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Author: Sri Aurobindo
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788170587743
Pages: 276
Cover: Paperback
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Absolute cure of an illness so that it cannot return again depends on clearing the mind, the vital and the body consciousness and the subconscient of the psychological response to the force bringing the illness. The complete immunity from all illness for which your Yoga tries can only come by a total and permanent enlightenment of the below from above resulting in the removal of the psychological roots of ill health – it can not be done otherwise.

Pain brings us back to a deeper truth by forcing us to concentrate in order to be able to bear, to face this thing that crushes us.

The secret is to emerge from the ego, out of its prison, unite ourselves with the Divine, merge into Him, not to allow anything to separate us from Him. The, once one has discovered this secret and realises it in one’s being. Pain loses its justification and suffering disappears. It is an all-powered remedy, not only in the deeper parts of the being, in the soul, in the spiritual consciousness, but also in life and in the body.

There is no illness, no disorder than can resist if this secret is discovered and put into practice not only in the higher parts of the being, but in the cells of the body.



Integral Healing presents the insights of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother into the causes and cure of illness. This book of selections from their writings and talks examines the mechanism of illness primarily from a psychological point of view, taking into account the whole of our being including much that is beyond the range of our normal awareness. It explores how the hidden causes of physical disorders can be uprooted by discovering and utilising one’s inner power and participating consciously in the accelerated evolutionary process known as Integral Yoga.

Integral Yoga is the spiritual path that was originally developed and taught by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother at Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India. In this book, the central principles of Integral Yoga and its vision of the evolving relation between matter and Spirit are explained in Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s words in the Introduction, “Yoga, Evolution and the Human Body”. Sri Aurobindo, the prophet of a higher evolution, envisaged this path of Yoga as leading eventually through a radical change of consciousness to a total freedom from illness and the possibility of physical immortality. With regard to the body and its present subjection to illness, he stated that “the aim of our yoga is not to find Out the most efficient method of healing diseases so much as to change the entire consciousness — even the physical in order that disease may not come at all. The entire being must be so transformed that disease becomes impossible.”

Integral healing in its completeness implies such a transformation by which illness, suffering and death would become things of the past. But before an evolutionary leap carries us beyond human nature as we know it, there are practical ways to maintain physical as well as psychological equilibrium and deal with the challenges that illness may present. These are the main subject of this book.

The seriousness of the problem has to be recognised and no simple panacea can be expected. As is explained in Part Four, “Medicine and Healing”, medical treatment according to mainstream or alternative systems has its place alongside the inner and spiritual methods that are discussed in Parts Two and Three, “Cure by Inner Means” and “Cure by Spiritual Force”.

Illness, suffering and death have been unavoidable circumstances in the emergence of living and thinking beings in a world of inanimate matter. But at a certain point, the human consciousness begins to become aware of something within or beyond itself whose nature is self-existent peace and bliss. A potent new factor is then introduced. This higher reality has long been experienced in various aspects by mystics and practitioners of the disciplines that in India are grouped under the heading of Yoga. In these disciplines, however, spiritual liberation has often been pursued for its own sake with little regard for its relevance to material life.

On the other hand, there are forms of Yoga that have concerned themselves with the body, such as Hathayoga, which is now synonymous with “yoga” for most people. But these have tended to rely on techniques that are predominantly physical and inherently limited in their results, however powerful within those limits. The attempt of the Integral Yoga to bring a force from the highest spiritual plane into the depths of matter opens up a frontier whose exploration could alter the equation between consciousness and the body it inhabits, with incalculable implications for the future.

Both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother practiced healing over a period of decades in the course of their spiritual work, besides being engaged in the process of transformation in their own bodies. On the basis of their extensive experience, they sometimes spoke about illness and healing — especially self- healing — but did not fully systematise their knowledge on this subject. What they wrote or said in various contexts has been compiled in this book and arranged in such a way as to bring out the coherence and comprehensiveness of their vision of the human whole, including their understanding of the body, its disorders and its limitless potential.

The selections included here have been reproduced from diverse sources, formal and informal, written and spoken, some originally in English and some translated from French. Readers may notice considerable variations in style and tone from one page to the next as they read passages from Sri Aurobindo’s major works and the Mother’s accounts of her experiences of cellular transformation interspersed with written or oral answers to the questions of children and advanced sadhaks, laymen and doctors. (These questions are printed in italics.) Such variations were unavoidable if the subject matter of the book was to be covered as completely as possible in Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s own words (or a translation of them, in the case of the Mother’s talks).

Naturally, material extracted from so many different contexts could not be organized with the rigorous logic of a book planned and written from the beginning on a specific topic. Part One, for example, “Psychological Causes of Illness”, is not strictly confined to an analysis of causes as implied by the title, but anticipates the methods of curing illnesses discussed in Parts Two and Three. Nevertheless, the compilers have tried to make the structure of the book reflect as clearly as possible the main aspects of Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s contribution to the understanding of illness and how it can be cured.

Each part is divided into several chapters and the chapters into sections with headings indicating principal ideas. Short selections are grouped under these headings and long passages are broken up by them into smaller units. In the former case, the name of Sri Aurobindo or the Mother is printed (in bold type) at the beginning of the series of selections from each of them under a particular heading; in the latter case, the name appears only at the beginning of the entire passage. References to the sources of the texts, as well as a glossary and index, are found at the end of the book.

It is hoped that Integral Healing will be of value not only to those who wish to cure or prevent illness on the spiritual path, but to all who are interested in the theory and practice of holistic approaches to healing.



We are at a moment of transition in the history of the earth. It is merely a moment in eternal time, but this moment is long compared to human life. Matter is changing in order to prepare itself for the new manifestation, but the human body is not plastic enough and offers resistance; this is why the number of disorders and even incomprehensible diseases is increasing and becoming a problem for medical science.

The remedy lies in union with the divine forces that are at work and a receptivity full of trust and peace which makes the task easier.




  Yoga, Evolution And The Human Body  
1 The Need for a New Consciousness 3
  The struggle of forces 3
  The Old Spirituality and the New 4
2 Yoga in the Modern World 5
  What is Yoga? 5
  Synthesis of Yogic Methods 6
  The Method and Process of Integral Yoga 7
  Finding Your Own way 10
3 Integral Yoga and the Body 11
  The Body-Mind and the True Nature of Matter 13
  Inner Transformation and the Physical Resistance 14
  Illness in Yoga 16
  Part One: Psychological Causes Of Illness  
1 Disequilibrium of the Being 23
  Harmony and Disorder 25
  Types and Causes of Disequilibrium 26
  Interchange with the Environment 30
  Microbes : Their Origin and the Forces Behind Them 32
  Restoring the equilibrium 35
2 Weakness of the Nervous Envelope 39
  How the forces of Illness Attack 40
  Sensing and Repelling Attacks of Illness 42
  Psychological States and the Nervous Envelope 46
3 Wrong Thinking 48
  The Power of Thoughts 50
  The Mentality of the Cells 52
4 Fear 54
  Fear and Contagion 56
  Sanitation and Health 60
  Getting Rid of Fear 63
5 The Subconscient 67
  Recurrent Illness and the Subconscient 69
  Removing the psychological Roota of Illness 71
  Part Two: Cure By Inner Means  
1 Use of the Will 75
  Action of the Will on the Body and the Subconscient 76
  Cultivating the Will 77
  The Power of Sincerity 78
  Imagination and Faith 80
2 The Secret of Coue's Method 82
  Faith, Mental Efforts and the Body 83
3 Detaching the Mind 87
  Release from Subjection to the Body 88
  Mastery of Mind over Body 89
4 Neutralising Pain 92
  Eliminating the Mental Factor in Pain 94
  Cutting the Connection 95
  Going out of the Body 98
  Moving the Centre of Awareness 99
  Widening Oneself 100
5 Quietude and Peace 103
  Quieting the Mind 103
  Making Oneself Blank 106
  Bringing Peace into the Body 107
6 Change of Consciousness 109
  Consciousness, Mind and Body 110
7 The Psychic Being 113
  The psychic Being and the Outer Consciousness 114
  Psychic Discernment and Physical Disorders 115
  Accidents and an Awakened Consciousness 117
  Experiences of the Inner Being 119
  The Decisive Change 122
  The Sence of Eternity 123
8 Secrets of the Body - Consciousness 125
  The Body and Its Masters 127
  Letting the Body Restore Its Balance 129
  The Certitude of Cure 130
  The Vibratory Process of an Illness 132
  A Shift in Consciousness 134
  The Body as the Expression of a Deeper Reality 135
  Three Steps to Heal All Disorder 137
  Part Three: Cure By Spiritual Force  
1 Divine Grace 141
  Letting The Grace Work 144
  Faith in the Divine 145
  Psychic Faith and Integral Faith 146
  Faith and Effort 147
  Miracles of the Grace 148
  Divine Intervention 149
2 Spiritual Forces 152
  The Efficacy of the Force for Cure 153
  Becoming Conscious of the Force 155
3 Receptivity and Resistance to the Force 158
  Quietude and Receptivity 159
  Increasing the Physical Receptivity 160
  Applying the Force from Outside the Body 162
4 Opening the Body - Consciousness 164
  Passivity and inertia 165
  Overcoming the Subconscient Resistance 168
  The Need for Perseverance 169
5 The Call and the Response 172
  The Secret of Effective Prayer 174
  Surrendering Responsibility 176
  The Surrender of the Cells 178
  Part Four : Medicine And Healing  
1 Medical Treatment and the Body-Consciousness 183
  Physical Support for the Action of the Force 184
  Alternative Healing Systems 186
  Strong Drugs and Side-Effects 187
  Nature as Healer 189
  Medical Science and the Curative Power Within Us 190
  Diseases, Disorders and Doctors 191
2 Doctors and the Healing Power 195
  Choosing One's Doctor 195
  Qualities of a Doctor 196
  Yoga and the Practice of Medicine 197
  The Doctor as an Instrument of the Divine 200
  The Force, the Instruments and the Instrumentation 202
  The Collaboration of the Patient 205
  Curing "Incurable" Illnesses 206
3 Intuitive Diagnosis 209
  Mental Intuition and Yogic Intuition 212
  prognostications 214
4 Spiritual Healing 217
  Use of Spiritual Force 217
  Methods and Conditions of Effective Healing 219
  Healing with the Hands 220
  Thoughts-Formations and Praying for Others 222
  Beyond Illness and Healing  
1 The transformation of Suffering 229
  Suffering as an opportunity for Growth 231
  Pain, Pleasure and the Delight of Existence 233
  References 237
  Glossary 243
  Index 248

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