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Human Body and Brahma Rahasiya - Secrets Behind Divine Worship (Set of 2 Volumes)

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Item Code: NAO099
Author: Prabhodaran Sukumar
Publisher: Hayagreeva Publication, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: Vol-I: 9789380404349
Vol-II: 9789380404356
Pages: 756 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 740 gm
Fully insured
Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description

About the Book

What serves as a bridge between man and God? How does a soul connect with God? We should start yoga or upasana only after knowing about these important concepts. This book, "Human body and brahma rahasiya", will serve as a guide book in this endeavor.

Performing yoga or upasana without knowledge about the basic principles of yoga will not be fruitful. This book has effectively captured the principles that are important for the spiritual efforts of mere mortals as well as evolved souls. It serves as a good roadmap for mankind. Just as how a dictionary is essential for a language this book is important for all the spiritual paths. It serves as a good friend, a supreme teacher and a light house for those interested in spirituality.

This book, compiled as fifteen sections, contains details about pancha kosha, panchaagni, greatness of the time in mother's womb and the truths that Vishnu's ten incarnations correspond to. The role of the nine planets in spirituality, the benefits that the twelve rasi mandala (zodiac) confer upon a spiritually inclined person and that it is not possible to succeed in yoga practices unless the planets are aligned in the right fashion in one's horoscope are all explained in great detail here. The five senses that control man through sensory knowledge, the functions of the six adhara chakras that are the flow of subtle soul, the seven dhatus that determine the status of the gross body, the seven sheaths present on our skin and their nature are all explained through 120 elaborate pictures. This is an essential handbook for those who are embarking on the journey of yoga and spirituality.


How does the human body function? Learning about the powers that make the body parts function, their nature and their actions is the first step in yoga. It means that the first step in yoga is learning about how our body functions and how it relates to nature. What is the bridge that connects man with God? We should begin yoga and upasana only after learning about all these. This book, "Human body and Divine secrets" will serve as a guide in this endeavor.

Even though there are several problems such as actions that occurred during human birth, the principles and natural rules that govern a human life, they can be listed briefly as follows: the five sheaths that surround the human body, panchaagni, the three states of consciousness, five elements, five senses, six adhara chakra, sthula, sukshma ad karanasarira, evolutionary truths revealed by dasavatara, importance of nine planets in man's spiritual progress, the twelve mandala mentioned in astrology and other topics described in Veda, Upanishad, Pathanjali yoga sutra, Bhagavad Gita, Srividya and statements made by Siddhas. This books elaborates on several topics not found even in the above works.

Engaging in upasana and yoga without understanding the principles of yoga behind them will not be effective. This Human body and brahma rahasiya book which has captured the difference between the spiritual efforts of anordinary man and a saint will serve as a good guide for the entire mankind.


The book you hold in your hands is a gem amongst a sea of pebbles. Few are those who will have the good fortune of coming upon it in their search for truth and answers, and and so happens you happen to be one of them.

I too was searching for spiritual truths when I came upon a book called Nija Anandha Bodham, (The Mystery of Human Life) authored by little known Siddha of our times. I would say that I happen to come upon it by chance, however the laws of the universe do not, nor will they ever happen by chance.

During the last 20 years of my spiritual journey, I have sought out and devoured thousands, if not tens of thousands of books, ranging every category of precious sacred knowledge left to us by the ancient Rishis, Yogis and Siddhars. Yogic, Tantric, Traditional Medicine, Astrology, Mantra, Yantra, as well as other esoteric mysteries, whether Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist or from other origin - all have covered my many bookshelves at one time or another. Yet I was still searching ... but for what exactly?

The answer to this question - all your questions - can be found in the miraculous volumes of work laid down by the sage Amarakavi. Nowhere else have details of all these sciences been painstakingly been penned down. Indeed Amarakavi's works are define a new chapter in spiritual science.

In the book, we begin our journey by carefully laying own the foundational concepts which help us understand and demystify Yoga, Ayurvedic and Siddha Medicine and astrology. What is the miracle of birth? What happens in tether's womb? How is the body formed and how does it evolve?

Of course, the physical parts are only a portion of this divine vehicle we call body. What are its other components? Are there parts of us we simply cannot see or sense with our 5 gross senses? How do these interact with the energies at work within nature, and even beyond our own planet? For those who have ever pondered over these important questions, you will find the answers within this important book. The world would be very different if this eye-opening text were made part of every school's learning curriculum.


Foreword - VibhuthiAdigalar 9
Benedition - Dr. Baskaran Pillai 11
Introduction 12
A word - author 13
Explanations about Pancha kosha 18
Annarnayakosha 20
Pranamaya kosha 22
Manomaya kosha 24
Anandarnaya kosha 26
Vij nanarnaya kosha 28
II. Explanations about Panchaagni 30
Jataragni 32
Kayagni 34
Kalagni 36
Karnagni 38
Mulagni 40
Yogagni 42
Vadavagni 44
III. Cycles of nature 46
Wakeful state 48
Dream state 50
Deep sleep state 52
State ofturya 54
Four body types of humans 56
Three subtle bodies 60
IV. Glory of mother's womb 64
State of the fetus in mother's womb 66
Sad state of the just-born 68
Yogin retuning to the state in mother's womb 70
Jnana upadesa in the state ofturya 72
V. Siddhantha about evolution  
Darwin's theory of evolution 74
Siddhantha about evolution 76
Qualities of insentient entities, rock and stone 78
Secret of how toad lives inside a stone 80
Growth of sensory knowledge during evolution 88
VI. Evolution described by Dasavatara 94
l.Matsya avatara 96
Koonnaavatara 98
Varahaavatara 100
Narasimha avatara 102
Vamana avatara 1 04
Parasuramaavatara 106
Rama avatara 1 08
Krishna avatara 110
Buddha avatara 112
10.Kalkiavatara 114
Dasavatara summary evolution 116
Truths that dasavatara show us 124
VII. Role of the ine planets in spirituality 130
ine planets are the nine apertures in human body 131
Planetary positions in the womb 132
Sun 136
Moon 138
Mars 140
Mercury 142
Jupiter 144
Venus 146
Saturn 148
Rahu 150
Ketu 152
The shadow path ofRahu and ketu 154
VIII. Twelve rasi mandala (Zodiac) 156
Mesha - Aries 158
Rishabha - Taurus 160
Mithuna - Gemini 162
Kataka - Cancer 164
Simham - Leo 166
Kanya - Virgo 168
Tulam - Libra 170
Vrichikam - Scorpio 172
Dhanus - Sagittarius 176
Makara - Capricorn 178
Kumbha -Aquarius 180
Meenam - Pisces 182
IX. Structure of the five elements 184
Pritvi - earth principle 186
Appu - water principle 188
Teyu - fire principle 190
Vayu - air principle 192
Akasha - space principle 194
X. Actions offive senses 198
I.Eye 204
Ear 206
Nose 208
Mouth 210
Skin 212
XI. Structure of six chakra (shat chakra) 214
Muladhara 216
Svadhishtana 218
Manipuraka 218
Anahata 220
Vishuddhi 222
6.Ajna 224
7. Sahasrara 226
XII. Structure of Gunasarira 228
Satvaguna 230
Rajoguna 232
Tamoguna 234
Ekapaadhamurthy- suddhasatvikam 236
XIII. Saptha Dhatus 238
Semen 240
Marrow 242
Bone 244
Nervous system 246
Blood 248
Flesh 250
Skin 252
XIV Structure of human body 254
The first four sheaths 256
Inner three sheaths 258
Bhutakasha 262
Pranavakasha 264
Chidakasha 266
Paramakasha 268
Ida, Pingala and sushumna nadi 270
XV Sambhavi yoga - 1 274
Sambhavi yoga - 2 276
Sambhavi yoga - 3 278
A Short note of Am arakavi siddeswara 280
List of our publication 282


About the Book

The answer for the question, does God have a form like man, is just like man, God has a divine form, sacred breath and divine speech in the form of sounds of mantra. Lord also has specific clothes, weapons, vehicles and a world to live in. God possesses the sarvaprapancha jnana, the limitless supreme knowledge, with which he manages the magnificent nature faultlessly. We can see in the first part of this book series that all the actions in this universe are managed by one Supreme Knowledge through several divinities and celestials that are its aspects. These divinities serve as supreme lords of the jobs they manage. They roam freely on earth and the sky, and thus rule this universe.

The Lord grants several divine titles and symbols (including divine weapons) as a mark of achievement to souls that have reached a specific stage in yoga and taponishtai. These symbols spread the glory of such souls. The divine weapons are praised as divya asthra as by wearing them those souls protect themselves from negative forces and limiting principles. We can understand these details through the pictures and explanations given in this second part of the book series.

Hinduism has the special significance that it has marked certain birds and animals as divine mounts. Our ancestors have conveyed several esoteric principles through these divine vehicles in such a way that even a common man can understand them. We can see these details in part three of this series. Hindu temples are created based on man's gross and subtle body. These secrets and the truths behind various temple worship rituals are explained in part four of this series.


The book 'The Secret behind Divine Worship' builds upon the foundations laid out in 'The Human Body and Brahma Rahasiya' and goes a bit deeper into the foundations of worship. In my many visits to India, I observed that for many Hindus, it is an important tradition to visit as many temples as one can fit into one's lifetime. Devotees feel drawn to these important religious temples, to attend pujas, yagnas, perform ablutions and give offerings. There is no question that the moment we set foot on the these holy grounds, we receive countless blessings and spiritual benefits. But why?

Why have these temples been built in such a way? Why are we being led from one area to the other in such a particular order? Why are certain activities such as yagnas and pujas performed at certain times of the day, and why are certain ritual implements and ritual offerings used while performing them? There is a reason for everything. The ancient knowers and seers in their divine vision and understanding of the unseen world - the world of energy, gods and goddesses meticulously, laboriously and masterfully crafted every minutiae, incorporating their hidden knowledge into temple design and construction and religious ritual and worship in such a way as to bring tremendous benefit to humanity for thousands of years to come. Such was their brilliance, that even without knowing or understanding 10 Amarakavi Siddeswara the mechanics and principles behind them, devotees receive countless spiritual benefits at every step, with every sight, sound and smell. .

It is only in this book that you will find the answers and appreciation of the genius and compassion of those that came before us and the tremendous gift to humanity.

The information found within these pages would have remained unknown to humanity and lost to distant times were it not for the tireless work of Siddhar Amarakavi, the modern day sage who's auspicious birth arduous tapas allowed him to pierce the veil and walk alongside the siddhars and Rishis of yore, bringing back with him secrets, knowledge and wisdom which will benefit and enlighten humanity for ages to come.


In Prabhodaran Sukumar's book "Secrets behind Divine Worship" is an extraordinary rare book which you won't find in any book store. The material came from God himself through Brahma Jnani Amarakavi Siddeswara over a period of serveral decades.

Sri Amarakavi periodically got into divine states and received the contents mostly during night times. Prabhodaran had told me that Sri Amarakavi could see without the help of light in night time. This extra ordinary night vision helped him to write the revelations during the night without turing on the light.


A word - by Prabhodaran Sukumar 11
Part - I - The Kingdom of Heaven 22 - 181  
Lord Sri Maha Ganapthi 22
Gajamukhan, Gajananan, Vigna Rajan, Mathalla vairu, Eka  
Dhantham, Lambodharan, Soorpakarnan, Aadhi Bhagavan,  
Aadhi Mulam, Chaturbhujan, Vakra thundan, Niraadhaaran,  
Dharanidharan, Jeshtarajan, Heramban, Modhakam, Mushika  
Vahana, Kakuta rahasya, NagaAbharanam, Angusam Pasaam,  
Ucchishta Ganapathy, Amirtha kalasam, Ananda Bhavanam  
Siddhi, Buddhi Ganapathy 55
Sri Mula Ganapathy 60
Lord Sri Murugan 64
Six chakra and Murugan's battle houses 68
The Trinities - Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra 74
Sri Lingodhbhavar 82
Sri Ardhanarisvara 84
Sri Aghora Veerabadrar 86
Sri Kala Bhairava murthy 88
Sri Bhikshadanar 90
Sri UmaMaheswara 92
Sri Parvathi and Parameshwara 96
Lord Dakshinamurthy 100
Lord Nataraja
Dance of Lord Sri Nataraja - Eating, Breathing, Speaking,  
Sleeping, Physical union - Pancha thandava - Arul thandava,  
Perarul thandava, Arputha thandava, Arputha ananda  
thandava, Singa natanam, Sri Nataraja's five sabhas, Siva  
thandavam, Koothan, Nadanam, Thillaivanam, Thookkiya  
paadham, Aadiya padam, Kunchitha paadaham,  
Chitrambalam, Ponnambalam, Ambalavaanan  
Lord Sri Sadasivan 126
Amarakavi Siddeswara  
Sri Vaishnava and Saktham  
Lord Sriman Narayana 130
Lord Sri Maha Vishnu 134
Sri Venkatachalapathi 136
Thirumala - Saptha giri 138
Sri Parthasarathy 140
Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva 142
Sri Mahalakshmi 144
Sridevi and Bhudevi 148
Sri Niladevi and Moodevi 150
Ashta Lakshmi 152
Sri DeviMeenakshi 154
Sri Kamakshi - Dhyana 158
Sri Bala Thripura Sundari 162
Sringeri Sri Saradamba 166
Sri Maha Kali 168
Sri Durga Devi 170
Sri Kamalambika 172
Vak Devi, Sarasvathi 174
Sri Gayathii Devi 178
Part - II Celestial Awards (Titles and symbols) 184 - 279  
Goad and noose - removal of desire and wants 188
Valorous spear - ascent ofkundalini sakthi 190
Book of Veda - rules of creation 192
Japa mala - mantra siddhi 194
Veena - seven notes of music 196
Trident - attaining the state of satvika 198
Snake ornament - success of crawling breath 200
Deer - the state of chittha vritti nirodha 202
Axe - removal of the innate impurities 204
Third digit of the moon - hearing pranava nadha 206
Tiger skin - shield ofprana for self protection 208
Third eye - knowledge about 3 timeframes 210
Ganga on the head - Atma bodhana 212
Yoga danda - control of vat a, pittha and kapha 214
Kamandalam - importance of water principle 216
Drum - parade ofbija akshara 218
Begging bowl- destruction ofahamkara 221
Fire pot - emergence of panch a agni 222
Flying hair - emergence of air principle 224
Muyalagan - destroying the physical body 226
Ear ring - the true ear ornament 228
Sound of conch - hearing pranava nadha 230
Chakra or disc - going beyond time and space 232
Mace -symbol ofParabhakti 234
Sword - winning over anava 236
Bow and arrow - success ofsushumna 238
Crown - guarantee oflonglife 240
Yellow silk - armor of protection for prana 242
Srivatsam - flowing of divine air 244
Kausthubam - secret chamber in the heart 245
Makara kundala - crossing the Srishti tattva 246
Sankha nidhi, Padma nidhi - divine words 248
Four arms - success over 4 inch breath 250
8 Arms - success over 8 inch breath 252
10 Arms - success over 10 inch breath 254
12 Arms - success over 12 inch breath 256
12 Arms - success over 16 inch breath 258
Three legs - Agni 's rule over three worlds 260
4 Faces - sensory knowledge 262
5 Faces - Sri Sadasivan 264
6 Faces - six chakra 266
1000 faces - Virat purusha 268
Sa-lokham, Sa-roopam, Saa-meepam and Saa-yujyam  
Permanent higher states attained through yoga 269
Lord's pancha akasa 275
Part - III - Divine vehicles 280 - 327
1. Cow (Kamadenu) undivided breath 284
2. Devas' Havis 288
3. Kaupaadham - ajna 290
4. Elephant - Yoga nidra 292
5. Horse - chittha vritti nirodham 294
6. Garuda - upward flowing breath 296
7. Crow - dual eyes singular vision 298
8. Cobra - unseeing eye unhearing ear 300
9. Parrot - state ofturiya 302
10. Shrew - prana's run 304
11. Peacock - suddha pranava 306
12. Swan - removal of the twin maya 308
13. Rishabam - deva gati and jiva gati 310
14. Adhikara Nandhi - gross and subtle 312
15. Lion - ascent ofrajo guna  
16. Hanumantha vahana - parabhakti marga 314
17. Surya prabha - ascent oflife breath 318
18. Chandra prabha - ascent of circle of soma 320
19. Chariot - coming together of creative principles 322
Part - IV - Temple construction 328 - 372  
Gopuram - gateway to deva lokha 328
Temple walls - skin outer cover of body 332
Bali peetam - everything is consumed 334
Dvajasthambam - shat chakra facing the sky 336
Kitchen - annamaya kosha 338
Inner precincts - pancha kosha 340
Temple pond - appu tattva 342
Nandi devar - gross body 344
Garuda - dance of twin breaths 348
Hanuman - importance of parabhakti 350
Adisesha - dance of the five senses 352
Dvarapalaka - breath and speech 354
Sanctum - location of sacred breath 356
Utsava Moorthy - state ofturiya 358
Thiruppali ezhucchi - daily activities 360
Thiruppaliarai - sarva prapancha brahmajnana 362
Truths explained by temple worship 364
Archana in temples 368
List of our publications 370

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