. The infant was having trouble taking a bottle so she was getting very little nourishment and would vomit up ay fluids given to her. The doctor said that she was too pre-mature and the sphincter at the top of stomach was closed, causing the vomiting, though it was felt that with maturation she would grow out of that deformation

With that scenario, I scrubbed up and accompanied the mother and father into the baby's room. We removed her from the incubator and, knee to knee in a circle with her parents, I held her and checked her. The nurses looked on, curious and somehow seemed to sense that I was there to help. I proceeded to gently re-balance her nervous system in the cervical and thoracic regions, freeing her body of nerve interference. I then shared an attunement with her, balancing the cervical regions and endocrine gland system. During that time there was an amazing sense of warmth and energy moving through my hands and between the three of us in that circle. When I finally looked up, there was a circle of nurses and two doctors all around us. No one said a word, and at the end of the attunement those personnel went back to their tasks. Megan had fallen asleep so we put her back into the incubator with the feeling that she was going to be just fine. The father called me a couple hours later with the news that Megan awoke, started nursing and was not vomiting any longer. What great news! Four days later she was released from the hospital without any problems. I was so grateful to have the techniques and experience to offer healing to this tiny patient, who now, at the age of eight is so in tune with her body that she lets her mom know when she needs to go see 'Dr Michael' to receive a chiropractic adjustment. She brightens our office each time she comes in.

Just as these stories confirm, I am sure that you too can recall one or more people in your life who represented a steadfast, balanced and loving character, be it a mentor, teacher, or friend. You grew and were inspired character, be it a mentor, teacher, or friend. You grew and were inspired by their example. As you continue to move along that same path, guided by the same spirit offered to you, you too may begin to be an example for others. As you opens your life, free it of unnecessary manipulation and instead offer a balanced alignment of heart, body, mind and spirit, you too may express life to your highest potential. Whether you choose to receive attunement from the hands of a health care provider, or practice attunement within the private confines of your own home, office, or private practice, you will undoubtedly begin to see attunement healing emerge within your own daily interactions with your children, loved ones, and friends.

I feel attunement is one of life's foremost experiences which offers the finest that we have to give. And I commend Jaclyn for bringing forward this handbook on Attunement Therapy. This book is a practical application guide for you to use as you move along your own journey, living your life to the fullest, and being of service to the greater whole of humanity.

About the Book

This book takes the reader directly to the spiritual heart of healthcare. Attunement Therapy focuses on the body as an expression of spirit and heals by combining an understanding of physiology and anatomy with the spiritual expression of love and power. Instructional steps are provided, by which the reader can practise harmless healing. This is on-the-Job training. You will learn to:

Access the Life Source to direct healing power to affected body parts
Use non-directed prayer to focus love-energy, Use teamwork to strengthen the healing process interactively, Recognise expected outcomes
Experience the peace and serenity which is part of healing, Heal attitudinal dysfunctions and nurture life transitions, Discover that you can heal from a distance, Work harmoniously with established healthcare systems.

For the therapist, this is an invaluable adjunct to established modalities, and for the general reader an introduction to a mode of non-invasive but effective healing.

Meticulous illustrations accompany the text, and the knowledge and experience of fifty years of harmless healing is enlivened with heartwarming Stories of real-life examples. Practised successfully by the Emissaries of Divine Light Ministry since 1929, Attunement Therapy has the potential to change the face of healthcare.

Jaclyn Stein Henderson has many year of experience in massage, bodywork and attunement. She graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts after receiving a B.A. degree from the University of Oregon, and studied Attunement Therapy for 17 years with the Emissaries of Divine Light Ministry. She now teaches Attunement Therapy courses internationally and manages her own business, the Right Touch Healing Arts Center, in Port Orchard, WA. Jaclyn is nationally certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as a Continuing Education Provider in Category A.

About the Author

Jaclyn Stein Henderson has 17 years experience in massage, bodywork, and attunement. Having practiced professional massage since 1981, she graduated from The University of Oregon's Robert D. Clarke's Honors College in 1990 with a B.A. in Independent Study. She then received a 1,000 Hour Certificate in Massage from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 1992. Having attended initial naturopathic medicine study at Bastyr University, Seattle, WA, Jaclyn now co-owns and manage her home based business, The Right Touch Healing Arts Center in Port Orcgard. WA A former Instructor at Seattle Massage School, Jaclyn now teaches Attunement Therapy courses worldwide, and writes for Massage and Bodywork Magazine (the trade journal of Associated Body workers and Massage Professionals) and other bodywork and new age journals. She loves to sew, quilt, garden, cook travel, write and share attunement, and lives with her husband, Dick Henderson and their two car on a 4.5 acre sacred site on the Kitsap Peninsula, in Washington.


  Attunement Charts and Illustrations 9
  Acknowledgements 10
  Foreword by Michael J. Moore, DC 11
  Introduction 15
Chapter.1 The Spiritual Landscape 21
Chapter.2 Entering In 35
  Thankfulness Exercises  
Chapter.3 Spontaneous Remission and Inner Healing 41
  The Inner Healing Meditation  
Chapter.4 Non-Directed Prayer 53
  Radiant Energy Practice  
Chapter.5 The Invisible Guide 63
Chapter.6 Non-local Spiritual Attunement 75
  Long Distance (Non-Local) Attunement Practice  
Chapter.7 Ascension 81
  The Robe of Radiance Practice  
Chapter.8 Patterns of Agreement 91
  Creative Triangle Exercises  
Chapter.9 Manifestation 101
  The Paper Dot Exercise  
Chapter.10 The Cervical Pattern 111
  Cervical Pattern Attunement Practice  
Chapter.11 The Spiritual Path of the Endocrine Gland System 121
  Endocrine Gland Attunement Guidelines and Practice  
Chapter.12 Attuning the Digestive Systems 135
  Digestive System Attunement Practice  
Chapter.13 Attuning the Circulatory, Excretory and Respiratory Systems 143
  Circulatory, Excretory and Respiratory Attunement Practices  
Chapter.14 Attuning the Immune System 155
  Attuning the Immune System  
Chapter.15 Holding Patterns – Attuning the Brain and Spinal Cord 163
  Brain and Spinal Cord Attunement Practice  
Chapter.16 Attuning the Skeletal System 173
  Skeletal System Attunement Practice  
Chapter.17 Wound Healing 179
  Injury Treatment Attunement Practice  
Chapter.18 The Life Process 193
  Charting Your Own Stress Indicators Exercise  
Chapter.19 Terminal Illness 207
  Foot and Hand Attunement Practice  
Chapter.20 Team Attunements 217
  Team Attunement Guidelines  
Chapter.21 Representational Objects 225
  Representational Object Practice Guidelines  
Chapter.22 Radiant Gatherings 233
  Radiant Gathering Guidelines  
  Attunement Overview 241
  Documenting Attunement Therapy Sessions 242
  The Attunement Therapy Training, Home-Study and Certification Program 243
  Crossroads 247
  About the Author 250
  Appendix A – Histology Notes on the Endocrine Gland System 251
  Appendix B – The History of Attunement 255
  Appendix C – Attunement Pracititioners and Conference Facilities 259
  Bibliography 265
  Index 268


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