Indology in Russia (Photographic Presentation and Select Articles)

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Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan
Author: Prof. S. A . Upadyaya
Edition: 2003
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Book Description

We are very happy to publish this volume entitled ‘Ideology in Russia (Photographic presentation and Select Articles)’, which is mainly based on the Exhibition ‘Ideology in Russia’ organized by the I3haratiya Vidya Bhavan and the Cultural Centre of Russia, Mumbai during February 25-29, 2000. This photographic journey surveys the Russian Ideological studies during last two centuries.

We are grateful to the Cultural Centre of Russia, Mumbai and the Centre for Indian Studies, Institute for the Oriental Studies, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mos cow for making available the details of the Russian scholars and their works.

We are specially thankful to Dr. D.E.Chelyshev and Dr. (Mrs.) Irma Chelysheva of the Cultural Centre of Russia, Mumbai and Dr. Ms. Eugenia Varian of Moscow for their active and sustained co-operation in preparing this volume.

We hope this publication ‘Ideology in Russia’ will not only stimulate. the interest of Indian scholars in the Russian Ideology, but will also bring both Russia and India closer in friendship.


With a feeling of privilege and great joy am presenting this publication “Ideology in Russia” (Photographic presentation and select articles) - the tweet ripened fruit of more than two years’ tapas (ardent dedicated effort) to all those interested in Oriental studies. Let me briefly outline the interesting details of this delivery. The Govt. of India declared the year 1999-2000 to be celebrated as the Sanskrit Year. This announcement enlivened my heart’s deep desire to prepare a substantial article/exhibition appreciating the Russian contribution to Ideology, in which I was interested while referring to the works of Leedey, Bonnard-Levin and others.

One auspicious morning we expressed our above-mentioned desire to Dr.D.E.Chelyshev and Dr.Mrs.Irina Chelysheva of the Cultural Centre of Russia, Mumbai. They readily and warmly appreciated our idea and assured us their best co-operation in organizing an Exhibition. Dr. Chelyshev supported this illuminating event in view of the forthcoming Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Cultural Centre of Russia, Mumbai in the year 2000. The baby, thus conceived, grew steadily in our minds; and the result is being presented to the scholar’s to-day in a book-form.

The Exhibition was inaugurated on 25th February 2000 at the Gita Mandir Hall of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai. It was blessed by the presence of H.H.Kanchi Shankaracharya Shri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal and FLH.Shri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal and it was inaugurated by Mr. Dmitry Kazennov, the Consul General, and Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Mumbai. The Exhibition included more than 200 photographs of the Russian Indologists, select Russian Indological publications, the Russian paintings on Indian themes, meetings of the eminent Russian and Indian personalities as well as postal stamps depicting Indo-Russian friendship. Dr. Ms. Eugenia Vanina, (Head, Section of History and Culture of Medieval India, Centre for Indian Studies, Institute of the Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow), who kindly accepted our invitation to grace the occasion, delivered the key-note addiess on ‘Russian Indology Past and Present” at the Inaugural function. The function was presided over by Justice Shri. B.NShrikrishria, the Judge of Bombay High Court.

This Exhibition was also displayed at New Delhi during 27-3- 2000 to 4-4-2000 under the auspices of Bharatiya Vidya Rhavan, New Delhi; Russian Centre of Science and Culture, New Delhi and the Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi. Some details and photographs of this programmer given under Appendixes in this book.

Let me confess that this exhibition is our humble and limited attempt to highlight and admire the Russian contribution to Ideology I am fully aware of the academic and practical limitations with which the Exhibition has been prepared This is only a hand full presentation (anjah) from the ocean of Russian Ideology The scholars will forgive us for all our lapses in form and content In this book, an attempt is made to maintain the chronological order of scholars and their works as best as possible. The details given in the exhibits and the articles are as in the year 2000.

This publication includes seven specially invited articles of Russian scholars viz Dr V V Vertogradova, Dr 0 V Mezentseva, Dr A A Vigasin, Dr N V Isayeva, Dr Irma Chelysheva, Dr C V Strelkova and Dr M I Mikhail to whom we are extremely grateful This volume also contains the proceedings of the Inaugural function of the Exhibition “Ideology in Russia”, photographs of the exhibits, and six appendices giving miscellaneous relevant information pertaining to Russian Ideology.

I am grateful to H E Mr A Kadakin, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to India, for his encouraging message and best wishes, to Mr. Dmitry Kazennov, the Consul General, Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Mumbai for kindly inaugurating this Exhibition and to Justice Shri B N Shrikrishna for presiding over the Inaugural function I am highly indebted to Dr D E Chelyshev, Dr Mrs Irma Chelysheva and their son Mr Andrey for their continuous guidance and help in making this exhibition an unforgettable event I am also deeply thankful to Dr Ms Eugenma Vanma for her untiring co-operation in digging up and dressing the exhibits with dedication My thanks are also due to Shri R M Suvarna, Dr Ms Suniti Deshpande and Shri T V Rajeev of the Cultural Centre of Russia, Mumbai, Dr P L Dash, Head, Centre for Central Eurasian Studies, University of Mumbam and Dr Laxmi S Mikaelyan, Reader, German-Russian Dept, Univei sity of Mumbai for their kind help No words are adequate to express my sincere gratitude to Shri S.Ramakrishnan, Executive Secretary and Director General of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, who nurtured the seed of this exhibition from the very beginning to the end with his encouraging guidance and incessant support. It is indeed very unfortunate that he is not alive to-day to see this publication which he had envisaged and eagerly awaited. My sincere thanks are also due to Shri H.N.Dastur, Shri A.N.Chaturvedi and my other colleagues at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan for their unfailing co-operation.

How can I forget the incessant editorial assistance and useful suggestions given to me by my colleagues Shri G.B.Jani and Smt. Prachi A. Moghe in publication of this volume?

Many thanks to Shri Atulbhai Goradia of Siddhi Printers for the excellent printing of this work.


Foreword :MM. Prof. J.H.Dave iii
Preface : Prof. S.A. Upadhyaya v
:SECTION I:Proceedings of the Inaugural function of the
Exhibition ‘Indology In Russia’
1Message : H.E.Mr.A.Kadakin I
2Welcome Address : MM. Prof. J.H.Dave 3
3Inaugural Speech : Mr. Dmitry A.Kazennov 7
4Introductory Speech : Dr. D.E.Chelyshev 7
5Opening Remarks : - Prof. S.A.Upadhyaya 9
6Key-note Address - Russian Indology : Past and Present:Dr.Ms. Eu.genia Vanina 17
7Presidential Address : Justice Shri B.N.Shrikrishna 29
SECTION II: Select Research Articles
1Vedic Night P1thi vi and the date of the Rgveda: Dr.M.I.Mikhailov 31
2.-Investigating Unknown Writing (New Epigraphical Findsin Buddhist monasteries of Ancient Bactria): Dr.V.Vertogradova 53
3“The periplus of the Erythraean Sea”in India: Political situation : Dr.A. Vigasin 59
4The concept of Jiva in the systems of añkara and Surevara: Dr. Natalia V. Isayeva 69
5The Play/Game Motif in the poetry of Namdev and Dnyaneshvar : Dr. G.V.Strelkova 79
6The manuscript of Afanasii Nikitin - “Voyage Beyond the Three Seas” (XV century) and its Elucidation in India in century (on the basis of archival material of the Maharashtra State) : Dr. Irma Chelysheva 95
7The fundamentals of Hinduism in Gandhian Perspective: Dr. O.V.Mezentseva109
SECTION III : Exhibits
SECTION III-A : Indological Centres in Russia 127
SECTION Ill-B : Russian Indologiata
1G.S.Lebedev 138
2V.Lmiller 140
3P.Ya.Petrov 141
4O.O.Bothlingk 142
5K.K.Kossovich 143
6LP.Minayev 144
7S.F.Oldenburg 145
8F.LScherbatsky 146
9A.P.Barannikov 147
10B.L.Smirnov 148
11Yu.N.Roerich 149
12V.I.Kalyanov 150
13N.R.Guseva 150
14I.D.Serebryakov 152
15E.P.C.helyshev 153
16A.D.Litman 153
17V.G.Erman 155
18P.A.Grintzer 155
20T.Ya. Elizarenkova 155
20N.M.Sazanova 158
21G.M.Bongard-Levin 159
22V.S.Kostyuchenko 160
23N.LPrigarina 161
25Yu.M.Alikhanova 162
25R.B.Rybakov 162
26V.S.Sementsov 164
27L.A.Vasilieva 165
28O.V.Mezentsevá 165
29S.D.Serebryany 167
30A.A.Vigasin 168
31A.M.Samozvantsev 169
33N.Gafurova 169
33Irma P. Chelysheva 171
34V.K.Shokhin 172
35V.G.Lysenko 173
36N.V.Isayeva 174
37E.Y.Vaninax 175
SECTION III - C :Literature on Indology by the Russian Indologists
1A.Petrov - The first edition of Bhagavadgita 176
2N.M.Karamzin - The first edition of ‘Shakuntalal 177
3I.P.Minayev - Mahavyutpatti 178
4. F.I.Scherbatsky - The study of the categorical Imperative teachings of the Brahmanas 178
5Th. Stcherbatsky - The Conception of Buddhist Nirväia 179
6Th Stcherbatsky - Abhisamayatankara - Prajiäpäramitä - Upadesa - Sãstra179
7Th Stcherbatsky - Buddhist Logic 180
8A.P.Barannikov - Tulasidas4 Rarnayana or Ramacharitamanasa180
9G.E.Illyin -Religions of the Ancient India 181
10N.P.Anikeev - On the Materialistic Traditions in Indian Philosophy181
11L.R.Gordon - Polonskaya - The Muslim Trends in the Social Thought of India and Pakistan 182
12A.H.Vafa and A.D.Litman - The Philosophical outlook of Jawaharlal Nehru 182
13N.R.Guseva-Jainism 183
14Harish Gupta (trans ) - Paper of Th Stcherbatsky 183
15N P Anikeev - Modern Ideological Struggle for the Ancient Philosophical Heritage of India184
16V.S.Kostyuchenko - Integral Vedanta 184
17C Z Ashrafyan (Ed ) - Guru Nanak 185
18The Indian Culture and Buddhism, F.I.Scherbatsky Memorial Volume185
19Yu.M.Alikhañova - Anandavardhana’s Dhvanyaloka 186
20G.M.Bongard-Levin and A.V.Gerasimov - Sages and Philosophers of the Ancient India186
21E.N.Tyomkin-TheoutlookofBhamaha 187
22The Ancient Indian Epoch 187
23Myths of the Ancient India 188
24V.I.Kalyanov - Mahabharata - Udyogaparva 188
25Mahabharata - Udyogaparva 189
26N.R.Guseva - Hinduism, History and the Cult practices 189
27B.L.Smirnov - Mahabharata Vol.1 190
28S Y Sheinman - Topshtein - Plato and Vedic Philosophy A comparative study190
29E.N.Tyomkin and V.G.Erman - Three Great Legends of the Ancient India191
30G.M.Bongard-Levin - The Ancient Indian Civilization:Philosophy, Science, Religion 191
31V.G.Erman - The Historical sketch of the Vedic literature 192
32A.D.Litrnan - Traditions of the Philosophical Naturalism in India and the Outlook of Devatma 192
33N.V.lsayeva - Shankara and the Indian Philosophy 193
34N.F.Rukavishinikova The Chariot of Jagannath, A study in the religion and folk tradition of Orissa with special reference to the Jagannath193
35V.S.Kostyuchenko - The Classical Vedanta and Neo-Vedarttjsm 194
36A.D.Litman - Sarvepalli Radhakrjshnan 194
37A.D.Litman and R.B.Rybakov - Religion and Social life in India 195
38R.B.Rybakov - The Bourgeoisie Reformation of Hinduism (A study of XIXth and XXth century socio-religious Reformers of Hinduism)195
39LI.Sheptunova - Historical sketches of the Aesthetic conception of India in the new and the latest periods 196
40G.M.Bongard-Levin, G.Fillyin - The AncieRt India 196
41A.D.Litman and R.B.Rybakov - Hinduism - Traditions and Modernity 197
42The Ancient India - Historical Cultural Relations 197
43A.D.Litman - The Modern Indian Philosophy 198
44O.V.Mezentseva - Ideological Struggle in Modern India 198
45VSementsov - The translation of Bhagavadgita 199
46K.Z.Ashrafyan - Delhi - History and Culture 199
47Russian Journals 200
48M.T.Stepanyants - The Rationalistic Tradition and Modernity India 200
49T.Y.Elizarenkova - Rtgveda - Mandalas - 1-4 201
50A.V.Paribok - Questions of Milinda - Miliadapanha 201
51LD.Serebryakov - The Ocean of Legends of Somadeva as a monument of the Medieval Indian Culture202
52Irma Chelysheva - Ethical Ideas in the World Outlook of Swami Vivekananda, Lokmanya B.G.Tilak and Aurobindo Ghosh202
53A.D.Litman - The Social Thought of India - The Past and Present 203
54V.P.Androsov - Nagarjuna and His Doctrine 203
55G.M.Bongard-Levin and M.1.Vorobyova - Desyatovskaya - Monuments of the Indian Literary Heritage from the Central Asia204
56S.L.Neveleva - Mahabharata - Study of the ancient Indian Epoch 204
57S.F.Oklenburg - The Indian Culture 205
58A.D. Litman and B.LKiyuev - India: Religion in Politics and in the Social Consciousness 205
59A.D.Litman and L.R.Polonskaya - The Social Conception of India : Problems of a Person and the Society206
60A.A.Kutsenkov, I.P.Chelysheva -The Prophesy of Vivekananda - Towards the Centenary of the World Parliament Of Religions in Chicago 206
61B.Z.Falikov - The Neo Hinduism and the Western Culture 207
62O.V.Mezentseva - The World of Vedic Truth - The life and learning of Swami Dayananda207
63A.Samozvantsev - Book of the sage Yajnavalkya 208
64V.K.Shokhin - The Brabmanical Philosophy - The Initial and Early Classical Periods208
65Ronald F.Emmerick and Margarita LVorobeva - Desjatovskaja - Saka Documents Text Volume III209
.66.Eugenia Vanina and Pavan Verma (Eds.) - Proceedings of a Seminar - Bhakti, the Religion of Love 209
67Anna Suvorova - The Lucknow Nostalgia (A study in the ‘Lukhnaviyat as a cultural phenomenoni210
68N.V.Gurov and Ya. V.Vasilkov (Eds.) -Sthãpakaräddham Prof. G.A.Zograph Commemorative Volume 210
69Irma Glushkova, Rajendra Vora (Eds.) - Home, Family and Kinship itt Maharashtra 211
70Irma Glushkova (Ed.) - The Indian Wife - A Collection of Essays on Social, Political and Spiritual Roles of the Indian Women, Past and Present211
71I.D.Serbryakov - The Hundred - Petal Lotus - Anthology of the Ancient Indian Literature 212
72Eugenia Vanina - Ideas and society in India from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries 212
73Ya. V.Vasjlkov and N.V.Gurov (Eds.) - Proverbs and Sayings of Northern India 213
74Irma Glushkova and Anne Feldhaus.(Eds) - House and Homein Maharashtra 213
75T.K.Posova and K.L.Chizhikova - A Short catalogue of the Indian manuscripts 214
76Anna Suvorova - The Muslim Saints in South Asia 214
77Asia-Africa Today - The Republic of India turns 50 215
78Shashi Bhushan - Acharya E.Chelyshev - Sainik, Darshanik, Samalochak 215
79A.M.Pyatigorsky - Historical Materials on the Indian Philosophy 216
80S.A.Neveleva and Y.V.Vasilkov - Mahabharata - Sauptikaparva and Striparva216
81S.Lipkin - Kalidasa 217
82Boris Klyuev - Religion in Indian Society - The Dimensions of Unity in Diversity217
83The Jatakas 218
84Panchatantra or five books about Lifes Wisdom 218
85Tulasidasa-Ramayana 219
86Mahabharata 219
87Culture of the Modern India 220
88History of Indian Philosophy - A Russian View-point 220
Section III D : The Photograph8 depicting Indo-Russian Friendship
(i)19 Photographs from the personal archives of theRussian Indologists.
1Prof. Serebryakov with Smt. Indira Gandhi 221
2Prof. Serebryakov at the 5th World Sanskrit Conference 222
3. Prof. Rybakov with Shri. I.K.Gujaral 223
4Prof. Rybakov at the Ramakrishna Mission 224
5Swami Lokeshwarananda with Russian Indologists 225
6Prof. Sazanova with Shri A.B.Vajpayee 226
7Prof. Sazanova with Prof .Srivastav 227
8Prof. Bongard-Levin with Smt. Indira Gandhi 228
9Prof. Bongard-Levin with Shri Rajiv Gandhi 229
10Th. Shcherbatsky in India 230
11. Prof. Zograph with his grand-daughter Masha 231
12Dr. Eduard Tyomkin 232
13indian Scholar Shri Rahul Sankrltyayana with Academician A.P.Barannikov233
14M.I.Vorobyova - Desyatovskaya with Prof. Yuri A.Petrosyan 237
15Prof. Andrey V. Paribok 235
16Prof.V.Ehrmann at Zograph Indological Conference 236
17YaroslavVassilkov with Prof. Bratindra Nath Mukherjee 237
18Prof. Nevelva at XXth ZographIndological Conference 238
19A Meeting with the delegation of Indian scientists 239
(ii)13 Photographs from the personal collection of E.P.Chelyshev
1E.P.Chelyshev inaugurates the meeting 240
2. A festive meeting in the Institute of OrientaiStudies 241
3E.P.Chelyshev gives a talk 241
4E.P.Chelyshev with Smt. Indira Gandhi 243
5E.P.Chelyshev with Shri Rajiv Gandhi 243
6E.P.Chelyshev gives a talk 245
7A gathering of Indologists in the House of Friendship 246
8E.P. Chelyshev with Jayaprakash Narayan 247
9E.P. Chelyshev with Krishan Chander 248
10E.P. Chelyshev with Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 249
11E.P.Chelyshev at the Conf erence Gorky and India’. 250
12E.P. Chelyshev with Dr.N.K.Siddhanta 251
13E.P. Chelyshev speaks on ‘The inro-Soviet Relations’ 252
(lii)4 Photographs of the Sixth International Conference on Maharasthra held at Moscow.
1Dr Irma Glushkova with Shri Sharad Pawar 253
2Dr. Irma Glushkova with Prof. Manjul and Prof. More 254
3Dr. Irma Glushkova with Prof. Anne Feidhaus 255
4The Indian Participants with Dr. Eugenia Vanina 256
-Section III E : Russian Traveller Afanasy Nikitin
1Title page of the book of Afanasy Nikitin 257
2Original manuscript from Afanasy Nikitin’s book 258
3Map showing route taken by Afanasy Nikitin 259
4Afanasy Nikitin’s arrival at Kalyazim 260
5Afanasy Nikitin moving around the palace 261
6Traditional Indian hospitality 262
7Monument of Afanasy Nikitin at Chaul 263
8The guests at the monument 264
9Board depicting a quotation of Afanasy Nikitin 265
Section III F: Paintings by Russian Artists on India
1A.Saltykov - Maharaja Sher Singh 266
2V.Vereshchagin - A Cart in Delhi 267
I N.Karazin - Basin near monument - to Bakhtawar Singh 268
4N.Roerich - Maytreya 269
5D. Nalbandian - Indira Gandhi 270
6N. Kormashov - Always on the Road 271
7P. Grechishkin - Elephant Gates, Jaipur 272
8V. Serebrovsky - Krishna 273
9I. Trofimova - Chess Game 274
10M. Romadin - India 275
11M. Romadin - The Tale of Rama, Sita and Hanuman 276
12Panchatantra 277
13. Panchatantra 278
14The poem - The Cloud Messenger 279
15The Birth of the God of War 280
16Raghu - The Family - origin of Raghu 281
17Malavika and Agnimitra 282
18Urvashi, won by Bravery 283
19Shakuntala or the Token Ring 284
Section III G16 Stamps and ftrst day vson Russian - Indian Friendship285
Appendix I AAPktographs of Inaugural function (25-2-2000) of the Exhibition - ‘Indology in Russia’ held at Mumbai289
Appendix I B Photographs of the Inaugural function (27-3-2000) of the Exhibition ‘Indology in Russia’ held at Delhi294
Appendex II APress coverage 497
Appendix IIB. Select opinions about the Exhibition ‘Indology in Russia’ (from visitors’ book)301
Appendix IIII:ndian Liteáture translated into Russian(a select list)By Dr. E.Y.Vanina 303
Appendix IV:Select List of Russian Indological Studies By Prof .S.A.Upadhyaya313
Appendix V: Russian Response toInlogy (select extracts from the writings of Russian scholars) - compiled by Prof S A Upadhyaya327
Appendix VI: Articles on Russiapublished in BharatiyaVidya Bhavan’s Journals330
1“Mahatma Gorlachev” unlocks Elemental forces of change for Yogakshema330
ShrS.Ramakrishnan 330
2Kâlidäsa in U.S.S.R. with special reference to the Abhijiina - ãkuntalam336
Prof. S.aupadhyaya 336
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