Illustrated Ramayana

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Author: Das& Karan
Publisher: Adarsh Books
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788183630528
Pages: 200
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 11.0 inch x 8.0 inch
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

By reading these stories of Ramayana people of all ages in general and children is particular can be benefited by barding Lord Rama's qualities like truthfulness, gentle heartedness, kindness, forgiveness, softness, steadfastness, velour, servility, knowledge of armament, industriousness, fearlessness, modesty, Calmness, endurance, Self-restraint, desirelessness, diplomacy love, renunciation, Preserving of Social decorum, monogamy, care for subjects, devotion to Guru brotherly affection, friendly traits, affection for whoso- ever comes to his refuse, simplicity, keeping promise, suppressing the wicked, total absence of enmity, versatility of knowledge, sanctity etc. nowhere in the world are found so many qualities centered in a single person like Lord Rama

Ramayana means-a biography of Lord Rama. All over the world, people especially of Indian origin believe that Lord Rama was the incarnation of supreme Brahma.

"Illustrated Ramayana" is a collection of stories taken from the time and life of Lord Rama which tells us about the purpose of his birth, life and how he presented him- self before the society as a man of ideal conduct and character.




Sage Valmiki 9
The Suryavansha 11
King Dashratha's Yagna 12
Partaking of the Prasad 14
Dashratha's Gaiety 15
The Princes in the palace 16
Christening of the Princes 17
Education of the Princes 18
The Learned Sage Vashishtha 19
Completion of Learning 20
Homecoming of the Princes 21
Sage Vishwamitra 22
Sage Vishwamitra's Plea 23
Vishwamitra demands Rama 24
The Slaying ofTadaka 25
Rej oicing in Ashram 26
Another Triumph 27
Janaka Invites Vishwamitra 28
Redeeming of Ahalya 29
Preparation for Swayamvara 31
Failure of Kings 32
Rama in the Arena 33
Conquest and Commotion 34
Parashurama's Anger 35
Defeat of Par ashur am a 36
Rama Wins Sita 37
Ayodhya Kand  
The Wedding Procession 38
The Four Weddings 39
Newlyweds Reach Ayodhya 40
King Dashratha decides to Retire 41
The Declaration of King Dashratha 42
Evil Manthara 43
Kaikeyee's reminder to Dashratha 45
Kaikeyee demands for her w.ishes 46
Dashratha's helplessness 47
Rama's great sacrifice 48
The Beginning of Exile 49
First Night of Exile 50
RamaExitsAyodhya 51
Sumantra returns to Ayodhya 52
The Boatman's Luck 53
Rama crosses the Ganges 54
A Bath in the holy Ganges 55
Meeting Sage Bhardwaja 56
Sage Bhardwaja's Suggestion 57
The Grieving Parents 58
Dashratha's Blunder 59
Accidental death ofShravana Kumar 60
Dashratha meets Shravana's Parents 61
Dashratha breathes his last 62
Bharata called to Ayodhya 63
Bharata arrives in Ayodhya 64
The Fuming Princes 65
Bharata performs the last rites 66
Bharata rejects the throne 67
Bharata arrives in the forest 68
Bharata in Rama's cottage 69
Bharata meets Rama 70
Aranya Kand  
The Family Reunites 71
Dutiful Rama 72
Rama visits Sage Atri 73
Slaying ofViradha 74
Rama meets Sage Agastya 75
Residing at Panchavati 76
Demoness Shoorpanakha 77
Shoorpanakha's Proposal 78
Furious Shoorpanakha 79
Lakshmana cuts Shoorpanakha's Nose 80
Shoorpanakha pleads with her brothers 81
A Huge Army attacks Rama 82
Rama defeats the Army of Demons 83
Akampana reports to Ravana 84
Ravana meets Mareecha 86
Shoorpanakha taunts Ravana 88
Ravana visits Mareecha again 89
The Golden Deer 90
Sita's desire 91
The Death ofMareecha 92
The Lakshmana Rekha 93
Ravana in disguise 94
Ravana abducts Sita 95
Jatayu lies wounded 96
Search for Sita 97
The One-Eyed demon 98
Kabandha is freed from curse 99
Shabari's offering 100
Kishkindha Kand  
Rama reaches Rishyamook 102
Hanumana meets Rama 103
Sugreeva confers with Rama 105
Sita's ornaments 107
Sugreeva fights Bali 108
Another duel 109
Rama slays Bali 110
Swayamprabha helps Hanumana 112
Vulture King, Sampati 113
Monkeys confer 114
Hanumana flies to Lanka 117
Surasa blocks the way 118
Hanumana lands in Lanka 119
100. Hanumana meets Vibhishana 121
Hanumana in the garden 122
Ravana proposes to Sita 123
Hanumana meets mother Sita 124
Hanumana destroys Ashoka Vatika 125
Indrajita captures Hanumana 126
Hanumanameets Ravana 127
Hanumana's tail on fire 129
Hanumana sets Lanka on fire 130
Hanumana leaves Lanka 131
Hanumanainforms Ramaabout Sita 132
Army's March 134
Lanka Kand  
Meeting at Lanka 135
Rama offers prayers 137
Ravanafrightens Sita 139
Sugreeva attacks Ravana 140
Angada at Ravana's Court 142
Indrajita enters the battle 143
Attack oflndrajita 144
Garuda Saves Lakshmana 145
Rama spares Ravana 146
Ravana suffers Humiliation 147
Kumbhakarna is awakened 148
Kumbhakarnais killed 149
The illusion oflndrajita 151
Lakshmana battles Indrajita 152
Bharata attacks Hanumana 155
Slaying of Indrajita 157
Ravanafights back 158
Death of great demons 159
End of Ravana 160
New Ruler of Lanka 161
Rama sends for Sita 162
Test of Sit a's purity 163
Rama leaves for Ayodhya 164
Bharata welcomes Rama 165
The Coronation Ceremony 166
Uttar Kand  
Hanumanaas Rama's servant 168
A Spy's words 169
A Washerman's doings 170
Rama abandons Sita 171
Lava-Kusha Kand  
Sita is exiled 172
Sitameets Sage Valmiki 174
Birth of Lava and Kusha 175
Ashwamedha Yagna 177
The Horse is captured 178
Lava and Kusha fight Rama's army 179
Lakshmana faces Lava and Kusha 181
Bharata faces Lava and Kusha 182
Kusha captures Hanumana 184
Si ta comes to know about the battle 185
Rama meets his sons 186
Lakshmana pleads with Sita 187
Sita plunges into earth 188
Lava and Kusha in Ayodhya 190
Rama Wishes to return to Vishnu Dhaam 191
Dharamraja meets Rama 192
Lakshmana goes to heaven 194
Rama leaves for Saryu 195
Rama meets his dear ones 196
RamaentersriverSaryu 197
Hanumana praises Rama 199

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