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Heaven on Earth

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Author: Daryai Lal Kapur
Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beas
Language: English
Edition: 1996
ISBN: 9788184662603
Pages: 408
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

Heaven on Earth is the English rendering of Diwan Daryai Lal Kapur’s popular and absorbing Urdu work, which traces the beginning and growth of Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, the centre of Radha Soami Satsang Beas.

The history of the Dera is, in fact, the life story of the great Saints whose love and grace, diligence and dedication, have developed this place- once a wilderness into a flourishing centre of peace and beatitude. It is also the story of the expansion of Sant Mat, which, beginning from a tiny spot on the west bank of the river Beas,, has spread not only to every state and town of India but also every corner of the world.

Born in 1889, Diwan Sahib –as the author was popularly know-graduated in law and arts began practice as a lawyer in Jullundar. He joined the Kapurthala State Civil Service in1920 and soon rose to become a judge. He also served as finance minister in Kapurthala State.

Diwan Sahib retired in 1947 and began to spend more time in the Dera, adopting it as his permanent place of residence in 1957. Initiated by Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji in December 1910, Diwan Sahib was a devoted dispel and a keen satsangi all his life. During his last twenty years, he served the present Master, Maharaj Charan Singh Ji, as his personal secretary. Active even till his last, diwan Sahib departed from this world in 1977.

Diwan Sahib’s earlier book, Call o the Great Master, is very popular with satsangis and seekers. Several editions have been printed, and it has been translated into a number of Indian and Western languages. Heaven on Earth is the outcome of the author’s lifelong experience on the path. Having come in close contact with the three Masters at the Dera-from the Great Master to the present Master and Having personally known many disciples of Baba ji Maharaj, Diwan Sahib was well qualified to undertake this work.

Heaven on Earth has already been translated into several Indian languages, and we are happy to present this English translation to our Western readers. The reader should keep in mind that Diwan Sahib, in preparing the revised edition of this book, has brought the narrative up to the years 1971/72. But the Dera, under Maharaj Charan Singh Ji’s kind patronage and loving guidance, has continued to develop in all directions- physical and spiritual. To narrate the story of this development and of the present Master’s boundless love and grace would required anther volume. In spite of all its physical growth, the Dera continues to be a centre of inner tranquility, of love and understanding; in this world of strife and turmoil, it is truly a unique place of peace and bliss.


The idea of writing a history of the Radha Soami Satsang Beas first came to my mind in 1912. I had accompanied the Great Master on his visit to Soami Bagh, Agra, on the occasion of a bhandara in honour of Soami Ji Maharaj. The Master’s group also included devoted disciples such as Sardar Bhagat Singh, Sardar Jagat Singh (later our Satguru at Beas), Pundit Lal Chand, lala Mushi Ram, and a few other.

We stayed in the rooms built by Baba Ji Maharaj with the Great Master’s seva contribution. Although I was young (just twenty-four) and a new satsangi (initiated) only two years earlier), I was thrilled to stay in those rooms and to meet the few initiated of Sami Ji Maharaj who were still living, as well as some satsangis who had personally known Baba ji Maharaj. When Bibi Sewadasi and Seth Sudarshan Singh-both initiates of Soami Ji – would talk about Baba Ji, and the Great Master.

Although I began to note down a few incidents, no serious attempt in this direction could be made because of my worldly preoccupation. In 1964 my revered and Dera and its Master. Reminding me that during the previous seven years satsangis like Prof. Jagmohan Lal, Rai Bahadur Gulwant Rai, Lala Balak Ram, Lala Munshi Ram, and Babu Gulab Singh all close to the Great Master-had passed away, Rai Bahadur Shankar Dass added, “And what certainty do we have? We may be guests in this words for a few more years, months, or maybe weeks.”

Within two months of my receiving this letter, Rai Bahadur Shankar Dass also left us for his final journey. Shaken out of my mood of procrastination, I took up the work in all earnestness, and the manuscript of Firdaus- -Barin (Urdu) was ready in 1966.

The incidents included in this volumes are based on information obtained from satsangis who have close to the Masters at the Dera, and on my own personal experiences; for, having come to Sang Mat in 1910, I have been a witness to many things narrated herein.

There account of events before 1910 is based on informed received from Rai Bahadur Seth Sudarshan Singh, Baba Garib Das, and Bibi Sewadasi- all disciples of Soami Ji Maharaj- who had close contact with Baba Ji Maharaj. Many details about the early days of the Dera and about Baba Ji and the Great Master are based on accounts gathered from Bibi Rukko, Baba Bagga Singh,Mahant” Inder Singh, Bhai Manna Singh, Lala Parmanand Bajaj, Babu Gulab Singh, Milkhi Ram, Munshi Chananmal, Bhai Surain Singh, and Maghar Singh, and Maghar Singh, who were all initiates of Baba Ji; old satsangis from the neighbouring villages of Waraich and Balsarai, such as Sardar Lal Singh and Nambardar Jadat Singh; old attendants of the Great Master’s family members, particularly his wife, Mata Kishan Kaur, and his son Sardar Bachint Singh; and many other prominent satsangis, such as Lala Munshi Ram, Rai Bahadur Sahnkar Dass, Sardar Sewa Singh, Rai Bahadur Gulwant Rai, Bakshi Chanan Shah, Bhai Shadi, and Bibi Ralli.

In his satsangs and personal talks, the Greats Master would often narrate incidents of Baba Ji’s life and sometimes also reminisce about his own. I have tried to make use of this precious material, which forms a part of my most cherished memory of our beloved Master.

After the second edition of Firdaus- i- Barin, some of my friends, old residents of the Dera and senior satsangis pointed out certain discrepancies in the book and gave more details about Dera history and life of Baba Ji, Great Master, and changes in the original text, and have also added some material.

Not much was written about Sardar Bahadur Maharaj Jagat Singh in the first two editions. Pundit Lal Chand Dharmani and the Dharmani family, Air Vice-Marshal (AVM) K. L. Sondhi, and Prof. Balwant Singh – all of whom had know Sardar Bahadur Ji from his days in Lyallpur – and Bibi Ralli Sardar Gurdial Singh, Nambardar Jagat Singh, Bakshi Maluk Chand, Ram Nath Mehta, and Dr (Miss) S. Sinha gave me some more material about him. On the basis of their information I have rewritten the chapter on Sardar Bahadur Maharaj Ji

Similarly, I have almost rewritten the portion about our present Master, Maharaj Charan Singh Ji, and have tried to bring the narrative up to date. In this connection I gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the satsang secretaries of centres in India and abroad, and of good friend like Miss Louise Hilger, Mr H. F. Weekley, Mr Sam Busa, Mrs Bea Jauncey, Mr R. N. Mehta, Prof. Janak Puri, Mr Krishin Babani, AVM K. L. Sondhi, and Mr Madan Mehta, besides many other satsangis from India and abroad.

My good friend and a very devoted satsangi, Prof. Jagmohan Lal, who was working as the present Master’s personal secretary, left this world in 1958, and the Master gave me that seva. I am Blessed with the rare privilege of coming in close contact with Maharaj Charan Singh Ji and have a few times heard him reminisce about the Great Master and Sardar Bahadur Ji, and also about himself. I have taken the liberty of basing some parts of my narrative on these reminiscences.

I do not claim to be an author, historian, scholar, or thinker. The urge to write this book has come from my sixty-three years of association with three great Masters at the Dera. I have no words to express my gratitude to my beloved Satguru for all his compassion and grace, which I have done little to deserve. For the many flaws in the narrative, flaws of language and style, I pray for the Master’s forgiveness, as also for that of the kind readers.

In the end, I would like to submit that the history of the Dera is closely relates to the life of the masters. It may be easy to write the history of an institution, but it is not easy to depict the glory of the perfect Masters. It is beyond comprehension and beyond words. To quote Tulsi Sahib, “If anyone claims he has understood a Saint, Tulsi – dismayed –shouts in reprobation: Enough!

It will be my great good fortune if this humble contribution to satsang literature is accepted at the feet of my beloved Satguru.


Preface to the Second Edition xi
Preface to the First Edition xiii
Introduction xv
Chapter One: Baba Jaimal Singh  
An Early Quest for Truth 3
Search for a Master and the Five Shabds 7
Meeting With Soami Ji 11
Spiritual Practice 13
The Soldier Saint 14
Successorship of Baba Jaimal Singh 22
Baba Ji Settles at Beas 26
Early Years of the Dera 29
Baba JI's Great Love and Compassion 31
Inititation of Maharaj Sawan Singh 34
A Portrait of Baba Ji 35
Satsang Tours 40
Baba Ji's Attitude Towards Others 44
Construction Projects at the Dera 46
Relationship With Soami Bagh at Agra 47
Last Days of Baba Ji Maharaj/ Successorship of Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji 48
The Passing Away of Baba Ji Maharaj 52
Chapter Two: Maharaj Sawan Singh  
Early Life, Quest, and Discipleship 63
Birth and Childhood 63
Education 65
Spiritual Pursuit and Initiation 70
The Days of Discipleship 76
Installation as the Master 88
Hazur's Family and Marriage 93
The Passing Away of Hazur's Mother 96
Purchase of Land in Sirsa 97
Boons From Baba Ji 99
Maharaj Ji's Love and Dedication 100
Satsang Tours 113
Sant Mat in the West 138
The Passing Away of Mata Kishan Kaur 142
Growth of the Dera 147
Dera Management and the Great Master's Wills 153
Some Dera Sevadars 156
Bibi Rukko 156
Bibi Rakkhi 156
Bhai Shadi 158
Bibi Ralli 164
Accounts of the Masster's Grace 166
Last Days and Passing of the Great Master 178
The Passing Away of the Great Master (From the Recollections of Dr Pierre Schmidt) 198
Chapter Three: Maharaj Jagat Singh  
Early Years and Education 209
Initiation by Great Master 211
Marriage 212
The Perfect Disciple 213
As Professor at Lyallpur Agricultural College 218
At the Dera 226
Succession 228
Satsang and Daily Routine 234
Simplicity, Compassion, and Humour 236
Last Days 241
Sardar Bahadur Maharaj Ji's Will 246
The Passing Away of Sardar Bahadur Maharaj Ji 251
Chapter Four: Maharaj Charan Singh  
Childhood and Education 259
Maharaj Ji's Family 270
Successorship 277
Satsang Tours 288
A Significant Reform 300
Tours Abroad 303
1961: Far East 306
1962: Middle East, Europe, United Kingdom 306
1964: Far East, America, United Kingdom Europe 312
1966: South Africa 328
1968: Far East, Australia, New Zealand 340
1970: Europe, United Kingdom, America, Asia 342
1971: Far East 351
Dera Timetable 357
Dera During the wars 361
Dera Development 365
Creation of the Trust 380
Addresses for Information and Books 383
Books on Spirituality 389
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