Hundreds of Shells (From The Spiritual Sands Of Swami Satyamitranand Giri)

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Author: Raj Supe
Publisher: Celestial Books
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9789381115923
Pages: 323
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 5.0 inch x 4.5 inch
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

About the book

There is no dearth of saints in India. But there are a few rare ones who leave indelible impressions on religious institutions. Swami Satyamitrananda is one such sint. Karan singh.

A unique concept of samanvaya (harmonious compatibility of the religious and social ethos), flashed into the mind of swami satyamitrananda ethos), flashed into the mind of swami satyamitrananda giri while he was in deep meditation-and he gave voice to it in his teachings. Here are tales and words fo wisdom from his texts, discourses, speeches and letters.

And ardent nationalist ad devotee of Mother India Swami Satyamitrananda is renunciant and ascetic: a gifted scholar selfless patriot; and hardworking spiritual preceptor. His essence filled welfare-seeking and ignorance dispelling words, never fail to create waves of inner joy in the minds of his readers.




Swami Satyamitrananda Giri His lfie & work 13
I am an ordinary sannyasi 32
Parivraajak 33
I bow to the tradition of sainthood 34
Dharmo rakshati rakhitaha 35
The sacred remnants of vyasa's scholarship 36
We're al sitting on a treasure 38
India Scriptures & inner thrill 42
The Scriptures Speak 43
Western beginning Indian ending 45
Milton & surdas 48
Dhritarashtra's blindness 50
Knowledgs liberates 52
Lifestyle must reflect learning 53
Raja Bhoja and the barhmin 55
The true brahmin 57
Distant but pleasurable 58
How to unburden 59
Pipilika 61
Hide the gem 65
Arjuna's pride 66
Vachaspati and the bhamati 70
Restlessness of the mind 76
Power of resolution 78
Sincerity 79
Effort leads to effortlessness 80
Arati 81
Repect in Kurushetra 82
Kunti's boon 85
Learning by heart 89
Discipline the Mind 89
Who is the closest to us In this world 92
The force behind the curtain 94
Param histeshi bhagawan 96
Bhaava graahi janaardan 98
Inclusive philosophy 101
Lord krishna's universalism 104
Braham vritti and brahma bhava 106
Shivoham 108
God for all 110
God in all 113
God's Favour is all you nee 114
Tuning for grace 115
His doors are open for everyone 116
Madhava 118
What is shava? What is keshava 120
God does not cheat anyone 121
Conqering kaal time 123
Divine lognging 125
All lines are busy 126
Joy within 127
Human life is no burden 128
Aakruti and kruti 130
Dhanvanta 132
Harer namaiva kevalam 133
Naam 134
Ram kathaa 135
Akbar naam 136
Prahla's ram naam 140
Naam to remove evil thought 143
Gandhiji's medicine 144
Contentment 146
True faith no cause for concern 147
Weaith of contentment 148
Amrita tattva 149
Fear arises from duality 152
Fearlessness 154
Aim of true knowledge 155
Sant jnaneshwara might of the self 157
The king and the hermit 160
True dispassion 163
Shiva the true ascetic 164
Anayataa exclusive devotion 166
Gulam 170
Smaran 177
Forget the world 179
Surrender 180
No loss in surender 181
Devoted to me 183
Develoing suruchi 184
Four chaturvedis 186
Dharma sustains 189
Service purifies the heart 190
Small bondges 191
Point of view 193
Saint and musician 195
Guruness 198
Why fear god? 200
Be a disciple ask for guidance 201
Ways to self knowledgs 203
Siddhi through work 205
Sherpa Tezing 206
Sant ravidas and mirabai 208
Never forget the guru 211
Faith in guru's word 214
Surdas the blind seer 219
Ravidas's offering to mother ganga 222
Duryodhan had seen god several times 226
King manu and queen shatarupa 228
Ganga of punya 231
Gratefulness 233
Let ego go 234
Not the world, but him 235
True power 237
In the company of Truth 240
Ahimsa 244
Work with sattva 245
Way to deal with faults in loved ones 246
Lord hannuman meets vibhishana in lanka 248
Humility of the bhakta 250
Glory of the bhakta 251
His lotus feet 252
Thinking from the empire state building 253
Kurukeshetra the world over 255
The gita music of life 257
Doership must go 258
King shivaji and Sant ramdas 260
Renuciation rather than possession 263
Beyond self claims 266
Nishkaam karma 268
Never avoid karma 269
When duty becomes our nature 271
Four essentials 273
Why should we act 275
Our present is our creation 278
Action needs devotion 279
Yogis Night 280
Flash of illumination 284
The true purpose of tongue and ears 287
Sharvanam 289
Badanaseeb zafar 290
Jagat and jagadishwar 292
Vidyaranya Swami's wait 294
God our silent companion 298
Niraakaar and neeraakaar 300
Garuda's home 302
Abode for sri rama 304
Kevat 307
Out of inertness 310
God can be tied down 311
Heaven no higher than earth 312
The lamp within 313
Three types of peace 314
Welcome to smanvay 316
In gratitude 323


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