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Hindi For Non-Hindi Speaking People Workbook

Hindi For Non-Hindi Speaking People Workbook

Hindi For Non-Hindi Speaking People Workbook

Item Code: IDI745
Author: Kavita Kumar
Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: hindi
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 8171673333
Pages: 195
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.3" X 6.8
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This workbook accompanies Hindi for Non-Hindi Speaking People, a two-in-one monograph that serves both as reference grammar as well as reader for beginners.

The workbook has been designed to cater to the needs of students who have already studied the basic structures of Hindi but who still commit some grammatical mistakes and have difficulties in using the language. The book provides plenty of material for written practice in all the principal structures which appear in the master volume Hindi for Non-Hindi Speaking People.

It is neither so intended nor necessary for the students to work through his book from beginning to end. The contents pages list the underlying key structures of the exercises. The students can refer to these contents and practise selectively to suit their requirements.

An answer key is provided at the end for self evaluation and glossaries for all the Hindi and English words used in the book are included.

Back Of The Book

This workbook has been specially designed as a self-study or classroom companion volume to Hindi for Non-Hindi Speaking People. The exercises included here reinforce the key grammar points, offer the learners enough practice material to get to grips with various language structures and enable them to communicate effectively and confidently in written and spoken Hindi.

Hindi grammar exercises, fully cross referenced to Hindi for Non-Hindi Speaking People
Translation practice from English to Hindi.
Vocabulary and expressions in active use for common everyday situations.
Hindi grammar at a glance for ready reference.
Complete answer key to all exercises.
Comprehensive glossaries in Hindi and English.

ExerciseKey StructurePage
2-8Nouns: number, gender etc.1-5
9-11Verb of being: All tenses6
12Present simple tense7
13Present frequentative7
14Past habitual8
15Past habitual frequentative8
23Present simple continuous12
24Past simple continuous13
25Use of the interrogative, etc.13
26-27Past simple tense14
28Past perfect tense14
29Substitution: Present simple Past Simple15
30Present perfect tense15
31, 32Future simple tense16
33Future frequentative17
34Future perfect tense17
35To like 18
36To like18
38Causative verbs19
40Substitution: (verbroot)20
42Substitution: use of imperfective participial construction for reason21
43Substitution: Past simple Perfective participial construction22
44Substitution: Imperfective participial construction22
45, 46Use of23
47Use of24
48Use of 25
49Substitution: x25
52Pronouns oblique case27
53Possessive case28
54Reflexive pronoun28
55Keep on doing something-(verbroot)29
Present simple progressive-Progressive compound
57Permissive compound30
Let someone do something:- (verbroot)
59Let's do 'X': Active-subjunctive Passive32
60Imperfective Participial construction:32
61Apprehension structure32
62Substitution: Perfective participial construction-Relative pronouns33
63Relative pronouns, etc.33
64Substitution: Inability structure with - Passive34
65Compulsion structure with35
66Compulsive structure with35
67Use of Should36
68Substitution: Present simple36
69Substitution: Past simple37
70Substitution + future from of37
71Substitution: X38
73Substitution: Present simple39
74As inceptive compound (begin to do X)39
75Can, could39
76Substitution: Future simple40
77Negative use of40
81Substitution: Future43
82Substitution: Probability-Future43
83Substitution: Future-Past simple tense44
84Substitution: Transitive passive-Intransitive passive44
85Substitution: Inceptive use of45
86Substitution: as sense verb46
87Substitution: Miscellaneous46
1Verb of being48
3Present simple tense49
4Use of know50
5Use of like50
6Past habitual tense51
7Present and past simple continuous51
8Present and Past simple continuous52
10What is/are 'X' like ?53
11Use of have53
12Indefinite pronoun + Interrogative pronoun +54
13Basic tenses: Present, Past, Future55
14Use of can55
15Past simple tense56
16Future simple; Planned future56
17Use of possessive and reflexive pronouns57
18Use of58
19Use of 'Yet'59
20Use of 'Still'59
21Present perfect tense59
22Passive voice60-61
23Use Of61
25Perfect participial construction63
26Causative verbs63
27Passive -interrogative64
28so that'65
29The more…the more…66
30As well as 67
31Continuative compound: keep on doing 'X'67
32As soon as68
34Miscellaneous: (Before, after, in spite of, though)69
35How long 'X' take ?69
37Present participial construction70
38No Sooner…than70
39habit structure: 'X'71
40If you want/don't want… 'X'71
42Use of the verb72
43Subjunctive imperative73
48Begin to do 'X'-verbroot74
49Let someone do something75
50Neither, either, both75
52Participial constructions77
54Relative pronouns79
55Use Of Not Worth It80
56Know, how to do something80
57Be visible80
58Be heard80
59Use of the verb81
Appendix: Grammar at a glance82-115
Key Unit 1116-143
Key Unit 2144-172
Glossary Unit 1173-187
Glossary Unit 2188-196
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