Is Your Mind really Yours? - Break Free from the Shackles of a Programmed Life

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Author: Ajay Sachdeva
Publisher: Niyogi Books
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9789386906045
Pages: 179
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book

The cornerstone of this lively and highly readable book is the idea of operating from the’ free spirit’ as opposed to the programmed mind. In doing so, one can truly experience freedom, growth, and contentment.

Ajay sachdeva asserts that life, at its core, is centered on the relationship one has with one’s self- that is, with one’s thoughts and emotions.

Really Yours? Raises several important questions for the readers to reflect on. It invites them to examine life from another perspective:

The setting free of conditioned ideas, belief systems and stereotypes - all of which never belonged to individuals in the first place. It is in this establishing of the connection with the inner true self that they can begin to feel the liberation that was always within them but got caged in mental trap.


About the Author

Ajay sachdeva graduated in Mathematics from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. This was followed by a postgraduate degree in Operations research from Delhi University, For securing first rank in this course at the university, he is the recipient of gold medal, He went onto pursue a two-year Management programmed from IIM, Ahmedabad. This is his first Book.

He has over 37 years of rich experience working with several leading Indian and multinational corporations. His key areas of expertise include marketing, business strategy, and managing startup ventures.

Recently, he retired as the managing director of an Indo-British joint venture enterprise, which he helped build from scratch. Ajay now mentors a few start-up ventures and is also a visiting faculty member at Bharatiya vidya Bhawan, New Delhi.

His interests include reading, travelling, music, badminton and chess. Of late, he has taken to writing on spirituality. Many of his articles have been published in the Awakening Time, an E-magazine published in Serbia, and also in the blogs of the speaking Tree.



The author has been bestowed with much to be grateful for, though a set of untoward circumstances made him question life's fairness . it was during some turbulent phases that the seeds of his spiritual quest were sown. Thus, his journey began to find answer to several preplexing questions that, at some time or the other plague all of us.

.Ajay made several attempts to understand the working of life through various spiritual practices. while there was much knowledge acquired , wisdome was still elusive. It took him quite some time to realise that wisdome can never come from trying to figure out life from the "outside". Nor can any learnings that are indoctrinated from the external world become the truth of one's inner self. Often these end up conditioning oneself with "borrowed" knowledge. it dawned upon the author that, instead of trying to figure out life from an 'external' approach , one would need to figure out life through a method that focused on the 'inner' self. Life in many ways is not always kind to us -we face ups and downs along the way- and ajay provides a matchless method of getting through hard times. the book delves into many of the root causes of unhappiness, strife and discontentment. its is divide into seven chapters, each dealing with different, major aspects of life. This book is intended to stimulate the readers to revisit their life journey with as much objective as possible. there is, of course , no one size fits all solution to people problems. This book, however, attempts to incorporate a broad range of issues that typically afflict everyone. The content of the book fully justify the title ,is your mind really yours? It takes place unique emphasis on reclaiming one mind that is taking it back from the influence and condition of external, possibly erroneous ideas. Quotes from several well -known personalities show how the author has invested much time and effort into his highly readable book . A case is presented to the readers for them to consider rising above the 'wrong' and 'right' of the prespectives that may have been imposed on them. The interactive nature of the book vis-a-vis the fundamental questions raised encourages readers to actively think about their lives. IS YOUR MIND REALLY YOURS? is a culmination of learning from the author myriad experiences the obesrervation of nature and its phenomena and the interaction with people from many walks of life all of which played their part on helping him deduce hios inner truth. I thank Ajay for giving me the honor of writing the foreword for his book.


Life in many ways has been very kind to me , and i have a sense of deep gratitude for all that i have been blessed with. however like many of us , i too have had my share of extremely low moments , triggered by certain events that shook me . it is largely in such moments that one spiritual quest as a seeker began in terms of finding the answer to a set of perplexing question that plague us .its is common to turn to various spiritual practices in the hope that there will be handy solutions given to us on a platter. While i respected the essence of the philosophies that many spiritual practices had to offer , I realized that no philosophy would work for me is it did not strike a chord that no philosophy would work for me if it did not strike chord of an inner resonance. After all, blindly following any practices would only be an imposition , not something that truly connected with my heart. In the process, I released that for one inner truth to reveal itself , one needed to stop trying to figure out the external world. what one needed to do was just figure oneself out.

This book , a culmination of all my efforts in understanding the self is intended to stimulate the readers to dispassionately revisit their life journey so far. It invites them to carry out an honest exploration of who they really are and the relationship they have have with themselves. life is essentially centered around the relationship one has with one self (with one thoughts feeling and emotions), which in turn determines the relationship with one external world comprising spouses , families , friends ,workplace, and so on. The book makes no pretensions about injection its readers with doses of any new dogmas , sermons , law or prescriptions about how they need to lead their lives . instead it provokes them to re-examine and question various belief system they may have closely guarded and held . Any belief system or advice invariably emanates from the aggregates of external sources , is therefore 'borrowed' and hence can only end up conditioning the minds of individuals. As a result , any indoctrination usually becomes stifling , binding and limiting and acts as the prime barrier in lettering individuals live a life that is truly theirs . it also denies them to space to strive for all that they wish for in the deepest recesses of there hearts. The aspects of being true to oneself and operating from the 'free sprit' as an alternative to operating from the ego dimension and the programmed mind , thereby experiencing freedom , growth and contentment forms the crux and cornerstone of this book.

The book comprise of seven chapters : Chapter one is about rediscovering one's true self ,going beyond the tags , labels and embellishments we attach ourselves to, and introspecting on who we truly are. The premise is that only the 'knowing' and experiencing of our true selves can enable us to come out of our trapped and caged existence. it also makes a submission that much of the turmoil , chaos and suffering that humankind experiences is a consequence of not being in awareness of who we truly are. Chapter two talks about the vital significance of the relationship we have with ourselves which in invariably ignored and how this governs and our relationship with our world . Chapter three focuses on aspect related to the relationship we have with our circumstances with a submission that while these may influence our life condition , they don't necessarily have to determine have to determine it. it goes on to present a premise that much of our suffering is actually 'manufactured' in the mind rather than being a consequence of events happening outside of us. Chapter four dwells on the many myths built around love and on how , in a marriage , programmed minds can distort and adversely affect our relationships . it stimulates thinking on whether marriage love and freedom can harmoniously coexist and id so on what it take to make it happen. Chapter five examines our relationship with our family ,friends and society stressing the fact that when we operate from a programmed mind , we experience turbulence and discord . it is only through a 'reprogramming' that drops conditioned mindsets that harmonious relationships can he experienced. Chapter six discusses our relationship with our jobs and business and the increasing challenges we face in a highly uncertain and chaotic environment . it make s a case for integrating the essence of spiritually into our work cultures . unleashing ones creativity and brining in innovation at the work place is possible. Finally chapter seven summaries the essence of liberating journey which can be experienced when we make choices out of awareness and in alignment with our true self.

In sum whilst this book does not aim to present any new philosophy to its reader it certainly attempts to promotes the readers into examining life another perspective the setting free of all ideas , opinions and stereotypes - all that the mind has gotten entangled with and which never belonged to individuals in the first place .it is in this letting go establishing the connection with the true self that they can begin to feel the liberation that was always within them but got caged in the metal trap. It is my fervent hope that as readers go through the contents of the book they will find themselves realizing the vast potential of their real self and awaken to their true nature as they consciously choose to release all that did not serve their soul and the callings of their heart . One of life 's ironies is that when it comes to spiritual matters knowing is an individual experience. however if the contents of this book strike a chord with the reader hearts and resonate deeply it can become their reality. Best wishes to the reader for embracing their liberating journey of life.

  Foreword 9
  Introduction 11
1 Discovering uour true self 17
2 Your Relationship with yourself 40
3 Your Relationship with your circumstances 61
4 Your Relationship with your partner 85
5 Your Relationship withfamily, friends, society 105
6 Your Relationship with your work and career 137
7 The essence of a liberating journey 167
  Acknowledgements 176
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