Hindi- Hindi- Tamil- English Dictionary
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Hindi- Hindi- Tamil- English Dictionary

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Item Code: NAM668
Author: Dr. S. Somya Narayana
Publisher: Agasthiar Publications
Language: Hindi Text With Tamil and English Translation
Edition: 2019
Pages: 2056
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.0 inch X 6.0 inch
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Hindi our national language, and also the administrative language of our Central Government. It also serves as the link language of our nation and contributes to our national integration. The international language English is also given an equal status with Hindi as one of our official languages. All the orders of the Central Government are given in these two languages and all its correspondence and communications are also being carried out in these two languages. In all the Central Government Offices, Railway, Postal, Telegraph and Telecommunication Departments and also in all the Nationalised Banks, a Hindi Department is being opened to teach Hindi to the employees and carry on translation works. In all the departments of the Tamilnadu Government the entire work is being carried out in Tamil. The Central Government has made recommendations to all the State Governments to introduce the three language formula in the Educational Institutions.

In South Indian states, due to the untiring efforts of the' Dakshina Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha, lakhs of students are writing Hindi examinations every year. After acquiring Hindi knowledge they get the benefit of not only entering into the services of the Central Government and big business concerns, but also of doing inter-state business transactions.

Tamil is considered to be the most ancient language of our nation. The influence of its devotional literature has an impact on all the literature of our Indian languages. The reciprocation of literature and literary ideas are going on between Hindi and Tamil. At this juncture, realising the need of a Hindi - Hindi, Tamil, English dictionary, many of my brother - Hindi - Pracharaks and Tamil scholar friends urged me to compile a 'Three Lan- guage Dictionary'. Agasthiar S. Gopalakrishnan came forward to undertake the great task of publishing this work. An editorial board was formed. I was entrusted with the responsibility of the chief editor. As a result of our three years' untiring efforts, now this dictionary is in your hands. The entire credit for this publication goes to Agasthiar S. Gopalakrishnan, who has been the main spirit and source of efforts behind this task. Assistant editor Sri. S. Anantakrishnan and other members of the editorial board deserve our great appreciation and wholehearted gratitude for their kind co-operation and earnest efforts. I render my thanks to them. I also give my sincere thanks to M/ s. jothi Printers, Trichy who have helped a lot, to print this dictionary and also M / s. Rajan Art Printers, Sivakasi and M / s. Sekar Off-Set Press, Sivakasi who helped a lot in printing this dictionary in an elegant manner. In this dictionary the meanings of the Hindi words are first given in Hindi, which are followed by their equivalents in Tamil and English. Careful attention has been taken to give the meanings coherently in all the three languages. The various meanings of a particular word are given in all the three languages in an identical order; so that the reader can find out the equivalents easily in all the three languages. The idioms and phrases formed by a particular Hindi word are also given separately with them, with a vivid description of their meanings in all the three languages respectively.

In the appendix (1) Classified Vocabularies (2) Designations (of various departments) (3) Parallel Proverbs are given in all the three languages in a co-ordinated manner. This is followed by (4) the Administrative Terms and Phrases in English with their Tamil and Hindi equivalents. Finally Hindi Grammatical Terms are given with their Tamil and English equivalents. Thus we have tried our best to make this dictionary to be of maximum use to our readers. We pray to the Almighty to make our efforts a great success.

Readers' views and suggestions for further improvement are welcome.

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