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Hippocratus-2: Ayurvedic Acupressure (Based on Tissue Production)

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Item Code: NAL296
Author: J.P. Agarwal
Publisher: Acupressure Shodh Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan
Language: English
Edition: 2015
Pages: 107Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.5 inch X 7.5 inch
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

Treatment of Hyperacidity & Gastritis I Ulcers Prevention of Loss of Energy
Part I
1Acute Gastritis1
2Heart and throat burning2
3Abdomen distention with burning and acidity2
4Entire chest abdomen distention and chronic acidily3
5Whole body afficted acidity leads 4 Exetremities and whole body burning4
6Duodenal Ulcer5
7Appendicular Region inflammation and burning5
8Liver fire Ablaze with burning and acidity in the Liver area6
9Lungs Acidosis from throat to Rectum / Anus7
10Severe conditions of Acidity and gastritis (Below diaphragm)7
Treatment Protocols of Hypoacidity Prevention of Loss of Energy
Part II
1Acute Gastritis8
2Heart and throat burning9
3Abdomen distention with burning and acidity9
4Entire chest abdomen distention and chronic acidily10
5Whole body afficted acidity leads 4 Exetremities and whole body burning11
6Duodenal Ulcer12
7Appendicular Region inflammation and burning12
8Liver fire Ablaze with burning and acidity in the Liver area13
9Lungs Acidosis from throat to Rectum / Anus14
10Severe conditions of Acidity and gastritis (Below diaphragm)14
Treatment Protocols of Energy Leakage I Hammorrhage for various Organs I Parts there of Prevention Loss of Energy
Part III
1Bleeding from Mouth Cavity16
2 i.Bleeding from Teeth16
ii.Right Upper Quadrant 8 Teeth Bleeding17
iii.Right Lower Quadrant 8 Teeth Bleeding17
iv.Left Upper Quadrant 8 Teeth Bleeding18
v.Left Lower Quadrant 8 Teeth Bleeding18
3In similar manner pairs of teeth bleeding may be treated as following:
i.Right Upper 7 & 8 Teeth Bleeding19
ii.Right Upper 5 & 6 Teeth Bleeding19
iii.Right Upper 3 & 4 Teeth Bleeding20
iv.Right Upper 1 & 2 Teeth Bleeding20
4Similarly for the lower left 8 teeth bleeding paired teeth may be treated on the NCH toes
i.Left 7 & 8 Teeth Bleeding21
ii.Left Upper 5 & 6 Teeth Bleeding21
iii.Left Upper 3 & 4 Teeth Bleeding20
iv.Left Upper 1 & 2 Teeth Bleeding20
5Similarly all the four pairs of lower right quadrant may be treated as given below.22
i.Bleeding from the Food Pipe22
ii.Bleeding from the Wind Pipe (Larynx box)23
iii.Bleeding from the Right Duodenum23
iv.Internal Bleeding from Gall Bladder and Liver24
v.Right Lung Bleeding25
vi.Left Lung Bleeding25
vii.Bleeding from Stomach and Food Pipe26
6Bleeding from organ above the diaphragm, i.e. heart, lung and oral cavity26
7Bleeding from the organ below the diaphragm- dominant symptom - brown colour blood treatment 27
8Bleeding from the lower cavity (pelvic region including colon Small Intestine Rectum etc.)28
9Treatment of Hammorrhage in chronic cases such as ulcerative colon ulcerative Small Intestine, Stomach etc. :29
Treatment Protocols of Neuralgia Pain and Ache Prevention Loss of Energy
Part IV
1Right Leg Pain (Right Sciatica Pain)30
2Left Leg Pain (Left Sciatica Pain)30
3Painful Toe of Right Leg31
4Painful Toe of Left Leg31
5Lower Extremities Sensation with Slight Tremors with imbalance gait32
6Cervical pain radiating to Right Arm33
7Cervical pain radiating to Left Arm33
0Right Hand's Finger painful34
9Left Hand's Finger painful34
10Right Hand Tremors with poor distortion in the writing poor gripping etc.35
11Left Hand Tremors with Poor Gripping35
12Right eye region Neuralgia, Headache36
13Pain between Eye Brow and Nose region36
14Left Eye Region Pain / Neuralgia37
15Right Denture Region / Neuralgia37
16Left Denture Region / Neuralgia38
17Neuralgia in middle Chin area38
18Right Vertex Region pain/neuralgia39
19Left Vertex Region Pain/Neuralgia39
20Neuralgia aggravated by Heat40
21Neuralgia aggravated by Wind- Humidity / Cold40
22General treatment41
Ayurvedic Acupressure - (General Treatment Protocols)
2Loss of Energy by sleep on account of Loss of Sleep43-45
3Loss of energy due to Excess Breathlessness45-46
4 (i.) Displacements Navel 46
(ii.) Loose Muscles of Navel 47
5Uterus Prolapse - Type 148
6Uterus Prolapse (Loose Uterine Muscles) - Type 249
7Anal Prolapse (Type I & Type IV)50-52
8High Cholesterol52-53
10Calcium Oxalate in Urine55
11Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) - Urine with pain56
12Calcium Deficiency56-57
13Vitamin D Deficiency57
14Vitamin B12 Deficiency58
15Diabetes (Type I to V)58-61
16Viral Fever62
17Cough and Cold63
18Chest Congestion63-64
19Itching due to paper tape (Allergy)64
20Dry Cough65
21Coughing With Mucous66
23Typhoid Fever68-69
24Loose Motion70
25Bleeding Piles71
26Dry Piles71
27Varicose Veins (Left Leg)72
28Obesty (Type I & II )72-73
30 (i.) Hair Fall75
(ii.) Dandruff in head region with Scalp Itching76
(iii.) Without Itching76
(iv.) Gray Hair77
31Thyroid Problem77
32Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)78
34 (i.) Fatty Thigh due to Hormonal Problems79
(ii). Complex Disease of Eyes80
(iii.) Twitching Eyes81
(iv.) Trachoma (Conjunctivitis)82
(v) Floaters in Front of Eyes83
(vi). Purulent Discharge from Eye84
35( i.) Tinnitus (Left Ear)85
(ii.) Tinnitus (Rt. Ear)85
36White Eyebrows86
37( i.) Rt. Heel pain but Uric Acid normal87
(ii.) Lt. Heel pain but Uric Acid normal87
38Swelling in Lower Leg88
39Weak Immune System89
40Excess Gas Formation0
41Excessive Anger91
42Delayed Mild Stone92
43Whole Chest & Abdoment93
44Lung Pleurisy94
45Chest Asciles 95
46Abdomen Asciles96
47Pericardial Effusion97
Treatment Protocols of Hammorrhage - Part-III (B)
Part - A
1Right Ear Hemorrhage102
2Left Ear Haemorrhage103
3Right Eye Haemorrhage104
4Right Nasal Bleeding - (Right Cavity)105
5Left Nasal Bleeding106
6Urinary Track Bleeding107
7Poly Cystic Ovary Bleeding107-110
Part - B
Bleeding Due to Traumatic Injury
1Right Knee Injury111
2Right Ankle Injury112
3Right Hip Injury112
4Right Shoulder Joint Injury113
5Right Elbow Joint Injury113
6Right Wrist Joint Injury114
7Left Knee Injury114
8Left Ankle Injury115
9Left Hip Injury115
10Left Shoulder Joint Injury116
11Left Elbow Joint Injury116
12Left Wrist Joint Injury117
13Right Frontal Head Injury117
14Right Parietal Head Injury118
15Right Temporal Head Injury118
16Right Occipital Head Injury119
17Left Frontal Head Injury119
18Left Parietal Head Injury120
19Left Temporal Head Injury120
20Left Occipital Head Injury121
21Anterior Part of Vertex Injury121
22Posterior Part of Vertex Injury122
23 Right Buttock & Pelvis Injury122
24 Right Inner Thigh Part Injury123
25Right Outer Thigh Region Injury123
26 Right Knee Region Injury124
27Right Inner Below Knee to Ankle Region Injury124
28Right Outer Below Knee to Ankle Region Injury125
29Right Ankle Region Injury125
  Right Foot Pad Region126
  Right Sole Region Injury126

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