Hindi-English Dictionary ((With Transliteration))

Hindi-English Dictionary ((With Transliteration))

Item Code: IDK590
Author: Sangeeta S. Parikh, Editor Dick F. Plukker
Publisher: Allied Publishers Pvt. Limited
Language: (With Transliteration)
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8177643576
Pages: 1188
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10.0" X 6.8"

This Hindi-English dictionary has been composed on the basis of the available data that was compiled and edited for the publication of our Transliterated Hindi-Hindi-English dictionary (1993, ISBN 8186062106). In addition, valuable grammatical information such as the transitivity and intransitivity of verbs, has been indicated and many more phrases and descriptions have been added.

The role of this dictionary in national integration
The written language ensures the linguistic unity of the country. It provides a medium of communication over the vast geographical area whose numerous and widely diverse regional languages and local dialects it transcends. Hence, for many years now, the Government especially by means of the Central Hindi Directorate and many such organizations, is actively involved in the propagation of Hindi as an unifying language for India. This movement has met with partial success. Therefore we have added to this dictionary an index of all its lemmata in Transliterated Hindi with their Devanagari equivalents.

Salient features of the dictionary

Hoping to be functional for all kinds of users, we have compiled a large number of worlds. The nature of the words listed ranges from current to archaic to accommodate not only the readers of contemporary texts but also the readers of order literature. The dictionary lists approximately 70,000 main and subentries.

A wide range of Hindi idioms, sayings and proverbs has been included. Also included are everyday expressions from the various dialects which have found their way into written expression.

The impact of Western civilization has created the serious linguistic problem of expressing a vast and ever increasing number of new concepts for which no words in Hindi exist. Reluctance to borrow wholesale from European languages has spurred efforts to coin, in immense numbers, technical terms for almost all fields of knowledge. This dictionary contains approximately 7,000 technical terms.


Brief History of the Hindi Languageix
Guide to the Use of the Dictionaryxv
Editorial Abbreviationsxvii
Abbreviations for Source Languagesxviii
The Hindi Alphabet Order of the Devanagari Lettersxix
The Dictionary1
Transliterated Hindi – Hindi Word-Index967
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