Incurable Disease: Don’t Despair

Incurable Disease: Don’t Despair

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Author: Various Authors
Publisher: Navneet Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788124301302
Pages: 110 (Throughout In Full B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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There are a number of deseases, some serious, others not serious which are either incurable or can be cured only with great defflculty.

Victims of such diseases run from one door to another in search of remedial medicines. There are not many doctors who would publicly accept the inadequacy or futility of their medicines in such diseases. Therefore, medicines continue to be dumped into the stomachs of unwary patients.

Such ‘incurable’ or difficult to cure’ diseases can, however, be easily controlled and their distressing symptoms eradicated with simple physical measures. Indeed a lot of time and money would be saved by following the simple measures advocated in this book.

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There are a number of diseases that either can’t be cured or can be cured only with difficulty. Such diseases call for life-long treatment to prevent further deterioration and prolong life.

Considering the possibility of harmful side effects few people would relish the idea of taking medicines throughout life.

Fortunately There Are number of non- medicinal measures which can effectively keep all the so called incurable diseases under complete control.

Then there are diseases that are known to occur again and again. Medicines can do little to prevent such recur-rences. But some simple physical measures can effectively keep such diseases at bay.

The modern way of living has made us humans Susceptible or vulnerable to a number of troublesome diseases.

This Book Describes Proven Methods to Prevent or Control Such Dreadful Diseases.


1 Addiction 5
2 Arthritis 12
3Asthma 21
4 Chronic cold 36
5 Constipation 41
6 Headache (Including Migraine )47
7Insomnia (Sleeplessness) 52
8 Sexual Debility 56
9 Varicose Veins 62
Appendix 1: Basic Facts about Magnet Therapy 78
Appendex 2: Basic Facts Abouts Acupressure and Acupuncture 80
Appendex 3: Yogasanas, pranayama and Yogic Cleansing81
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