Hilarious Tales of Tenalirama

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Author: 'Kunwar' Anil Kumar
Publisher: Manoj Publications, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788131000557
Pages: 160
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Tenali Ramakrishna

Tenali Ramakrishna, or more popularly known as Tenali Ram, is not a concocted character in the history of Karnataka. He did exist, and existed with all his might of wits and wisdom. He led his way and made it possible for himself to be appointed as court jester at the court of Krishna Dev Rai, using his wits and wisdom and presence of mind. King Krishna Dev Rai was the ruler of Vijayanagar, who, with the help of his capable administration, had made Vijayanagar the most powerful kingdom of Karnataka.

Tenali Ramakrishna held the same status in the eyes of King Krishna Dev Rai as Birbal had in the eyes of Emperor Akbar. The only difference was that Birbal was one of the nine gems of Emperor Akbar and Tenali Ramakrishna was one of the eight gems of King Krishna Dev Rai. The courtiers of King Krishna Dev Rai were just as jealous of Tenali Ramakrishna as were the courtiers of Emperor Akbar jealous of Birbal. The courtiers at the court of King Krishna Dev Rai always looked for an opportunity to let Tenali Ramakrishna down in the eyes of the King. But Tenali Ramakrishna was so witty that he would not only make their designs fail, rather he would attain more nearness to the king and bag a handsome reward as well. The stories of Tenali Ramakrishna are not only entertaining, they also give us knowledge and teach us ethics. These stories are historical assets of our country and make us aware of the political, economic, social and religious situation of fifteenth-sixteenth century.

Tenali Ramakrishna was the son of a poor Brahmin-Ishwar Prasad Ramaiya. The real name of Tenali Ramakrishna was Ramalinga. He was born in a small town, Galipadu, of Guntur district. But it is said that his father died when he was only three days old. He was taken care of by his maternal uncle who lived in a small town, Tenali. Ramalinga had a sharp brain ever since his childhood. All his comrades acknowledged his supremacy.

Tenali Ramakrishna had a wish to go to the court of Krishna Dev Rai and offer his services. And he also succeeded in fulfilling his wish. But the status Tenali Ramakrishna enjoyed at the King's court, was not attained by him just like that; he really had to struggle for it.

Tenali Ramakrishna was a man of firm determination. And it was because of this determination and self-confidence that he could make a place for himself at the King's court. Though there are thousands of stories of Tenali Ramakrishna, we have carefully selected a few which are entertaining and give us knowledge, and also teach us ethics.




1 Blessed By Goddess Kali 7
2 Ramakrishna Exploits His Wits 15
3 Subba Shastri Gets A Lesson 30
4 Debate Over A Rare Book 39
5 The Last Wish Of The King's Mother 48
6 A Linguist 57
7 Changing A Dog's Colour 64
8 Whom Do Brahmins Worship 73
9 A Burnt Child Dreads The Fire 77
10 A Trunk Full Of Ornaments 82
11 An Astrologer's Prophecy 87
12 A Child Is Above A King 95
13 A Bout With A Wrestler 101
14 Respectable Donkeys 115
15 Smoke Of The Length Of Two Arms 124
16 The Greatest Gift 130
17 Rewarding The Right Person 135
18 A Strange Present 140
19 Killjoy And A Greater Killjoy 144
20 A Compromise 149
21 How Many Crows 157

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